Top 9 Websites Like Alibaba In 2024

March 4, 2021

In 2024, purchasing things on the web is more popular than in recent years. Today, people are choosing to shop on the web – particularly since the pandemic of coronavirus has been started. Consequently, a great number of online stores and sites that import merchandise from Asia and especially China are getting progressively well-known – particularly for customers who want to find themselves a decent deal and affordable prices.

Speaking of a good bargain, there is almost no one who hasn’t heard of the Alibaba shopping platform. However, today there are some different web places like Alibaba that have gained incredible prevalence. This doesn’t surprise us since the scope of their offer tremendous – and everything is very affordable. Here are 9 web places similar to Alibaba – where you can enjoy your shopping.

What Do Such Websites Offer?

Many alternative websites offer tens of thousands of items. When visiting these web-places, you can see the newest versions of smartphones, computers, clothes, shoes, household items – but also accessories, parts for the cars and bikes, sports accessories, cameras, children’s toys – and so many other things. All these online places have one thing in common – the categorization of products, and that’s why navigating them is quite easy. Moreover, you’re able to try an option to search for particular items – so you will be able to quickly find what you’re specifically interested in.

Are There Other Websites Like Alibaba?

Alibaba is certainly one of the most popular places for online shopping. Some use it for shopping, while others do lucrative business with dropshipping. However, if you have wondered if there are sites like Alibaba – you take a look at this website – and you will get an affirmative answer. There are so many similar websites – and some of them are also very popular. So, let’s take a look at some of them.

1. DealExtreme

This is probably one of the biggest and best web-stores in China. Since they are selling worldwide, very popular – especially with the customers interested in purchasing products made in China. This website is also well-known among the buyers in Europe – and it is also marked as a reliable and shopping-safe web-store.

2. GearBest

Headquartered in Shenzhen, this website is trading worldwide. On this simple and objective site, you can clearly see all the descriptions and information about the things which are offered for sale. It is definitely one of the top options among Chinese gadget-buying websites. Recommended for: buying cell phones online.

3. Tinydeal

This website is offering various kinds of items – mostly technical stuff, etc. – However, on this site, you can also find a large product base of over 80,000 products. This site has over 10 categories and offers you things like mobile phones, accessories for them, tablets, various gadgets, hobbies, sports equipment, and so on.

4. BuyInCoins

When people access, they will be able to notice right away that this site is focused on wholesale – since they don’t prioritize aesthetics, but the prices. Even though they are not so well known in Europe – it is still an extremely popular and respected website in China as well as the rest of the world.

5. DHgate

This particular website is quite similar to Aliexpress. However, this company doesn’t put so much money into advertising campaigns – and so they manage to practice significantly lower prices. Like every other selling platform, DHgate mainly targets small or medium-sized customers from all around the world – and even though they are specialized in wholesale – you can also buy things by the piece.

6. Rotita is a store specializing in women’s fashion with wholesale prices. Although they sell mostly clothing, you can also buy shoes, purses, jewelry, women’s accessories, underwear, children’s clothing, and many other things.

7. TomTop

TomTop offers a large quality selection and a wide range of products to import from China. If you are searching for car equipment, sports equipment, various electrical appliances at lower prices, gadgets, cameras, as well as accessories for them – then TomTop is definitely a site worth visiting.

8. Tmart

Tmart is also called the Chinese WalMart, due to its huge assortment of various products – more precisely 30,000 products classified into over 100 categories. At Tmart you can browse for various devices, computers, electronics, home appliances, office, and garden equipment, gadgets, and many other things. Tmart has special discounts and promotions on certain products every day, therefore, it is worth your daily visit.

9. FocalPrice

A relatively young company, FocalPrice is just one of the more popular Internet purchasing web-places. Here, you can find a large assortment of products such as computer equipment, video game consoles, smartphones, and other smart technology. Free postage and a large selection of products at low prices – are just some of the things that FocalPrice characterizes as a good choice of the shopping site.

Buying Solo Or Use An Intermediary?

We have seen that besides the Alibaba website, which is one of the best-known shopping sites from China – many others do similar business. Basically, all these sites are looking at one another in appearance. Before ordering something online, you should learn or practice how to make purchases and payments function on websites where you shop for certain goods. These are websites through which individuals can buy, make small purchases – but also make large orders. If you can’t handle it yourself, if you can’t see or find the item you need larger quantities with a lower price – you can turn to professionals who mediate between buyers and sellers. Namely, some companies deal with finding goods from China – with the best ratio of quality and price.


So, you may have thought Alibaba is a shopping giant with no alternative – but that’s where you’re wrong. The truth is that the products from Asia, and especially China, are extremely popular. This is primarily due to their wide offer and favorable prices. However, when shopping, always make a comparison between the sites. Try to find what you want on the most favorable terms – and that means not only the price but also the speed of delivery and possibly other costs.

We hope that we have helped you at least a little with our suggestions. Although the largest online shop giants are still in high demand – many similar sites have gained additional popularity over the past years. We certainly hope you made a good choice – especially when it comes to shopping.

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