The Ultimate Guide to Buying Bulk Sunglasses for Resale: Strategies and Tips

The Ultimate Guide to Buying Bulk Sunglasses for Resale: Strategies and Tips

February 18, 2024

Selling sunglasses can be a lucrative business, especially when buying them in bulk quantities direct from manufacturers or distributors such as Olympic Eyewear. With the right strategies for sourcing, pricing, and marketing your inventory, reselling bulk sunglasses can turn into a nice side income or even a full-time business.

Choosing Sunglass Styles and Brands


When looking to purchase bulk sunglasses for resale, you first need to select the specific styles and brands you want to focus on selling. Consider best-selling and on-trend models from popular brands like Ray-Ban, Oakley, Costa Del Mar, Maui Jim, Spy Optic, and Roka. Having a mix of classic iconic styles along with newer designs caters to various customer fashion tastes. You’ll also want to buy an assortment of men’s and women’s models in different frame colors and lens options.

Finding Wholesale Sunglass Suppliers

Once you decide on the mix of sunglass products you want in your inventory, it’s time to find wholesale sources that offer bulk pricing and high-volume order capabilities. Trade shows like Vision Expo connect eyewear resellers with manufacturers and distributors. Many factories overseas produce sunglasses for major brands then sell overruns and excess stock for deep discounts. Domestic wholesale distributors can also supply bulk lots of branded closeouts and past season glasses often priced at 50-70% off retail.

Order Quantities and Negotiating Pricing

When buying bulk from a wholesale sunglass supplier, larger order quantities usually translate into bigger bulk savings. Aim to purchase a few hundred units per style/brand instead of a few dozen to increase your profit margins upon resale. Negotiate pricing discounts for paying with bank wire, which avoids credit card processing fees. Building an ongoing business relationship with a sunglass supplier can lead to improved pricing, preferential treatment on hot products, and notification of upcoming sales.

Mitigating Risks


There are inherent risks when purchasing bulk quantities of sunglasses that should be mitigated. Carefully vet each new supplier by reviewing their company profile, customer reviews, product quality, shipping times and return policy. Ask for samples before placing a large order. Inspect all glasses upon arrival to confirm correct branding, models and quantity along with product integrity. Ship orders using tracking numbers and consider insurance. Spreading purchases among a few reputable suppliers reduces dependency.

Pricing for Profit

To maximize profit margins when reselling bulk sunglasses, apply market-based pricing intelligence instead of strict cost-plus formulas. Research the current selling price ranges for the exact sunglass brands and models in your inventory. Adding 30-50% above wholesale cost enables attractive markups. However, sunglass products shouldn’t be priced higher than customer willingness to pay compared to Amazon or other major marketplaces. Allow flexibility to run sales, promotions, and product bundling options to stimulate sales.

Sales Channels

Several sales channels exist for selling bulk quantities of sunglasses as a reseller. eCommerce stores and eBay provide direct-to-consumer platforms ideal for showcasing inventory. Amazon has a massive reach for finding buyers although fees for sellers have increased. Flea markets, boutiques and kiosks make suitable outlets depending on sunglass stock and foot traffic. Creating an online sunglasses catalog makes promoting inventory easier when prospecting pop-up events, corporate promotions and custom partnerships. Ensure sales channels align with target customers like boutiques for trendy fashion seekers versus flea markets for bargain shoppers.



Purchasing surplus sunglasses in volume from wholesale suppliers and reselling online or through various retail channels can grow into a highly profitable business. With the right mix of styles catering to diverse tastes, competitive yet profitable markup pricing, and leveraging modern sales outlets like ecommerce stores, significant income potential exists. Just be sure to focus on providing quality products, great prices, and excellent service so satisfied customers return again and again.

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