7 Amazingly Funny Gifts For Your Best Friends

May 15, 2020

Having a sense of humor is an essential human characteristic that society, in general, values more than ethical and moral principals in some instances. Too many times, you have found out that the funny-part of someone can be so attractive that you put aside physical apprentice, at least for a while.

Considering the value of a humoristic approach to life makes today’s topic even more exciting and challenging. Putting a smile on anyone’s face, making them feel good when times are good and hard is a power that can be obtained with the right present by your side. We have done the research and come up with a list of funny and creative gift ideas for your best friends.

Silly Socks


Starting with the way you dress, we all require socks or at least the majority of us. This is why you must consider our first suggestion, which is Silly Socks suitable for a larger group of people. Every one of us has that friend that has difficulties searching, finding, choosing, and changing his beloved pair. You can opt for classy ones that send a message, “put my feet down,” written on them, or “smell me.” Another option is the pair that goes almost up to the knees with not so matching colors on each of them, but still funny as you wouldn’t imagine at first sight.

Between a lot of choices in this department, and the individually-unique present idea is the pizza box filled with four pars of socks identically looking like the ordered pizza.

Handy Pizza Pouch

Look, we are full of understanding when you want a bite now and then but can help you manage. What about a handy pizza pouch around your neck from us. As silly as it may sound, this idea is a practical one, but some may find it small due to increasing personal appetite. Smiles on the face is guaranteed with pizza pouch, and even a tap on the back for smart thinking.

People who are big fans of beer will know how to appreciate your thought and put it to use seconds after when receiving it. It will keep the pizza safe and clean, allow bites when they feel like taking them, and be around if needed 24/7 available for a slice.

Cookbook Fantasy

You may be wondering why a cookbook, right? Because the majority don’t expect them as a present. We have found options here to smile and keep on your best face. Offering the potential parody in a cookbook Fifty Shades of Chicken is just that. Female friends will get attached to the first glimpse of the covers. And maybe even use Learning-to-Truss-You Chicken, Dripping Thighs, Mustard-Spanked Chicken, Vanilla Chicken, Spatchcock Chicken, and other recipes on you. Another option is a beautiful cookbook Fork Me, Spoon Me. This is an exciting introduction to kitchen-life with the right ingredients. One that leads to having fun while cooking and more after the meal.

Sex Dolls Pls

Here’s the kicker, when you have found the courage to take the next level with your gift idea, we know what to look for – sex dolls. Freaky and kinda taboo, but did you hear about anyone returning the toy? All that is considered forbidden in a way is exciting and thrilling to explore. Think outside the box and take action, you may even bring it as your date and then introduce it to the lucky winner.

Visually speaking, this present is stunningly good lucking with the face of an angel, apple-shaped bottom, full lips, and naturally gifted breasts. For more quality offers from this one, check out

Album Of Shame

Now, we all have in our phones at least one or two folders full of memories with “restricted access” for others. Begin exploring your existing data, contact a few of your mutual friends, and create a personalized photo album with especially interesting photos of stated moments. Short stores with comical comments below the picture are typical to round up a full impression of the album page.

We suggest sorting chronologically the whole photo-album, allowing it to speak without saying a word. From early childhood, your best friend has had compelling moments in life captured by a camera, all you will do is arrange it properly. Your time, energy, creativity, and knowledge of the friend’s life-path will define the humor versatility of the present. Note, this one is budget-friendly, and you can opt to do it on your own with these tips.

Squatty Potty Assistant

The next suggestion is a highly practical choice while simultaneously interesting. An assistant in the toilet when you require it but won’t ask for is the Squatty Potty. Remember that it comes with the doctor’s recommendation for taking preventative care of your friend’s colon. Funny at first thought but multifunctioning in the bathroom. Made out of quality polyurethane and seven inches toll able to endure pressure and guarantee long -term usage of the product. Looking down when sitting on the toilet, your best friend will be smiling and exploiting your creativity day by day if you invest in the “assistant.”

Ingenious T-Shirts

Dressing up for some people can be a daunting task they may never pass, and some invest too much thinking in the process. Along with the above stated, our close ones have habits they adore top repeat even though we can live without them. This is the genius part where Ingenious T-Shirts fall into place. Being original in this sector is probably the hardest challenge everyone will try to achieve.

Fortunately for you, we have some you can instantly find online and purchase T-Shirts like “Kiss Me, I’m Drunk,” I Rule,” Soft for Sweets,” Beer Understands,” etc. Another approach is the perfect contrast T-Shirts, which emphasizes the connection between best friends like “Day Angel – Night Devel,” Strong Brain – Smart Muscules,” etc.

We hope that you will put this article to practice the first time you get the opportunity. Remember, now you can make good-times repeat when you decide. And if you feel kinda old school, a good prank call of Ownage Pranks will always be a classic choice.

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