Why Newsletters are Dead and What to Do Instead?

April 10, 2020

We would like to first of all honestly come out and say:

Newsletters are history

The world has changed. There was a time when online newsletters were the golden goose.

Now, not so much. No one likes to see those weekly or monthly emails in their inbox with the subject line: “June Newsletter: Update on blah blah” From low opt-in rates to low open rate and click through rates. A typical newsletter always has a lower conversion compared to the other emails. Usually because of its unrelated information, industry news, product updates, etc… And that’s pure foolishness and a waste of time.

Here’s why:

  1. Scattered Everywhere

When your readers sign-up to listen from you through a newsletter they expect to get some value out of it. Some flow of communication from both sides and to be engaged with you.

But as mentioned above a typical newsletter has a bunch of unrelated content which a huge bunch of your audience won’t relate with.

And that’s very annoying. A newsletter is a one-way street with a complete silence from the other side.

There’s no interest-based marketing, where you know what your specific audience wants and you end up being too general with them.

  1. What to Do Instead?

In one word: Emails.

Plain, HTML, marketing e-mails. Nothing kick butts more than a simple, plain HTML marketing e-mail.

Build a blog and an email list with segmentation based on interest and you’ll be swimming in a sea of opportunities. “Or use an email finder like Wiza to get the emails for the target audience you want to reach.”

Emails are great marketing tool for any online business and if you don’t know how to use it properly then you are leaving a whole bunch of money on the table.

In fact, you are doing disservice to your subscribers by not providing them what they want.

Hint: People want to buy, they want change, results but the condition is the seller should be the one who they know, like and trust (more about this further).

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  1. What’s the Difference?

But Shak… isn’t email newsletter similar to marketing emails?

Well… NO. Notice the word “news” in newsletter. It’s meant to provide industry and company news to its audience.

On the other hand an email marketing campaign is built on user research and customer behavior, which is why its 10x more profitable than a simple newsletter.

Now here are some of the most powerful ways you can amp up your email marketing efforts (if you are still stuck with newsletters).

  1. Build a Customer Avatar

This is why daily value-based emails are better than a typical newsletter. Because it’s catered to the specific needs and interests of the audience.

But how do you increase the engagements and conversions on your emails even more?

By doing the RESEARCH and building a super-specific customer avatar.

And we suggest that you figure it out before an email list of 10,000+ subscribers.

So, who is your audience?

Are they bloggers?

Single moms?

What’s their demographic, age, interest, etc…

Once you’ve done a big-time research on this you’ve set the wheels in motion.

You’re on the right track.
  1. Relationship Building

While an email newsletter is all about industry news, an email marketing campaign is all about relationship building.

Know, Like and Trust. Once you do this, how could your prospects not convert. You can do this by providing a ton of interest-based value to your subscribers.  Since you have already built your customer avatar, you know your audience. You can easily hook them, make then want you, like you and trust you.

So how can you do it?

Give them the insider stuff which they’ll find nowhere else and when it comes to selling, SELL. Which leads us to…

  1. Selling

The best part about an email marketing campaign is that once you know your audience deeply and write emails catered to their interests.

You know what kinds of products they like.

You know what they’re more likely to buy instead of a typical newsletter which is scattered everywhere. And especially when it comes to selling, we’re talking Product Launches.

That’s where big players play. We’re talking 6-figures, 7 and even 8. If you know what you’re doing and you’ve a big enough list.

Just imagine:

If your audience know, like and trust you. If you give them insane amount of stuff for FREE so much so that they say

How could you give this for FREE. You should be charging for this?

Then wouldn’t they buy your premium, gated content without any hesitation? Obviously they will.

Bottom Line:

Newsletters are history. But emails are still king. But just a different kind of email.

We’re talking about interest-based emails, about emails that build a long-lasting relationship, engaging emails.

So, build an email list and give insane value to your readers. Overtime they’ll become your raving fans. And having raving fans for any business is some sort of achievement.

They are the person who will be raising your brand awareness, promoting your brand and buying stuffs from you over and over again.

They will be doing your publicity be it from word of mouth of just sharing to their friend, family or to their community.

That’s it. Now we would like to hear from you. Comment and let us know are you still going to be stuck with the typical newsletters?

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