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6 Must-Have Motorcycle Accessories in 2024

February 29, 2020

If you have just gotten into riding a motorcycle, you should probably equip yourself with all the must-have accessories to ensure that you stay safe and protected when on the road. Even the best and safest riders in the world are always at a risk to crash because of other people’s mistakes. You can’t control what others in traffic are doing which is why you have to think of what everyone else is doing and take precautions.

You also have to consider the fact that you are on a bike that weighs anywhere from 200 to 500 kg while most of the other people that are part of traffic are in a 1-ton box of metal. They are protected no matter where you hit them. As a rider on a bike, you are exposed to every side.

However, getting the right pieces of gear is not just about staying safe while out riding. It is also used to keep you comfortable, focused and to help you deal with extreme weather such as wind, rain and even the scorching hot sun. A helmet will keep your eyes protected from any debris, the jacket will keep you dry even when it is pouring and your boots will ensure that your feet will always stay on the bike.

This is why we recommend that every single person who is considering getting a motorcycle to get the right equipment too. Even if you do not drive in locations with any traffic, it is still better to have it than not. Falling and sliding on the pavement can be very dangerous, especially when at high speeds.

So, now that you understand why it is so important to equip yourself with motorcycle accessories, here are some must-haves from


The single most important accessory to every rider in this world. Most injuries after a bike-related crash are on the head. If you ever come into a situation where you slide off your bike because of rain or because someone hit you, you will want your chin and face to be protected from the ground. Having an open-face or a three-quarter is definitely safer than not wearing any head protection, but getting a full-face helmet is always a much better option. It will keep debris, bugs and wind out of your face and it may even protect you from UV rays (if the windshield is equipped with UV protection).

Keep in mind, most manufacturers claim that helmets do not last forever. After a couple of years, all those materials inside of it that protect your head during a crash can deteriorate which is why you should buy a new one once in four or five years.

It is also important to get a new one if you have already experienced a crash. A helmet is designed to absorb the impact force that would damage your head. This is why many manufacturers claim their products to be a “one-time-use”. So, if you have already damaged it, we recommend buying a brand new one even if there is no visual damage to it.

Communication headset

If you have ever been on a bike, you probably know just how loud the engine can be. You basically cannot hear anything at higher speeds, especially if you have a helmet on your head. If you are out cruising with a partner, to communicate with them you will have to stop, take off your equipment, pull out your phone and then call them. This can get annoying once you realize just how time-consuming it is.

With a communication headset, you will be able to constantly have a connection between you and your riding partner. You set it up before heading off, and you will be able to talk to each other whenever you want. If you are looking for a headset with noise reduction, check out RallyRadios.


Another essential to every rider is the jacket. It may be as important as a helmet since it protects the skin from getting wet, sunburned or injured during a crash. Most people prefer to buy a jacket made of leather or from a textile. Leather is a classic look that delivers enough protection to the person wearing it, but the textile jackets have been proven to be much more feature-rich.

Some of them even have water resistance which is a must-have if you live in an area with frequent rain. They are also much more affordable when going shopping, but keep in mind that leather is much more durable which means that your jacket will last a lot longer.

When choosing a textile jacket you will have to ensure that it has a snuggly fit onto your body, otherwise, it would flap around when driving at much higher speeds. Flapping clothing can be dangerous and push you off your balance causing a crash. Some jackets even have additional body armor at points such as the shoulders, elbows, and chest.


Hands are almost always the first thing to suffer during a vehicle accident. Our human bodies are programmed to use our hands to stop or absorb a fall. To keep your hands safe too, you will also need a pair of textile or leather gloves.


Well, you got protection for your head and your torso, the only thing you are left to protect is your legs. You can’t just put on any kind of pants you want and expect that they will keep you safe in the case of an accident. You will need to get yourself a pair of textile pants that will have high levels of abrasion resistance.

When choosing a pair of pants, you will need something that will be a tight fit, but still comfortable. You will be on your bike for several hours a day, you do not want to feel uncomfortable during that time, right?


To completely keep your legs safe, you will also have to get a pair of riding boots too. You want something sturdy and slip-resistant to keep your feet and ankles safe when coming to a stop. You do not want your feet to slip up when stopping at a traffic light.

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