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July 16, 2020

Water is an essential element of life. Off all the planets, life is only possible on earth because of its availability. This is why we refer to it as life and no life is possible without it. The question arises “Are we drinking it pure and right?” In streams and rivers water is highly toxic because of human actions and its natural salt components. Even from underground, it is toxic due to several chemicals absorbed by the soil and drained by industries. We need fresh and pure forms for human consumption containing essential minerals required by our body. Other than industries, we are also contaminating oceans, rivers, and lakes with plastic disposals. Plastic is one of the most alarming hazards to both us and marine animals.

Due to all these environmental hazards, drinking water has been greatly affected. Tap water seems clean apparently but the bacteria residing in it can damage our health. Many people think it is suitable because immediate causes do not appear. However, some people complain about stomach aches, bowel movements, and many other health issues that arise. Impurities are not visible to the naked eye. So we cannot judge the hazard we are going through. They can be accumulated in the body leading to kidney stones, gallbladder stones, stomach ulcers, and many other diseases. However, purified bottled water is free of such harm. It is very important not to just drink it but drink it right. One needs to make sure that it is purified and free of all impurities to avoid all these medical problems.

Tap versus bottled water

We do not realize that tap water contains harmful bacteria and pesticides. It is running in our taps is supplied from local sources, such as rivers and lakes without any filtration process. Industrial waste materials pollute these sources, even after local filtration, it remains contaminated with harmful bacteria and microorganisms which cannot be seen by the naked eye. When we drink it, it seems clean however many people complain about taste and odor. So it is high time to think and change our lifestyle by adopting a healthy lifestyle. Bottled water offers a quick beverage option. It’s easy to buy a cold bottle at the store or have home delivery by various company suppliers, it takes little effort to fetch a cold bottle from the fridge. You can also carry a bottle with you to class, the gym or in the car.

Outside of the convenience factor, one of the main reasons people choose bottles over tap water is the taste. Tap water has unpleasant taste and odor that leads to less water consumption and we feel fuller all the time. So When it comes to taste, one thing filtered it can offer is flavor and addition of essential nutrients like sodium chloride and magnesium.our body is deficient of these minerals due to inorganic food we are consuming. That’s why it very important to replenish our bodies by drinking pure mineralized water. Moreover, hard components are removed during filtration in the filtration process. Forced carbonation and adding electrolytes can make it taste better. It is more refreshing and we don’t feel fuller as it is light. It encourages you to drink more and stay hydrated whether it is summer or winter. Hydration is important, as medical professionals recommend we should drink 1 to 2 liters a day which makes 8 to 12 glasses. It’s a vital part of our life which cannot be compromised in any situation. Bottled water itself is generally safe to drink as it has no chances of contamination, easily approachable, and tasteful.

Stay home stay hydrated

Investing in high-quality water bottles can make you drink more and in the right amount effortlessly. Bottles can help us easily to track exactly how much we are drinking. Drinking water straight from the tap can be unpleasant or dangerous depending on the quality of it where you live. Filters absorb chemicals from it, making it both safe to drink and tasteful. Moreover, you can have home delivery which makes you less prone to various health hazards issues like the coronavirus nowadays. It is the safest way to drink healthy while staying at home. It is also cost-effective and easily purchasable. Health is a vital part of life which cannot be compromised in any condition. The best way is to stay home, drink bottled water, and stay healthy. Home delivery provides purified water at your homes. Check this out to find more information.

Water for your skin and hair

Our skin is the largest organ in the body which needs utmost care both regarding beauty and healthwise. Our body is made up of 60% of water which is used by various chemical reactions, metabolism, body structures, and perspiration. Drinking more of it is the secret to enhance one’s beauty. It is the key to prolong our youthful aura. It is best to consume enough water each day to have fresh, soft, and glowing skin. It acts as a fuel for the cooling system of our body, it keeps the temperature low by dehydration process and sweating, which can make the skin moisturized. It can replenish and hydrate the skin tissues, which can increase in skin’s elasticity However if the water is contaminated with harmful chemicals, it will have adverse effects on the body.

To make sure purity and cleanliness, bottled water home delivery service has made it more convenient than ever. One can get bottled water at doorstep anywhere anytime. The supply of it is as convenient as tap water. Most people boil tap water; this process is tiring and hectic. Moreover, after boiling it needs to be filtered or stained as a hard water particle appears in solid form. After all this hard work, the taste and color of it are sacrificed, and this is not as clean and pure as bottled water. With all the benefits, today bottled water is easy to get and use. Get benefit from delivery services today.

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