DIY Outdoor Wedding Decor Ideas

April 16, 2020

If you have just got engaged, you know what the next step is, right? Planning the wedding and getting married. This is one of the most important milestones in everyone’s life, so it comes as no surprise that many people, especially girls, have been dreaming about this day since they were kids.

Depending on your personal preference, but also budget, you can opt for a big, fancy reception, or on the other hand, for something smaller with only your closest friends and family. Whatever you choose, organizing everything and planning this day can take a lot of your time. Because of this, we have created a list of ideas that you can make on your own. Why not turn this occasion into one big DIY project and save a lot of money on the way?

Wedding tent

Let’s start with the venue. We are going with the assumption that you want to get married in your backyard, so getting a tent might not be a bad idea, according to . Even if you are planning a wedding during spring or summer and have checked every weather forecast, rain can still surprise you and if you can’t hide from it, it is probably going to ruin everything.

Similarly, summer days can be very, very hot. If you want to get married during the day, instead of late afternoon or evening, renting this tent is the best thing you can do. Yes, yes, everyone loves summer but not everyone wants to spend the entire day sweating in their nice clothes.

Chair and table decoration

When it comes to organizing this type of event in your backyard, you have to work extra hard to ensure that everything looks perfect. Chairs and tables are the largest items meaning that they have to be decorated.

The general rule is that these have to be in accordance with the theme and general style of the wedding. If you want to go with something classic and traditional you can decorate the chair by wrapping simple ribbons around the backrest. If you want to be more fun, you can go with a few of these, all in different colors.

On the other hand, if you want to achieve that rustic look, you should go with wooden ones and transform them a bit so that they would look antique.

Make your own flower decoration

Flowers are an essential part of every wedding reception, don’t you agree? Not only does the bride carry a bouquet, but there is usually a small centerpiece on every table. The great thing about making everything on your own is that you have the chance to personalize everything.

You can go with simple mason jars and use them as a vase for your favorite flowers. You can paint them in one color or draw different shapes and patterns on them. You can also place this alongside the aisle. Furthermore, you can go with empty wine bottles. These are also great items that can be used as vases. You can hang them on trees or some other places, just make sure that they are secured.

Floating lights


Once again, we are going to give you a DIY idea that includes mason jars. There are numerous ways you can use these, so you might want to get as many as possible. All you need, besides these, are floating candles and water.

This is another decorative item that you can use for tables, especially during the evening. Trust us, these are going to create that romantic ambiance that every wedding needs. Plus, these are always a better choice to having to install different kinds of light all around the garden and being careful not to trip on wires and cable scattered around.

Paper lanterns

Using these is another way to light up the entire backyard, but unlike floating candles in mason jars, you can place these anywhere. You can hang them on the porch of your home or different trees or even tall bushes if you have any of these.

During the day, these will look like great additional decorative items, and when the sun goes down, you can light them up. When it comes to choosing them, the possibilities are endless. These come in different colors and sizes and shapes. You can go with the ones that completely match the overall theme of the wedding, or on the other hand, opt for something totally different that is going to enable you to have two wedding themes – one during the day and another one in the evening.

Add different kinds of signs

Even though we are talking about a backyard wedding, some people end up having a lot of guests. The whole point of this type of event is that everyone feels relaxed. However, people are bound to have questions like where they should sit, where the bar is, where the bride and groom sit and so on.

In order to try to avoid these, it might be necessary to add multiple signs all around the garden. Surely, you have seen pictures of these, and know what we are talking about. On some of them, you can write useful things like where the toilet is or where you are going to take the pictures. On the other note, you can write some love quotes on others and use them as decoration by placing them in different spots. Not only do these look great, but everyone is going to read them and probably take a picture of them.

Photo Booth

Another great thing about making, well, everything, is that you can even create a one-of-a-kind photo booth. Surely you want to have a lot of photos from your wedding, so why not make them a little bit more interesting. How, you wonder?

Well, you can use some old frames that have been lying around the house and hang them on trees. Then, your guests can make silly poses and take unique photos. There isn’t a person that doesn’t enjoy taking photos, and with this DIY idea, your guests are going to make the best ones ever.

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