Keeping It Real: How Men Can Last Longer During Sex

June 9, 2021

You likely already know that many men and people with a penis deal with premature ejaculation at some point in their lives. In fact, around one in three American men experience it. But knowing that might not make you feel better and it does not help you last longer during sex.

There can be so many causes behind it, both emotional and physical, but they are all frustrating and dissatisfying.

Lucky for you and so many others, there are lots of solutions and methods that can help. Soon you will be enjoying energetic and long love-making sessions with as many partners as you like. Read this male sex guide for all the best tips on how to last longer during sex.

Manage Your Expectations

First, consider the reality that you do not need to last longer during sex. Thanks to porn, toxic masculinity, and male bravado, many are exaggerating the length of their sex sessions.

According to one study, around 5.4 minutes is the average amount of time men last during vaginal sex. It stated that 7.2 minutes is the average desirable length for both partners. And some insist that half of all men in heterosexual relationships climax within two minutes.

So, for some men, the best sex advice anyone can give them is to manage their expectations. You might be 100% within the normal range.

But if you are not lasting longer than one minute on a regular basis in vaginal sex, you may suffer from premature ejaculation. Looking at your options to extend that time is healthy and likely worthwhile for you and your partners.

Masturbate More Often

So, how can men last longer in bed? The best (and most enjoyable) piece of advice is simple: masturbate more! Many men masturbate every day but for some, that is not enough.

If you have not masturbated in a while before sexual intercourse, the prostate will grow large and be ready to go off at any time. But if you masturbate, it will not be as engorged and will ensure you take longer to climax a second time around.

Masturbating before sex takes practice. You do not want to masturbate so close to intercourse that you cannot perform at all. But others may need to masturbate more than once before sex and that is 100% normal.

Try Medication or Medicated Wipes

Sexual performance issues can damage your confidence and self-esteem. If you have a persistent problem, visit your doctor or a sexual health professional to see if there is any medication you can try.

It is unfortunate, but most sexual health medication is for people with erectile dysfunction.

One alternative to medication is to use wipes with a small amount of anesthetic. Rubbing these wipes with benzocaine over the tip of your penis will reduce the sensation.

But do benzocaine wipes for premature ejaculation work? They can be very effective, but you need to be mindful of your sexual partner. Wait 10 minutes before intercourse after using the wipes so you do not numb their sensation, too.

Using condoms will help you not pass on the anesthetic. But you also need to ensure they are not allergic to any of the ingredients in the wipes.

Use Pleasure Extending Condoms and Lubes

Any major condom brand, whether it is Trojan or Durex, makes a condom designed to “slow you down” during sex.

These condoms are either extra thick or have an extra safe label, meaning they consist of thick latex. The extra material will help desensitize your penis during penetration. Some also have numbing lubricants to help you last longer during sex, too.

And it goes without saying that if you are having sex outside of a committed relationship, you should be wearing condoms. They are the only method of protection that limits the spread of STIs and pregnancy.

If you and your partner are in a relationship and have both had recent STI tests, you can use numbing lubricants without condoms.

Choose Less Stimulating Sex Positions

Thinking about baseball or your grandmother might stop you from climaxing, but it is not the sexiest solution, is it?

Instead, switch up your sex positions often to give your penis frequent short breaks from stimulation. Also, slow down your thrusting. You might find that your partner appreciates the smoother, steady pace anyway.

You could also choose less stimulating sex positions. Doggy style and any deep penetrative positions are likely not the best for you. Instead, choose positions where your partner is in control and put their pleasure first.

And if your partner’s pleasure concerns you (as it should) then take your time with oral sex. If you are heterosexual, most women need lots of clitoral stimulation to orgasm anyway, so concentrate on this part of the experience.

Try Different Techniques and Exercises

Believe it or not, you can attempt to train your penis to delay your orgasms and help you last longer during sex.

The next time you need to pee, try and go for a second and then hold it for two seconds and so on. It will be difficult at first but easier the more you practice. If you can control your pee, you are more likely to be able to control your ejaculation.

Alternative exercises involve stopping yourself from ejaculating right the point of orgasm. During masturbation or sex, stop the stimulating act at the very moment you are about to climax. Or, try squeezing your penis below the tip at this same moment.

The latter exercise stops blood from rushing to your penis too early.

These exercises will not only help stop you from orgasming before you want to but they will also help teach your brain to delay orgasms.

Last Longer During Sex With These Tips

Many men and people with a penis want to last longer during sex, whether they suffer from premature ejaculation or not. If you try all the suggested tips, one of them is likely to work and give you (and your partner) the satisfaction you crave.

Need more sex advice? Browse our site for more expert tips and guides!

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