7 Tips for Finding an Affordable Mechanic to Work on Your Car

August 3, 2020

God damn, your car broke down again! No doubt, you have to take the car to a repair shop. However, you are low on a budget. Therefore, you need some good solution, help directly from heaven, some miracle. What should you do?

Well, simply, find an affordable mechanic to whom you can entrust your vehicle. However, can the words “reliable” and “affordable” really describe the same mechanic? Is it really possible that there is a cheap, yet reliable guy, or girl, who will be able to fix your machine?

Sure, but you have to know how to find such a person. Trust us, it’s not hard. All you have to invest is time. And of course, you have to read the next article we have prepared for all of car enthusiasts. Below, we have prepared some great tips for finding an affordable car mechanic. So, if you’re ready, let’s get started.


1. Ask people close to you

Since you aren’t a caveman or a hermit, your social life is probably at a certain satisfactory level. We’re talking about a number of people you’re close to, who you know very well, and who won’t screw you over. However, although you probably have a lot of acquaintances, friends, relatives, neighbors, etc., please focus only on those with the car.

If they use a car, or some other similar four-wheel vehicle, it is very likely that their machines also require maintenance and repairs. This means that they also need a mechanic and car repair shop.

Since you know all these people, feel free to ask them about their experiences with mechanics. Ask them where they repair the car, what services that car repair shop offers, and are they satisfied with the work done. And of course, don’t forget to ask them about prices, because, for God’s sake, we’re looking for the most affordable, trustworthy mechanic.

2. Use an internet browser

Whether you use Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, etc. it is important to remember that whenever you have a dilemma, these can help you a lot. People often forget that they can use the internet to search, list and compare some things.

For example, in the case of car mechanics, you can very easily check what other users think about their services. The best places to check other drivers’ reviews and ratings for a particular car service are online communities, forums, etc. Also, there are sites that deal exclusively with the ranking of various businesses, including car repair shops. Such websites are, for example, Angie’s List and Yelp and Better Business Bureau.

In addition, you can check directly on the car service websites. If it is a reliable car repair shop, you will easily be able to recognize it by the professional official website. It is likely that none of the car services will announce prices due to competing companies, but through contact information you will be able to check these details. One such service can be found at TediousRepairs, the official site of Chico Auto Repair.

3. Check on the spot

Although the internet often offers great information, saves time and helps with various dilemmas, you cannot completely rely on it. The right combination would be the real and virtual world. What do we mean by this?

Simply, after researching and selecting a few mechanics or car repair shops, the next step is to visit a workshop and see on the spot what is the situation. Also, don’t forget to ask a few questions.

For example, focus on the service first, because the cheapest mechanic doesn’t have to be the best. Sometimes, with cheap services you can get into bigger trouble. The middle-priced is the best solution, you won’t overpay, but you won’t get bad service either.

As for the questions, focus on certificates, warranty on spare parts installed, experience, etc. Of course, don’t forget to ask about the price, because, once again, we are looking for an affordable mechanic.

4. Check locally

There is no doubt that there are excellent and reliable mechanics in your city as well. Therefore, you only need to find the car repair service that has the best price-quality ratio. Here again, some of the mentioned tips we talked about earlier can be applied. It is very likely that a lot of people from your city maintain their vehicle locally.

The fact about local mechanics is that they will want to do their job as good as possible and prove their reliability. No one wants bad rumors circulating in the city about his/her business. For example, high prices, poor service, etc.

Therefore, it is an advantage to cooperate locally. Plus, you are a potential regular customer, which means they will try to offer the best conditions and provide a great customer experience if you are visiting them for the first time.

5. Less is more

Even if you’ve listed a few repair shops you might have a deal with, don’t rush with the final choice. Give every mechanic a chance. Of course, we don’t mean to intentionally damage your car, or anything like that. Instead, try minor repairs.

Some basic car maintenance procedures such as oil change can be a good indicator of how a particular mechanic works. In addition, you will be able to ask directly about some dilemmas and see if he or she is willing to help. Service staff is a good way to initially examine all the details, and of course the price for repairs or maintenance.

6. Avoid dealership

Yes, it seems like a good decision to drive your car to the dealership, because, you bought the car from them, right. However, not everything is so simple, or rather cheap. Dealerships usually offer great services, and above all, actually free repair. But all this is valid only while the car is covered by the warranty period.

After the warranty expires, our advice is not to ask for affordability from them. It is better to check with other car repair services because they will definitely offer you a lower price for spare parts, labor costs, etc. Plus, you’ll be able to talk to a mechanic directly, which is important.

7. Do it yourself

We all love the DIY method. Admit it, you’ve always wanted to do some home repairs and avoid paying professionals. However, although this is fine in the case of plumbing work, with cars it is a little different.

There is no chance to do demanding repairs yourself because you aren’t trained for this type of work and you don’t have the necessary knowledge and skills. Plus, you can create a worse problem.

However, there are some things you don’t have to pay for and can do in the DIY variant. For example, oil change. You don’t have to be a genius for something like that. Also, windshield wipers are the right thing for you. You can replace them if you watch a couple of YouTube tutorials. We must not forget the spark plugs and light bulbs, for which you can also find instructions online.


Finding an affordable yet reliable mechanic is a time-consuming process. It doesn’t happen overnight, but it takes some time. However, thanks to our tips, you will know exactly what to focus on.

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