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How To Choose Between Dirt Bike Graphics

March 8, 2021

Once you buy a dirt bike, you will look for ways to maintain the newly purchased shine. However, we can’t deny that ‘dirt’ bikes are meant to go through rough roads to give you a real feel. Now, to provide you with the best of both conditions, we suggest you frequently change dirt bike graphics.

Types of dirt bike graphics to shop

For those who don’t know, dirt bike graphics help protect the bike and revamp the aesthetics. It also helps your bike to look new and attractive.

There are many types of dirt bike graphics available online, but you need to choose the one that will suit and fit your model right. The pictures you buy have to match your model to ensure that it properly fits into the bike. It is similar to buying a phone case – if it is not your model, it will look distorted.

You can always buy the graphics and install them yourself. But first, you need to know what are types of pictures available and for which models.

Here’s the ultimate guide to choose the perfect dirt bike graphics for your bike. These include:

  • Yamaha Twelve Light
  • Yamaha Trim Light
  • Yamaha Walli Factory
  • Suzuki Trim Light
  • Yamaha Twelve Dark
  • Suzuki Trim Navy
  • Yamaha Trim Navy
  • Yamaha Walli Factory
  • Suzuki Twelve Factory
  • Suzuki Walli Light
  • Suzuki Walli Factory
  • KTM Walli Shadow
  • KTM Trim Light
  • Kawasaki Twelve Light
  • Kawasaki Factory Mint

You can choose your favorite design since there are various dirtbike graphics available in the market. You can easily crush on your bike after making it look like the one you wanted.

Dirt bike kits

There is a wide range of dirt bike kits for you all. The best suggestion is to choose quality products that last long.

You should own dirt bike decals that must be up to 16-20 m thick. Lower quality and cheap vinyl are also available for such graphics, but they might not give you desirable results.

Best Dirt Bike Graphics Kit

The readymade dirtbike graphics kits are the best. It always matches your bike along with the other gear. Usually branded, these kits have stickers for your bike plastics, forks and downs, swings, wheels, and more.

The premium kits will also rectify the slightest mishap present in your bike. You can also purchase a budget kit if you want to change your dirt bike’s overall looks.

To get hold of the kit, you need to order it, specifying the bike model, year, and other details. A readymade sticker is already present for your bike. Your job is to place the sticker properly on the part that you want to. If DIY is difficult for you, hire experts from to do the job with finesse.

The kit can help to look your bike as contemporary and trendy as possible. So, you need to get hold of the proper dirtbike graphics kit. It will increase your love for the bike even more and will attract a lot of attention.

Types of graphics for bikes

Check out some more ways to add graphics to your bike:

1. Vinyl

There are cheap ways to design with a vinyl wrap. Paint is expensive and time taking. However, a vinyl wrap can cater to both. Another noticeable fact is a higher quality paint job with three- or four-time coats can cost equal to a car wrap.

2. Lamination

Lamination is also suitable for dirt bikes because it also prevents the bike’s body parts from little snatches, grain, sand, and dust. After designing the whole dirt bike, you will require to choose whether you want its shiny glow or a matte finish. In this case, car wax can be used. However, you need to choose car wax carefully, so that it does not have abrasives.

How to maintain dirt bike graphics?

A dirt bike can look fresh if you give a little effort to it. You can clean out and re-grease the headset, and it’s easy because cartridge bearings are used in a half-decent dirt bike. You can take your bike to a design studio where you can change any of these things – bottom bracket, jockey wheels, chain, cassette, cables, and seat post. There is a massive community of dirt bike graphic lovers who often posted unique designs of those bikes, so from there. You can take ideas of creative themes.

Why should you choose experts to apply decals on your dirt bike?

It will not be easy for you to design dirt bike graphics on your own. First of all, it is important to understand the differences between a standard dirt bike and a race dirt bike, because their purposes are different. Secondly, according to the bike type, you will want maximum protection for the bike parts. Again, you might want your dirt bike to be aesthetically appealing, even if you don’t regularly race.

Your motive will determine what type of design you want, and why you want it. After that you can acquire a kit including printed graphics for tank shrouds, fuel tank, side number plates, air box, rear fender, and front fender.

The bike’s graphic design will represent your thinking and personality. Therefore, the experts can minutely make the design digitally for you. You can redraw your design a few times to make sure it will come out just the way you want after printing.

Your design only can make your dirt bike different from others, and for that, you will need to work out with design size with an expert team. A team who handles dirt bike graphics can best serve you with suggestions and design ideas according to your preference.

You can use colorful components, customized color decals, self-designed vinyl decals, funky patterns using spray paint, good quality stickers, multicolor spokes, fun stem caps, bright bar tape, dark-colored grips, and hoods. Lastly, you can put a color-protected coating, and the makeover will make people awe. It is time you hire the best dirt bike graphic experts in town!

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