8 Advantages and Disadvantages DIY Air Conditioning Maintenance

September 28, 2021

Nowadays, almost all of us have an AC in our homes. Air conditioning has become a standard that your landlord or your flat has to offer, and that your house needs to offer in several rooms! However, with great air conditioning or cooling, comes great responsibility! If you’ve ever wondered about how to approach your AC on your own and without contacting a handyman – you’re exactly where you need to be! Here, we will focus on different advantages, as well as on the pros & cons of how to maintain the AC system. Keep on reading and see if you can fix it up or maintain it on your own.

8 Advantages and disadvantages DIY air conditioning maintenance

Top 4 Advantages

1. You are working on your preferred model

One advantage of DIY AC installation or maintenance, in general, is that you get to pick out the model that suits you. Go for a brand that you are familiar with, as well as something that you will know how to approach. You can always get a model that your family or friends have, making it easier to fix it up and ask for recommendations or solutions.

2. You save money

Being able to handle some tiny work by yourself is good for your budget and your wallet, especially if you have some level of experience when it comes to your gadgets. Luckily, you don’t have to be a mechanical engineer to wash the filters or know how to remove the dust from the device. If you have ever owned an air conditioner before, you will manage just fine.

3. Parts that are easy to replace

Did you know that filters, cables, pipes, insulation parts, as well as some tubes are super easy to remove? Simply read the instructions that come inside the box, or browse through some videos on YouTube to get the hang of it. Just by investing 5-10 minutes on the educational part, you will master it completely on your own.

4. You can take it up a notch

If you know how to repair electrical devices and you are handy around the home, no reason to contact professionals. Order the parts that you need and that are getting old or rusty, and get it going! If you are somewhat skilled you can also do some advanced repairs.

Top 4 disadvantages

1. It can be risky if you don’t have the needed tools

You must have an appropriate tool or tools when working with your air conditioning system. Make sure that you pay close attention to their mechanical parts and configuration before you start to ”poke around”. One wrong move could cause a lot of damage.

2. One wrong move can cost you

Speaking on wrong moves heads up since you might end up needing to purchase an entirely new AC if you mess something up. This would end up costing you more than just the initial call and payment of a handyman.

3. Watch out for the warranty

It’s clearly listed that every repair should be done by the professional service responsible for that item, or even professionals from the place where you’ve purchased your item. In case that you end up DIY’ing the fix-up on your own, you are losing the warranty.

4. Do not get hurt

It’s not easy to get to both units for people who live in a flat since they are often installed in a complex way. If you are on a higher floor you are risking falling down and hurting yourself. If you are scared or unsure of how to approach your AC, leave it to professionals.

FAQ about air conditioners

1. What should I do if one part is missing from my air conditioner?

Oftentimes we like to think that we can easily switch up & fix up one visible part of the AC that is missing, or which has been tampered with. You could change the furnace filter, work on clogged filters, clean out the debris and tighten a loose screw. If something is a lot more complex think twice. Make sure that the circuit is not running when playing with a faulty model.

2. Would an AC Tune-up help and is it worth it?

You should book a maintenance every year or so. The so-called ”tune up” or maintenance will do wonders for people who wish to keep their AC up and running. This service typically involves a thorough cleaning of the air conditioner compressor. Although not the most affordable approach or solution, it is more than worth it for a lot of people who wish to keep their AC with them & working properly for years to come.

3. Is it better to pay for the repair or replace it?

Modern air conditioners can last between 15-20 years, and older air conditioners last around 10-12 years. Their lifespan is quite impressive. This just shows you for how long you might need to book a skilled tech and keep on AC up and running. Heads up since some older parts for older or off-brand air conditioners might take a lot more of your time & money to fix, find and touch up. Be realistic and have realistic expectations when it comes to your tools.

Where to find the products you need and fix your air con?

So, do you think that it is time to replace or touch up your air conditioner? If you feel confident when it comes to your air conditioning skills and complete fixing, make sure that you check out On their site, you can find all the needed accessories, tools, brackets & clips, as well as the needed level of support or help with their skilled staff and customer service line. Both men and women will get the help they need. This site also has some other parts and items to offer, such as parts for refrigerators, car aircon, insulation tools, and plenty more!

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