Is Aerial TV Better Than Cable – 2024 Comparison Guide

April 17, 2020

There definitely isn’t a better feeling than investing hundreds of dollars into a huge 4K, HDR TV and placing it in your living room. But, what is the point of having such a good television, if you have cable or some other service that provides you with sub-par quality channels? Non-HD content on a full HD TV looks bad, but non-HD content on a 4K TV is even worse. This is why it is so important to ensure that you subscribe to the right services to get the best possible image on your television.

Many companies will try to convince you that their cable will provide you with the highest possible quality of channels, but that is simply not true. The cable is cheap and convenient to install, but it comes with a small number of channels and the other ones are locked behind a paywall. You will need to pay couple dozen dollars every month if you want more content on your television.

Why should you settle for this kind of service? You are already paying for the cable, why would you need to pay again just for a couple of channels?

Fortunately, aerial TV is still a thing and very relevant. Not only will you save some money because you will be watching free TV, but you will also get much better quality. Although, you will only get a good image if you invest in the right equipment and if you calibrate the equipment properly.

To help you understand how aerial TV can be better than cable, here is a comparison guide for 2024.

What is cable TV?

To give you an understanding of the difference between these two services, first, we will have to explain what they are exactly and how they work.

This technology relies on VHF and UHF bands which can deliver television channels through coaxial cables. The signal is sent by the cable company and it travels throughout a certain location through underground utility lines or utility poles. Unfortunately, these cables are limited to how much information they can carry over from point A to point B which is exactly why the image is so poor in quality.

Another disadvantage is the fact that you must be near a utility pole or underground line that carries the signal otherwise installing this service into your home.

What is aerial TV?

Aerial TV or television antenna is one of the oldest ways of sending information. In the past, antennas were completely replaced by other ways of sending information and channels to TV, but today, modern antennas can pick up and relay much stronger signals. Today’s, aerials can intercept all kinds of radio waves and with the right television set that can amplify the signal, you can get crystal clear images on your TV. Today, many people still consider this as the best option for watching TV.

Differences between the two

You might be wondering why people are considering TV aerial to be the better or even the best choice out of all the other options available. Believe it or not, but there are a lot of advantages to using aerial compared to any other TV service.

Free TV

To put it simply, watching aerial TV is simply free. Of course, you will still have to pay for the antenna, the installation, and the receiver, but once you are done with those costs, you won’t have to pay a single dime in the future. Most channels that you received from companies are meant to be free. For example, Fox, NBC, CBS, ABC and many more are completely free and are broadcasted in the air for everyone to enjoy.

However, you will also get a lot of other channels that will provide high-quality images and movies. Looking at it this way, there really is no downside when going for this choice. Assuming that you have decided that it is time to transfer to aerial TV, you should check this out and get it installed as fast as possible.

Local channels

The problem with some cable companies is the fact that they never provide the local channels that you probably want to watch. There isn’t even a paywall you can break to get access to those local news, TV series or movies.

Fortunately, if you set up an antenna in your home, you can get access to all of those stuff for free.

Easy installation

If you do not feel comfortable working with hardware and technology then you should probably call an expert to set up your antenna on your home. However, you also have the choice of putting it up yourself which is always an advantage. With the right tools and a couple of hours of work, you will set up your TV in no time.

Services from companies do not allow you to install the equipment by yourself. You will have to pay for the installation and wait for the technicians to come when they are ready. While this might not sound the worst thing ever since the cost for these installations are just a couple of dollars, but it still takes up from your freedom.

Uncompressed signals

One of the biggest disadvantages of cable TV is the fact that they decompress the image of most of their content to ensure that their channels can reach everyone. The materials inside of the cables can endure only a certain amount of information and the only way of sending HD content is by decompressing it.

Why should you pay so much money just to get a decompressed image on your television? Broadcasted signals are not decompressed at all which means that the channels you intercept will be of the highest quality.

Sports channels

You will be glad to know that aerial TV will provide you with the highest amount of sports channels, unlike any other service. So, if you are a fan of sports, you should definitely consider this as your option.

Keep in mind, you will have to invest in a good antenna and other equipment if you want to experience all of these benefits we mentioned above. Once you have found the right equipment and you finished the installation, all that is left to relax and enjoy your high-definition channels on your TV.

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