3 Reasons Why Saltwater Swimming Pools are Becoming so Popular in 2024

March 27, 2020

Swimming is certainly one of the healthiest sports. In addition, during the summer heat, the idea of swimming somewhere and thus saving yourself from sweating and high temperatures is definitely tempting. Not everyone can afford to go to the seaside – even if you can, you will hardly be able to stay there for as long as the summer lasts – so many will seek salvation at the pool.

Swimming has a great effect on your body (improves appearance), health (improves fitness) and the psyche, as most of us enjoy the water very much (well, we all spent the first nine months swimming).

If you are overweight, it is healthier to lose weight by swimming than by dieting, plus swimming is easier and less likely to be injured than, say, a fitness or gym. Another cool thing – whirlpools can be applied in it, and you can massage your legs yourself – this will help improve circulation and reduce cellulite.



Depression and illnesses that are a direct consequence of stress are, according to many studies, one of the most common diseases of the 21st century. Then, for the most part, the way out of the problem is sought in medicines and psychotherapy, the use of which certainly has other health consequences, which slowly enter the vicious circle of lesser or greater harm to man.

Because of this, an increasing number of people who save from a modern, stressful and fast-paced lifestyle are just looking for wellness & spa tourism that have such a positive impact on us.

Saltwater swimming pools


One of the specifics is certainly a saltwater swimming pool – In some wellness & spa centers, it is possible to find a that as well, which in principle is a rare content of wellness & spa centers.

These are usually smaller ones, with a salt concentration approximately equal to that in seawater, it should refresh, strengthen the muscles, stimulate the heart and circulation, tone the skin and make it smooth, relax and is a good stress reliever.

Also, swimming in salt water is also recommended for healthy people because the salt in it has the ability to disinfect and destroy all algae, germs and bacteria. This makes salt water safe and extremely healing for your bathing and bathing for your children.

Let’s elaborate on the topic. Here are some of the main benefits and if you want even more information, learn more here.

No irritation


All the uneasy feelings that overwhelm you after using a particular pool certainly mean something. Strange tingling sensation in the eyes, blurred vision after contact with water, itching on the skin after showering, etc …
Notice that your bikini is slowly fading after repeatedly going to the same pool? Your hair has lost its natural luster and is more and more like a straw? All this is the result of poor chemical composition in water, ie. too much chlorine and other chemicals.

Use of this pools is recommended after staying in the salt room. Upon leaving the pool, a shower is required to clean the skin. Use warm benches as well. They help to get the body accustomed to the higher temperature, for upcoming visits to the sauna.

After the sauna, it is advisable to shower again, but with slightly cooler water, because of the circulation. For additional cooling, it is recommended to use this again and again. Full relaxation after using it can be rounded off by the use of a hot tub.

This way, the proper hydration of our skin is maintained.

Easier and cheaper maintenance

No more chlorine, bacteria, red eyes, and makes the skin soft and dry. Chlorine is very aggressive, and this can be seen from the example where it can damage even the metal surface around the pump – imagine then what too much can do to your body over time.

Think about your health, and we advise this to people who suffer from allergies, respiratory diseases and other chronic conditions. It is not aggressive unlike chlorinated water, this one improves psychomotor development, digestion and sleep.

No more wrong doses of chlorine. Software-guided disinfection greatly simplifies the setting of the correct dosage. No chemical handling at all. Disinfection with salt does not require any chlorine products. Water does not smell of chlorine. With the natural disinfectant circuit: salt – chlorine – salt the odor of chlorine disappears.

Just maintaining this is much cheaper than a classic pool. Salt used for this purpose is much cheaper than chlorine.

The system is almost pH-neutral. This not only eliminates frequent maintenance but also costs. However, we recommend installing an automatic system to maintain the correct pH of the water.


It is not harmful to the environment

The system is not harmful to the environment. Salt is natural and in nature we have it in almost unlimited quantities. Therefore, the procedure is not only financially very enjoyable, but also friendly to the nature we care about on a daily basis.

The salt content in the pool of 0.5% is completely satisfactory for the electrolysis device to produce hypochloric acid HOCl, which has the ability to disinfect, that is, to destroy all algae, germs and bacteria. With this reaction salt is re-created. This gives you a completely natural disinfection of water.

The best ways to purify water in your pool is through nature-based (eco-friendly) and disinfectant-derived treatments, because they are not only harmful to humans and the eco system.

That type of pools are gaining in importance around the world. The demand for them is huge – especially because of the environmental awareness of people, which is increasing day by day. Particular interest is shown by luxury property investors who want to complete their high quality of the property with this option and provide comfort to their guests.

Regular relaxation should be a way of life, towards enhancing our own quality of life, in order to achieve a balance of body, mind and spirit, respecting our own choices and the opportunities available to us.

Achieving such well-being in today’s fast-paced life, business and material stresses, and the eternal lack of time for ourselves, is a kind of challenge. As much as we think this psychophysical well-being is a luxury – believe us it is not, this segment is increasingly evolving into the need of the modern man.


If you are interested in this type of pool after this text, you have our support, think carefully about the healthiest enhancement of your pool, and that is certainly the installation of a salt water filtration system.

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