Tips for Choosing Quality CBD Products – 2024 Guide

May 20, 2020

CBD products are one of the most controversial products in the world. Some people still think that they are some sort of narcotic. However, the main reason why they have that opinion is the lack of reliable information. In most cases, people think that THC and CBD are the same things. Indeed, CBD contains a small amount of THC, but their effect on people’s organisms is different. It is recommendable that you get familiar with this subject before making any conclusions.


Anyway, the number of people that understand the benefits that they can get is a lot bigger. The governments of the countries that legalized CBD for medical and personal purposes are growing every day. Because of that, the number of consumers is also growing daily.

We won’t talk here when and how you should use different sorts of CBD products. The more important thing is to pick the products that truly feature quality. There are many online shops where you can find oils, beauty products, etc. However, the quality of the products is not always the same. More precisely, some people are trying to make money thanks to the popularity of this industry in a bad way.

In this article, you will find out some tips for choosing quality CBD products. We recommend you apply the pieces of advice that we provided you with when making the next purchase. You can also find CBD products and much more on CBDCentral.com.

Third-Party Testing Reports

Indeed, every business in the world has the right to present personal products as the best possible ones. Yet, that doesn’t mean they can do that without any proves of quality. Because of that, your right is to ask for the third-party testing reports. It is the best way to verify the honesty of the company that offers you products.

These reports will give you some clear facts that will tell you how quality the products truly are. For example, are there any signs of heavy metals in the final product? This is one of the results that can reduce the quality of the product itself. Of course, if there are no available test results, then this is a good sign you might move to another shop.

The Extraction of the CBD Products


If you have never consumed products that contain CBD, you should know one important thing. The way CBD oil is extracted from the hemp plant will influence the quality of the final product.

The entire process is easy-to-understand. First of all, it is necessary to apply pressure to the plant and cause the trichomes to burst open. As a result of that move, we get oil which companies sell. This is something that makes the difference between quality and less quality products.

Dishonest companies use different methods of oil extraction. They do that by heat which can reduce the quality because of the usage of the butane. It is a hazardous material that causes the immediate reduction of CBD quality.

The honest companies will use CO2 or food-grade ethanol to extract the CBD. Because of that, we recommend you chase only that sort of online shop.

Hemp Growing Standards


It is crucial for every user that hemp was not exposed to foreign chemicals. They will negatively influence the wellness-promoting properties of the CBD products. There are current standards that all CBD suppliers need to respect. However, respecting those standards might be expensive and some suppliers can’t afford them. They use some methods that will bring them better profit. Because of that, check if all hemp growing standards are respected. If not, using most of these amazing plant-based products is impossible.

Broad Spectrum CBD vs. CBD Isolate

Did you know that cannabis contains more than 100 cannabinoids? Well, you probably understand now that isolated oil contains only one of those 100 cannabinoids. Indeed, there are certain benefits that you can get from this sort of product as well. But, this variety of product is not considered as the highest quality ones.

Broad-spectrum CBD products are something different and you will easily recognize them. They are amplified by different things including amino acids, more than 30 terpenes, glycerides, etc. This type of product is the one that will bring you benefits that you read about.

Where Are CBD Products Sourced?

Our intention is not to ruin the credibility of any market in the world. However, Americans should be careful when choosing the product. As we previously said, these products go through different stages of testing in the USA. It is tough to get approval to start working with this sort of product.

Environmental aspects like climate and soil pH have a huge influence on quality. It is crucial that you find out where the companies source the products they offer. If the oil is sourced from the USA, this could be a good sign. More precisely, this is a sign of higher quality.

Adequate Packaging


This is one more way how companies try to make more money. How the products you purchase are packaged is equally important as how they are sourced. Yet, finding the right package brings additional costs for the business owners. Some of them try to avoid these expenses by not investing in the proper packaging.

The features of proper packaging are something everyone should be familiar with. All the products that contain CBD oil need to be stated in glass containers. They are impermeable and they won’t hold onto moisture. In other words, the quality will remain the same and the product itself will keep all the benefits you are expecting to get.

People usually do not invest a lot of time and effort to find the right supplier. They will check two or three shops and complete the purchasing process. Low price is one of the factors that attracts people the most. It is important that you do not rush and apply the tips that we provided you with.

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