4 Best Trimming Methods For Weed Growers

July 6, 2020

There is a growing interest in the cultivation of Indian hemp. Although the cultivation of this plant is no unknown, many people still identify it with dangerous drugs and have no knowledge of its importance and health benefits. However, in countries where this plant is legalized, there is great interest in its cultivation, and it is interesting that it represents a great business opportunity for future producers. But what should you know about growing, and above all about the methods of pruning this plant? We will try to point you to some of the most common trimming methods for weed growers.

Want To Breed Weed?

Have you decided to start growing weed? OK, this is a guide for amateur breeding. So-called outdoor breeding is perhaps a better option for beginners. It is because necessary conditions for breeding are provided by Mother Nature. This way, the possibilities for making beginners are much less than is the case of indoor cultivation. Here we will write about the basic things that are necessary for outdoor growing. Tips and suggestions come partly from already written manuals – and partly from the personal experience of individual growers. The most important thing is that everyone who wants to try should be ready to invest effort – and not be disappointed if during the first attempt everything is not exactly as they imagined. You need to be persistent and you will achieve success.

Pruning Weed

With proper weed cultivation, it is very important to monitor all stages of growth and development of your plants. However, one of the most important phases that significantly affects the quality of weed is pruning. Pruning is a very important segment of growing this plant, both for aesthetic and quality reasons. Many weed growers prefer utilizing the so-called clone method. That is a method when they are sowing new seeds. If they are properly treated, the cuttings will provide a stable genetic environment. That refers to both – quality and plant type as they grow – and also through subsequent generations. Another reason for such a method is the lack of the quality of the seeds.

Different Pruning Techniques

Pruning cannabis during cultivation does not differ so significantly compared to other plants. However, several different methods may be important to you – especially depending on the conditions in which you grow cannabis.

1. Manual Trimming

Cannabis can be pruned by hand or by the machine during cultivation. Sure, when it comes to the manual method it requires more time and your effort, but on the other hand, it has its advantages. Every grower will tell you that in this way you’ll preserve the sufficient quality of your weed or make it much better, which potential buyers know how to appreciate.

2. Machine Pruning

Machine pruning can be much easier and faster, but we can not talk about the same quality weed, and besides – this method requires certain investments. Keep in mind that machine trimmers are very expensive. According to RedBud, machines work to a certain standard, and are very fast, making your job much easier. However, you must be careful with handling machines because improper handling can damage buds of your weed – which you will admit is not good. Although paying people for pruning also costs money, it will pay off in the long run because you will have a quality product and thus satisfied end customers.

3. “Wet” Trimming

When we talk about pruning cannabis, we can’t help but say that in that sense, two different opinions about trimming methods appear. Namely, some growers trim their plants before they dry out, while some growers do not wait for the buds to dry out. In that sense, we can make a distinction between the so-called wet and dry trimming. Wet trimming is named that way because the grower doesn’t wait for the plant to dry out- but the plant leaves are still moist during the pruning process. This pruning method allows you open access to the buds. The cannabis leaves will spread outwards due to moisture, so removing them is a fairly simplified process. This type of pruning, according to many growers – makes it an aesthetically better plant, and the process of drying buds is better because the leaves retain moisture.

4. “Dry” Cannabis Pruning

Pruning the plant after the drying process – is known as dry pruning. This means that the buds will dry out before you start pruning the plant leaves. However, most growers will do their best to remove the leaves before drying the buds. According to some growers, dry pruning provides an opportunity for plants to release moisture. In that sense, if the plants are in conditions that provide good light, moisture, and adequate temperature – the buds will lose their moisture more slowly and more even. Professional growers think this is good – especially for those growers located in areas with dry climates. It is believed that in dry climates the plants dry faster than they should – and results in uneven drying of buds. Namely, they look completely dry on the outside – while there is still moisture on the inside. However, we must emphasize that there are those growers who will hang the plant upside down – and leave it without any kind of pruning.

Tools You Need For Pruning Buds

Speaking about pruning weed buds – we must keep in mind the basic tools that we will need. These tools are not much different from the standard gardening tools we use anyway. However, you need to know what are the most necessary tools you will need for this process.

Sharp Scissors

Sharp garden scissors will be your main weapon when growing and pruning your plants of weed. They ought to tobe very strong with sharp tips. This will help you with pruning – so your buds will be perfectly nurtured that way.

Large Scissors For Cutting Branches

Scissors like this are needed in any case when you grow plants, and therefore cannabis. You will use such scissors in situations when you are pruning entire branches. Keep in mind that sometimes the branches can be very strong – so you will not be able to finish this job properly with a regular pair of scissors. That is why you must have one bigger and stronger pair – that will cut the branches without any problems.

Rubber Gloves

These gloves will protect your hands from the resin found on the buds. Working with the buds very often leaves your hands sticky, so it is necessary to use gloves to protect your hands from the resin.

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