5 Useful Resume Tips for Older Job Seekers

July 1, 2020

When searching for a job, one of the many things that might now work toward your advantage is your age. There is often a bias among hiring managers. Older job seekers are sometimes seen as having an outdated set of experiences. Younger employees just seem to be more of an appealing choice for hiring managers.

Age stereotypes are a fact of life and are most likely unavoidable. But there is still hope for everybody, even those who might be on the older side. Looking for a job is made much harder the older you are. People who are 50 years of age or older seem to have the hardest time, despite their experience and skillset being far larger than the usual younger job seeker.

It can seem like there is no choice for older job seekers. But there are some things that you can do that will increase your chances of getting hired. Here are a few things that you can do to improve your resume and have a better shot at getting the job you’ve applied for.

1. Avoiding a chronological resume

Most of the time, people tend to write their resume in a way that lists previous jobs in chronological order. Starting with the first job and ending with the latest. This is not a preferable style of writing your resume. Instead, you should try a different type of resume. You could write a functional resume, where you list your skills experience in order of how useful they are.

You could also go for a combination type of resume, where you list skills and qualifications first, then your work history in reversed chronological order. This style of resume is preferable for older to mid-ranged applicants. You can put your skills at the display, while still “hiding” your age.

2. Get help with writing your resume

A good resume is one of the most vital things when it comes to getting accepted for a job. If you need help with the writing of your resume, you can look for help online, on sites like Ladders. Don’t solely rely on a certain part of your experience. Instead, make sure to mention all of your skills.

If you are worried about being rejected because you are an older job seeker, you can try certain methods to keep your ageless noticeable. Let’s say you have 20 years of experience in a certain field. If you decide to write “20 years of experience” you might set off red flags in any hiring manager that is looking to avoid older applicants. Instead, you could write something like “over 15 years of experience”.

3. Make sure to show your knowledge of technology

Another thing that might seem less appealing about older job seekers, is that they often seem like they don’t have the needed skills and experience with technology. When writing your resume, don’t include any old software that is outdated today.

While It might seem obvious, including the fact that you are well educated when it comes to technology can make some younger seeking hiring managers to overlook your age. Experience goes a long way and is very much valued by hiring managers, but an understanding of the latest tech and work methods is starting to be valued more. Keep this in mind for the next time you apply for a job.

4. The importance of having connections

In the modern world, being connected with other workers is everything. You can include your LinkedIn profile in your resume. You won’t only be showing off your network with the hiring manager, but you will also be showing that you have an understanding of modern means of communication and networking.

You should always look to broaden your network of people in a similar field as you. You will learn from each other and help each other with getting the position you want. Knowing the right people, and letting others know that you know the right people, will give you a massive and undeniable boost in your career.

5. Other things to keep in mind

-Don’t exclude any of your skills

Mention any skill that comes to your mind. You can never know what specific skill would catch the eye of a hiring manager. Never be shy about what you choose to include in your resume.

-A targeted resume

A targeted resume is a resume that is written to highlight the skills that are looked for in a certain field or position. Keywords and summaries are the core of a targeted resume. Targeted resumes are customized for specific jobs. These are useful when you are responding to a job posting and are already familiar with the specific responsibilities of a position.

-Sending a resume via email

If you are inexperienced with sending things through email, you should get well acquainted with how it all works before sending your resume. Nothing else will give you away as old quite like messing up something as everyday and simple as sending a message through email. You can practice this by sending it to yourself first to see if everything is in order. Since almost all resumes are sent through online mail nowadays, understanding how it works is essential.

6. Conclusion

So, remember that even if you are much older than the other applicants, you still have a good chance of getting the job you want. There are things that you can do to get a better shot at being picked.

Showing that you have an understanding of modern technology is vital. You should always include every skill you possess. Spice up your resume in an attempt to “hide” your age.

The most important thing that you have to keep in mind is that being old is not always going to deter hiring managers from picking you. Some even purposefully seek out older job applicants. But some do the opposite and always give the advantage to the younger ones. Make sure you balance all the factors written in the article.

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