How to prevent the common pitfall of FSBO?

July 5, 2021

The most common asked question while selling the house is how to avoid mistakes? As humans we make mistakes, and that is nothing that can’t be avoided. The main thing is you learn from your mistakes. You might be facing a problem with your sale.

You might be making the same mistake again and again, but what is vital is to don’t lose hope. I also have to face any problems. As you know, selling and buying a house in Arkansas is complex, and is a real headache.

You don’t have to worry about it. There are many stigmas with FSBO, but you can overcome that with precaution. Some real estate brokers have to make FSBO sounds so tricky to earn more, and people only depend on them.

The problem is not for sale by the owner. The problem is the way we have chosen to deal with it. You didn’t even realize and make such common mistakes which if you avoid you can be like a real estate broker or maybe better from them. Let’s see what the mistakes you are making in your selling are? First, be focused on learning whether you are doing wrong in a flat fee MLS listing or lack your responsibility. Therefore there are some common mistakes FSBO does during the selling of their house, these are discussed below.

1) Overpricing

Overprice is the number one mistake that the seller makes while rating his house to earn more money. Sometimes the seller places their house above the standards, which makes the buyer move away.

However, there is not so much time that buyers will deal with the seller overpricing; instead, they move for the house with the low price or the home with the Zillow standard price. If the house rate is standard, the more the potential buyer will be, the more the chance to deal with the real market. Make sure you do not price your property wrong because people won’t even visit your house. Contact a local real estate appraiser who has knowledge related to the current state of the market prices. So you choose the accurate market listing to avoid overpricing or underrating your house.

2) Discussing logistics and unimportant details

The most common mistake that you make is as a seller; you don’t know which information to share and which not. All the unnecessary details make the deal boring. The description of your house matters a lot.

Please start with the lines like _ see my beautiful property attract more buyers than the bland, straightforward description of the house.

The listing also matters. The best way is to do it like a professional real estate agent. Don’t discuss only the logistics; instead, focus on the details about your property.

3) Zero commission to buyer agent

The other common pitfall is to offer the zero or very least amount of commission to the buyer’s agent while saving money, and we end up losing the deal. In the MLS listing, the 2.5% offer is enough for the agents not to offer more than it and do not offer less than it.

If you give a reasonable amount of money to the buyer agent, he will also make an effort to complete the deal. It is like investing little in business, so it returns with more profit.

4) House should be show–worthy

When your client comes to look at your house make sure you make it presentable. As the client is going to make the first impression of the house so make it an approving one. So before showing your property, take out the time to clean the house, keep the lawn tidy, make a few changes to make your house look favorable, add colors. Make your house look bright and light by turning all the lights on or by opening the curtains. You don’t want them to see your dirty laundry, worn area rugs, etc. bad expressions can be the biggest turn-off for you or maybe they make less offer.

5) Not available at buyers preferred time:

It is preferred to make yourself available according to the time of the buyers as buyers don’t typically wait for your time. Make yourself available to show your property seven days a week. Selling your house on your own is a full-time job so consider this until you find buyers. Try to create a spreadsheet where you write all the information about the buyers like their appointment details and about their preferred time for visiting. Follow this spreadsheet to avoid any obstacles.

6) Using poor quality of images:

As most people start searching to buy a new house on the internet, you should make sure you take better quality photos to appeal to the buyer. For this, take photos in good lighting and focus before you click a photo. Make it attractive for the buyers so that they want to visit. You can also invest in professional photography which can be very beneficial to bring buyers.

7) Proper marketing of the property:

Proper marketing of the property is one of the most important things. It is not as easy as just putting a signboard outside your house. Buyers won’t come to buy your house. You need to advertise your house so that they know the house that is being sold. However use every means available to do the marketing of your house e.g. with the help of online sites, neighborhood groups and word of mouth, etc. Therefore most of the buyers find houses through multiple listing service which is only accessible to the real estate agent, therefore, if you hire an agent you will charge you less to just only list your house on the multiple listing service.


Above are the common falls of FSBO that most people make and fail this task. These mistakes can be fixed with little effort. You just need to focus on doing minor changes to attract the buyers and close the sale without any mistake.

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