Journey To Hell – Film Critique

July 26, 2022

Are you tired of Hollywood movies where you can guess the end at the beginning of the story? Or do repetitive stories distract you less and less from the cinema screen? Well, it’s time to change that and tickle your fat! You must have already heard, but here we remind you that the film directed by Timothy Chey Journey to Hell has its official premiere on July 29th! At first, it will be shown in certain cities of the States and later it will be available to everyone in the 50 states! You won’t have to wait and push in lines to see this performance, because it will be shown throughout the year.

At the beginning of the story

Timothy Chey has a very interesting, some would say even cruel, the idea to talk about hell, that is, the part of the Bible that people avoid talking about, whether out of fear or perhaps prejudices they have. In a country where the majority of the population is religious, where only a small percentage of those believe that the devil really exists, it takes guts to talk about this at all and not make a movie. However, the history and inspiration of the film lie in the highly acclaimed novel by John Bunyan, which is what the film I set out to achieve.

Due to the intriguing story, the film received numerous criticisms even before its release. Not only is the essence of the story completely different, the likes of which you have never seen before, but the effects and projection of the film, with the help of world sponsors, have reached their maximum. The film is therefore about hell. But what exceeded expectations is that it intertwines personalities from world history that we know about, and some have testified that they existed (like Hitler) with people from religious and mythical beings.

Some had the opportunity to watch this film, while for all of you who are eagerly waiting for July 29th, here is the introduction:

But what do fans say after watching the movie? They are the biggest critics. However, everyone is simply delighted with the characters, acting, soundtracks, effects, etc. The reason why many consider this film work to be a future trend in the world is that after the end, many people have different interpretations and understanding of the film. People like to be left wondering at the end and not sure what happened there. A movie that makes you think at the end. Since when haven’t we had that right?

We are sure that this work will be talked about for a long time, thoughts, ideas will be shared, what happened, who can see the road to hell… However, unlike the aforementioned novel, this film has a happy ending. The goal, as the director says, is to encourage people to think about another option, the opposite of paradise, to take account of their actions. If we all try to live life without many sins, then hell in the end would not be so terrible, but would be a reflection of our efforts, right?

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