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Massage Chair for San Jose – Benefits and Types

September 14, 2020

If you are looking for a durable massage chair in San Jose, you may be confused while making a final decision that can help you to overcome your worries. Well, there is no need to worry about anything because we are here to help you out today. As we all know that in this modern world of the internet, the trend of offline shopping is almost dead, however; online platforms are now considered as the best alternative for you to shop anything online without worrying about the quality.

We are pleased to provide you with high-quality massage chairs with a full money-back guarantee under certain terms and conditions to make your investment secure. Online stores have a huge variety of massage chairs with a vast range of features so that you can find the best one according to your needs and budget.

Before we discuss it further, let’s have a look at some basic information about massage so that you can learn about all the latest features that are now available in the market to avoid any outdated products. Here you can read more about those products.

Benefits of Massage Chair

Have you ever wondered why it is beneficial for you instead of taking oral medications to treat chronic pains? Well, the answer is quite simple, during the past few years; regular use of massage for treating chronic pains has shown remarkable results that are also permanent as compared to the oral medication, that’s why the doctors are also recommending it to their patients. Anyhow, here are some of the core benefits of it.

1. Reduces Stress & Anxiety

Several proven studies have demonstrated that regular use, it helps to manage stress and anxiety effectively. Due to its relaxation effect, our body produces certain feel-good hormones such as serotonin and dopamine to soothe the overstretched muscles.

Almost 50% of cases of chronic back pain and other joint pains are related to stress, that’s why you should also focus on decreasing stress from your life, and a it is one of the best options for you to do so.

2. Better Sleep

Chronic pains are also linked with insomnia, however; there is no need to treat sleep-induced pains with oral medications that also carry some serious side effects including addiction. it can help you to deal with insomnia by relaxing your entire body and your brain. Sleeping pills also work in the same way but unfortunately, as we have discussed above it carries some serious side effects too. If you are also fed up with sleep-related issues that are causing tiredness and pains in your daily life, then you should try using it to overcome this problem.

3. Relieve Muscle Pains

Muscles often become sore after a hectic workout or schedule. This can cause extreme muscle soreness and pains that may hurt your daily life routine too. However; a massage chair increases the blood flow to the muscles that bring more oxygen and helps to speed up the natural muscle healing process. In this way, you can treat muscle pains at home without spending hundreds of dollars on medications or therapy sessions.

4. Improves Blood Circulation

Healthy blood flow in our body is quite necessary for our organs to carry out natural functions without any interruptions. However; when the blood circulation becomes weak in our body, it creates extra pressure on our heart and other vital organs to work harder. With a massage, the blood circulation in our body gets better significantly without imposing any extra pressure on our heart that may result in heart attack, hypertension, and renal issues.


It is a very broad term that includes different types; each of them has its own applications and benefits. However; we are going to discuss a few main types of massage chairs along with their brief description.

Roller Massage

Rollers are one of the most helpful components found in it. They work the same as “hands”, or you can say that they serve the purpose of hands in a massage chair to perform several massaging techniques on your body for relaxation. It has countless benefits that we will discuss later on, but still, it’s a very important component that is found several in it.

Air Massage

Air Massage chair is also one of the most common types, it is available in the market today. They work similar to airbags, the air massage automatically inflates and deflate to squeeze certain areas of your body for massage and relaxation. It helps to treat those areas of the body that are not in reach of rollers like shoulders and hands. It offers a softer and calming massage experience as compared to other massage chairs.

Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity massage chairs are quite popular these days due to their advanced functions that no other massage chair can perform.  It was first developed by NASA for astronauts to deal with gravity-related issues but fortunately, it showed some tremendous results for people suffering from chronic pains. It basically shifts the entire weight of the body on the backrest, while the legs are elevated straight above the heart so that the spine and other muscles can relax with decompression.

Fully Body Massage

Fully body massage is one of the basic types of massage chairs that are used to provide full-body massage to patients suffering from pains. It massages every part of the body including neck, body, feet, shoulders, and calves. The price range of a full body massage is less as compared to other massage chairs loaded with advanced features.

Wrap Up

We hope this information has helped you to develop a better understanding of it. If you are looking for these above-mentioned massage chairs in San Jose, then you should consider our platform for buying it as online stores are offering a wide range of it, with the most flexible payment options. You can also contact us anytime for queries. We will try our best to respond to you as early as possible.

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