Understanding The Construction Process of High-Rise Buildings

June 26, 2021

Nowadays, we can notice an increasing number of high-rise buildings in large cities all over the world. These buildings are also becoming higher and more magnificent. There is more than one reason why these buildings continue to sprout. First of all, it is obvious that there is just not enough land, and the number of people on the planet is growing. There is a huge economic and technological progress that imposes greater needs. Also, in this way, architecture is developed, and innovations and beautiful aesthetic details are introduced in modern cities. Finally, there is an obvious human need to transcend the laws of nature and build more and more breathtaking buildings. If you’d like to understand the construction process of these high-rise buildings, keep reading.

What are high-rise buildings and what are they used for?

High rise buildings are also called high-rise. There are several different ways to explain what exactly these buildings are like. Basically, we can define high-rise buildings as the ones that have a height greater than the average height that most people are willing to reach by walking. We agree that this is a pretty non-specific definition, but you can understand what it means in practical terms. High-rise buildings require the presence of elevators in order for people to be able to easily reach higher floors. Because who feels like walking to the tenth or fifteenth floor, right? Skyscrapers are also a type of high rise building, but those that are at least 100 meters tall.

High-rise buildings are usually used as residential or business premises, although nowadays multi-storey buildings are being built that have several different functions: residential, business, hotel, restaurant, and others.

High-rise building construction


Since these buildings are so tall, it is necessary for them to have solid and stable foundations. For the purpose of constructing high-rise, different types of foundations can be used: floating foundation, supporting piles, but the type of foundation that is most often used is the same one as for low-rise buildings, only larger and heavier. Solid rocks are certainly the most desirable base that best withstands heavy loads and has been used since ancient times. However, over the years, construction has progressed and people have found a way to provide a stable and safe foundation for high-rise buildings even when the terrain is not that solid.

Steal frame

Although the base is very important for multi-storey buildings, there are other factors that are perhaps even more significant when it comes to the most optimal construction of high-rise buildings. What architects must pay special attention to are lateral forces that occur due to the influence of winds (especially in windy areas in which hurricanes or typhoons are common), and also due to other weather disasters, such as earthquakes. That is why it is crucial that the high rise has steel frames that will ensure its stability. These frames usually include vertical and horizontal girders (pillars and beams), and walls with transverse tension or shear can also be added. When the frame is strong enough, there is no reason to worry about damage under the influence of the wind, regardless of how strong it is.

For the successful construction of such buildings, it is necessary to use equipment and materials that will ensure that everything is at the highest level. Scaffolding, common towers, mast climbers and crane decks are just some of them, and you can find them all at

Enclosure systems

The walls that are attached to the frame of the high-rise building and surround it are called curtain walls. They can be built of different materials, such as stone, glass and metal, and often have a significant aesthetic function. They are very similar to those that can be encountered on low buildings. One of the things that must be taken into account is the way in which the window washing will be performed. Therefore, it is necessary that the curtain walls have added paths or other accessories that will ensure that this window cleaning is practical, efficient and safe.


As we mentioned, a means of vertical transport or, in other words, an elevator, is a necessary integral part of any high-rise because the basic feature of such buildings is to have more floors than the average person can (and wants) to walk. The elevator is driven by an electric motor and its main part is a cabin that moves up and down by ropes. Within each elevator, there are additional cables that ensure the operation of lights, doors and other important functions.

Life protection systems

Talking about safety: within high-rise buildings there are also life protection systems that we can also see in low-rise structures, which have a really important role in providing maximum protection for each individual person in the building.

Fire escapes are a necessary addition to these buildings, considering that, in case of fire, the work of all elevators stops. There are also fire hoses that are provided for firefighters in case of emergency, but they are also available for use by everyone else. There are also sprinklers and fire pumps, which are an integral part of every building. Generator systems are important in situations when there is a power outage in the building and provide individual operation of elevators, so that no one is stuck in them.

It is crucial for these systems to be regularly monitored and controlled, in order to be completely functional in situations where their use is necessary.

Conclusion: In modern cities nowadays, the number of high-rise buildings is growing, for several different reasons. In an age of advanced technology, construction and architecture, there is a growing need for new, taller and better structures that will perform their practical functions, but also look stunning. With the help of multi-storey buildings, much more space for housing and business premises is being achieved on land that is running out due to the growing number of people and the growing influx of people into cities. It is important that the construction of each of these buildings meets certain criteria to ensure the stability of the building and the safety of each individual who spends time in it.

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