What is the easiest country to get dual citizenship?

October 23, 2021

Generally, people who work in other countries will always prefer getting citizenship in the country they work. Some may think that living in foreign countries will help them save a lot of money than living in their own country, while others may think of settling in foreign countries to have a peaceful retired life. Some countries may have a pleasing climate, and one might want to settle there to enjoy the climate. So the reason may vary for different people, but the motive is the same for all to get citizenship in both countries.

Getting dual citizenship will require a lot of formalities and approvals from various departments, so it will be a hectic task for you to get dual citizenship in some countries. But some countries allow people to get dual citizenship if the person has a clear history. So in this article, we have mentioned some countries that allow people to get dual citizenship with ease. Visit this website to know more about the citizenship details of various countries.

Advantages of having dual citizenship

If you prefer to travel a lot, then having two passports with you will help in critical situations but getting two passports requires dual citizenship. The most common way to get dual citizenship is through marriage, or people can even get citizenship if they have ancestry in that particular country. So getting a dual passport will not be a problem for people who have a family background.

But what can others do? Others should follow some basic procedures and the rules that a particular country follows to get citizenship. Having dual citizenship will help people face the political instability of the country they live in. Moreover, people with a dual passport will also have an option to invest in both countries accordingly. The options for survival will also increase. So if you do not have an idea of having dual citizenship, think about it because it may also show some way to earn money.

Top Countries To Get Dual Citizenship Easily

Getting dual citizenship in Ireland

As mentioned earlier, it is easy to get citizenship in Ireland if you have some family members or grandparents in that country. Getting citizenship in Ireland will allow people to live and work in EU and EEA countries, so most people who work in this country will have an idea of getting citizenship too. If you prefer to get citizenship in Ireland, you must stay there for 280 days in two years to become a tax resident.

As it is simple, people who work in this country will stay for the specified time and will apply for citizenship easily. If you have a grandparent or a family, you can easily get citizenship by applying to the foreign birth register.

Getting dual citizenship in Paraguay

Have you ever admired the lifestyle of South American’s? Then you must try living in Paraguay. It will be a great option for people who dream of living in South American culture. Getting dual citizenship will be easy in “Paraguay” as the government expects people to live a minimum period of three years, and during this time, people must stay for at least 183 days a year.

Some countries will expect you to have a huge amount as bank balance, but Paraguay expects people to have only 4000$ in a bank that belongs to Paraguay. If you can fulfil these two conditions, then you can automatically become a citizen of Paraguay.

Getting dual citizenship in Italy

As informed earlier, it is easy to get dual citizenship even in Italy if you have an Italy based family background; other than this, if your spouse is an Italian, then you can live there for three years and apply for citizenship. If you’re a citizen of a different country and born in Italy, and stayed there for 18 years, then it will be an easy task for you to get citizenship in Italy.

People who stay and live in the EU can apply for citizenship after staying in Italy for four years. Others can live in Italy for ten years and apply for citizenship. Another important factor that must be considered is character; people with a good contact certificate can easily get Italian citizenship.

Getting citizenship in the Dominican republic

As a citizen of the Dominican Republic, you can easily travel to all the commonwealth countries without applying for a visa. But getting citizenship in the Dominican Republic isn’t easy because you must pay some amount as processing fees. Even after paying the processing fees, you should invest a minimum of $100000 in the country. After paying all the fees and making some investments, there will be an interview and physical examination(medical checkup). If you’re good enough on all the tests, you can easily become a citizen of the Dominican Republic in one year.

Getting citizenship in Guatemala

Getting citizenship in Guatemala is not very expensive like some other countries, but they expect us to invest in Government shares before applying for citizenship. People who prefer to get citizenship must invest at least $50000 to be a Guatemala citizen. You have to stay in this country for a minimum period of 21 days in a year and 28 days in two years. Other than the basic things, people who prefer to be a citizen of Guatemala must have international health insurance and a clean criminal record to be a Guatemala citizen.

Final words

Hence in this article, we have seen some countries which provide dual citizenship easily. We have also seen the process for clearing the interview process easily. Anyone can get dual citizenship by following some basic discipline or living in the country where they wish to get citizenship.

Most people will apply for dual citizenship if they prefer to travel a lot, and it also helps people settle in the same country even after their retirement. As having dual citizenship is always an added advantage, so choose the preferred country and get dual citizenship if you prefer to live a peaceful retired life.

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