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10 Cool and Useful Car Gadgets & Accessories – 2024 Guide

April 8, 2020

Many people spend a lot of time in their car everyday commute to work or school. This is why there are so many gadgets and accessories that can be bought for the vehicle in order to feel more pleasant in the car and to make the drive safer as well. Most of them are made to make your life easier and every day commute more fun. The popularity of these changes as the technology advances, and each year there are new ones that can use. For more info, check out the list below.

  1. Dash camera

We all know that accidents can happen, especially if you are behind the wheel for a longer period of time, or tired, or both. The dashboard camera set will record what is happening on the road and give you solid evidence of what has happened. This can help you when in need to get the insurance to cover the expenses or when you need to use the footage as proof.

  1. Bluetooth connector

A simple Bluetooth connector will connect your car with the smartphone, so you will be able to play music over the phone or even take phone calls by using the sound system of the car.  This will prevent you from actually looking at your phone and using it while driving. The system states who is calling, so you may answer by using voice commands and talk by using the sound system of the car.

  1. Tray

Almost all of us like to take our coffee to the car and drink it like driving, some will take this one step further and eat their breakfast in the car as well, especially if you like to take a few more minutes in the bed. Having a tray and cup holder will make this easier and less messy. Preventing you from cleaning the residues of food and coffee from the car interior and from your clothes, since, accidents like that happen more often than you think. This little accident may ruin your morning, so be prepared and prevent them from happening.

  1. Dateless plates

If you have a very busy schedule, and cannot get to the institution to make new plates like the ones you have expired, it is a good time to rethink and make dateless number plates, These will save you a lot of time, waiting in lines and possible tickets if you forget to replace the ones you already have, and they have expired.

May the price is not your worry since it will pay off, especially if you are postponing the change of expired ones.

If you are seeking more information on dateless number plates you can visit sites such as and get yours now.

  1. Organizer

Organizers for back seats are perfect for people who have kids. These organizers can hold a tablet, charger, coloring books, crayons and bottles of drink for the kids. This will keep them occupied and hopefully quiet during the morning and afternoon commune. This will also decrease the chance of any car accident since your attention will be on the road, and the kids will not distract you from it.

  1. First aid

A good first aid box is something that is must-have in any car. Not just because there can be an accident on the road, but because they contain many goodies that can be used on the road, and off the road as well. If you are an outdoorsy person and like to spend time in adventures, this kit will come in handy in treating some small accidents such as sprained ankles and wrists, small cuts and tears.

  1. Car desk

If you or your partner likes to do some work while on the road, this car desk may be a gadget for you. It can be used to place a laptop on it and wrap up some important and urgent tasks before going into the office. This can also be useful when going back home, and wanting to wrap up all the work before going into the house. It will make your day better since the work will not enter the home, and you will be able to dedicate your time to your family.

  1. Wireless charger

We have all woken up with dead battery due to forgetfulness and unplugged chargers from the socket; this is very convenient since it will provide you charge for the phone on the way to work or any other place of going short period of time. This is, of course useful if your phone supports wireless charging, if not, you may seek for a non-wireless solution and have a charging option in your car. Just in case.

  1. Breathalyzer

This device is can be useful only if the result will discourage you or someone you know from sitting behind the wheel and trying to drive back home. It is very convenient since it will prevent you from driving and getting a ticket or getting into the accident. It is important to state that zero tolerance towards alcohol policy should be in order while driving and there is no reason for getting behind the wheel even if you just had only one drink.

  1. Rooftop hammock


For the ones that are outdoorsy and love to have an adventure, a rooftop hammock can be very interesting accessorize to get. Not only that it will provide an interesting addition to the car, but it is very unique and pleasant to have. Imagine just going up to the mountains, sitting in the hammock and looking at the sunset. It gets even better if your special someone is with you.


Sometimes it can be hard to pick additional stuff for your car since the market is full of them. We hope that we have given you a few ideas about what you can get or pushed you in the right direction when it comes to thinking about gearing up your car. Getting the gadgets and accessorize will improve your daily commute and provide more convenience and safety while on the road.

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