Most Popular Jewish Travel Destinations

Whether it is just tourism or pilgrimage, the choice is huge if you want to visit destinations that are important to Jews. For thousands of years, history has scattered them all over the globe and has left an indelible mark on every site. The Old and New Testaments represent Jews who make pilgrimages to Jerusalem […]

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Dynamic of Coronavirus and Trading the Markets

The Coronavirus epidemic the world is experiencing these days, is changing our daily routine and the goals we had for 2020. it’s increasingly important to realize that we, as millennials, need to work harder to secure our financial future. We’re facing big financial challenges – stagnant wages, large amounts of debt, the threat of automation, […]

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5 Rules From the Fitness Industry

In the following article we will present you 5 rules that you have to follow if you want to become a successful in the fitness industry! If you are a trainer of celebrities, you will tell reporters and anyone who listens that your program can work for anyone, if they buy your book and DVD. […]

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My Tryst with Online Rummy

For someone who’s played offline rummy for long, the transition to online rummy was a big leap. You know how tough it can be to adapt to something new for old schoolers. I’ll admit that I did have my reservations about the format while being initiated into it by a friend and fellow rummy enthusiast. […]

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Easter In Jewish Tradition

Have you ever asked yourself how is Easter celebrated in Jewish culture? Contrary to popular beliefs, Easter actually derives from a Jewish holiday called Passover. Passover is quite famous amongst the Jewish faith, with it being an 8-day celebration when the Ancient Israelis liberated themselves from their Egyptian masters. Passover is the predecessor to the […]

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