10 States with the Highest Solar Potential

August 3, 2020

Solar energy is one of the effective solutions for replacing pollution and protecting the environment. In the US, people in many states have already installed solar panels on their house roofs. They convert sunlight into electricity without wasting exhaustible resources.

This resource not only helps in preventing damage to the environment but also quite economical for the country. According to the statistics, it is found that there are some states with the highest solar potential, mentioned in

In the following write-up, check out those cities with the leading usage of solar panels. If you are also residing in one of these areas, you can also use solar energy to illuminate your home. The setup process can be expensive, but after some time, there is no need to spend much money.

1. North Carolina

The capacity of the production of solar energy in North Carolina is 2,087 MW. It can brighten at least 223,000 houses by providing enough energy to them. There are lots of job opportunities for the local people residing in this location.

Many solar panels are managed simultaneously, which requires a significant team to handle all the operations. In the future, employment opportunities will grow to 10.2%, and more people will live here. During March Madness, the team celebrates and cheers the success.

2. California

It is the most significant state in the US that generates 13,241 MW of sunlight energy. More than 3.32 million homes get enlightened with the help of electricity generated by sunlight. It benefits the economy of the country.

There are many exciting opportunities for all the people those looking for a job. There is a huge demand for human resources to manage sunlight panels and all other operations. If we consider the highly-ranked state with more solar capacity, California is the one in the US.

3. New Jersey

The solar capacity of New Jersey is around 1,632 MW, which can lighten up 257,000 homes. There are more than 520 sunlight energy companies that have already employed more than 7,000 people for their basic to advanced operations if we talk about employment.

Well, it is not the hottest and sunniest place in the US. But people living in the state consider the importance of the sunlight and how they can use it as a replacement for exhaustible resources.

4. Arizona

It is the second-largest state in the country after California, with an incredible solar capacity of 2,303 MW. It gives power to over 327,0000 homes. A city known as Phoenix is quite popular with the highest capacity of panels in that area.

In recent years, the Arizona Corporation Commission decides to prevent the use of distributes solar in their state. The use of sun energy can save up to a lot of money in the country. In this way, it also protects the environment and keeps the surrounding clean and green.

5. Nevada

The state is covered with clouds most of the time, but it does not mean that there is no solar energy and panels. The area’s solar capacity is 1,240 MW, which is enough for providing sunlight energy to more than 2.84 million people residing in the place.

There are more than 190,000 houses that are taking advantage of this technology and help in keeping the environment clean and green. It is also a competitive state in the United States in terms of the usage of sun energy.

6. New York

New York City is advancing year by year. There is a continuous growth in the installation of solar panels in the state. It will increase in the coming years. If we talk about the current status of the place, then the solar capacity of the city is 638 MW.

It can provide light to more than 107,000 homes. Indeed, it is quite less, but with time, it will increase. Without any doubt, it is an over-crowded city, which will remarkably grow in the future.

7. Massachusetts

It is another fantastic state, which has installed a large number of sunlight panels for generating electricity. It helps in operating the types of machinery, homes, and a lot more. The solar capacity of the city is 1,020 MW, which can effortlessly illuminate more than 162,000 houses. The sunlight panel extracts the sunlight and produces sufficient energy to operate most of the operations in the state.

8. Hawaii

There is a city known as Honolulu, which has the highest number of installed solar panels. The capacity for generating sun-based electrical energy of the city is 564 MW, which means that it can generate and supply power to more than 146,000 houses. In the future, there is a massive scope of growth in the installation of sunlight panels in Hawaii. It will surely grow and competes with other cities.

9. Texas

Texas is another state in the US with a solar capacity of 534 MW, which can provide power to more than 55,000 houses at the same time. The scope of the sunlight’s usage is rapidly growing, and in the future, the city will get advanced. The city keeps the environment clean and green to protect its people.

10. Colorado

There is a considerable increase in the growth of these projects in this state between 2014 and 2015. It is estimated that these projects are worth $305, which is around 44%. The city’s solar capacity is 144 MW, which can provide power to more than 102,000 houses.

It is quite challenging to install these many units in a place like Colorado. But, climate-friendly energy is supplied to the people of the state.

The Bottom Line

A few states in the US are known for generating and supplying sunlight-based electrical energy to the residing people. It is a must thing to know if you live or going to stay there at any moment.

Go through all the states with their solar capacity to know which one has the highest potential. It is better to use natural resources than exhaustible ones if you want to save yourself and the environment.

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