Different Types of Research Papers

June 23, 2020

Are you staring at the blank page of your laptop and wondering what type of research paper you will address? You might not be alone. These papers are complicated and time-consuming tasks that have made most students develop a negative attitude towards them. Due to this attitude, students always end up struggling to choose the right type that will make them enjoy the writing process. In most cases, the negative attitude arises from the fact that students do not know the different kinds of research papers. Here is the list of various types that you can tackle whether you are in college, graduate school, high school, or university:

  1. An Analytical Research Paper

An analytical type refers to a task that requires a student to describe different viewpoints, analyze them, and then make a practical conclusion. These kinds of jobs usually raise a question that will allow the writer to analyze and describe these varying viewpoints. These kinds of papers are quite straightforward to tackle since there is no hidden code a student needs to address them. Instead, all they have to do is describe and break down the question and then determine the various elements to answer it. You will attain these viewpoints from the work of other researchers that relate to your question.
  1. A Persuasive or an Argumentative Research Paper

Some people may refer to argumentative types as persuasive research papers. It is because any form of persuasive writing usually intends to make the reader side the writer’s viewpoints or position. An argumentative paper requires the researcher to describe the problem at hand from two different views. When addressing the two sides, the writer must show a lack of bias and in-depth knowledge and understanding of both positions. Similarly, when presenting the two viewpoints, the writers also have to propose the pros and cons of both stands. After a critical presentation of the two sides, the researcher must end their argumentative type of paper by stating their position or preference. One point that can help readers to sway with your viewpoint is using logical facts and statistical data.

  1. A Cause and Effect Research Paper

As the name suggests, a cause and effect essay merely requires a researcher to address the causes and the effects of the subject. It means that these particular tasks must look at the situation at hand, break down the root causes, present the outcomes of these factors, and draw a conclusion. When writing these particular tasks, students must organize their ideas and thoughts accurately, adhere to the given formatting style, and include citations and references. The clear presentation of the organization of ideas will help the reader to pinpoint the “Why?” and “What?” These present the effects and causes, respectively. If there is no organization, then the cause and effect research essay may lose its central focus.
  1. A Survey Research Paper

A survey type may not be so common in high schools compared to graduate schools. It is because it entails the conduction of actual surveys. It is pretty standard in courses dealing with public health, psychology, sociology, and so on. When you are tackling a survey research paper, you will have to conduct a survey to gather data, analyze all the findings, and draw conclusions. Therefore, when you go to the field for the survey, ensure that you ask your respondents’ relevant questions to your topic.

  1. An Experimental Research Paper

Again, as the name suggests, an experimental type of paper will entail the investigator experimenting. When you write an experimental essay, the focus is on providing clear and comprehensive details about the experiment. However, a researcher has to go beyond describing the experimental case in detail. He or she also has to share the beneficial experience of conducting the experience and sum up by giving a practical or useful inference. It means that a researcher has to have excellent analytical skills to allow them to describe the experiment’s causation and its outcomes. Since writing an experimental paper is quite daunting and time-consuming, most students tend to hire research paper professionals from professional services such as

  1. A Problem-Solution Research Paper

You might have acquired a hint of what these tasks entail by looking at the name. Problem-solution types are tasks that are written by either students or scholars to help in attaining solutions for various problems. A researcher cannot achieve an effective solution without going back to the drawing board and researching what works and what resolution has been enacted. So, you will have to start by describing the problem if you have been assigned or are tackling a problem-solution research paper. Ensure you leave no stone unturned so that you know what solution works best. After that, propose various solutions and settle for the most viable one. Ensure you justify its effectiveness by proving how it works using valid proof or evidence.
  1. A Report Research Paper

Another type of essay/paper on this list is the report type. It is arguably one of the easiest types of papers to tackle compared to others. However, a significant number of students would argue otherwise. While writing a report paper, a researcher must go through all the current work on their event or topic. It merely means outlining all the job done on the item that you are discussing. It is this element of this task that makes most scholars argue it is most accessible. However, you do not stop at this. You will then have to inform your audience about the main facts of the theme. After that, you must use the information and make an excellent conclusion.


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