5 Things You Can Do To Avoid Losing Money in the Stock Market

April 30, 2021

Making investments in the stock market is not something easy, as it seems. There are plenty of risk factors that affect the profit ratio. Furthermore, it is also possible that you might go into a loss despite all the analysis. Such things happen when luck is not on your side.

However, with proper analysis, you can reduce the chance of losing your hard-earned money. Therefore, you should get yourself familiar with the market. Analyze the trends from the past few months and keep a keen eye on the market performance. It is best to befriend someone from the stock market, but that person should be knowledgeable.

These things are of great help to you. However, that’s not everything. If you are a beginner, you should definitely read the beginner’s guide book. It will help you out with the basic knowledge of how things work. You can learn more about it at

This book will also help you out with risk management while working with stocks. So you will not only learn how to invest but also how to manage other things and make more money. Furthermore, here are some useful tips for you. If you follow them, you are less likely to make a loss.

1. Higher leverage involves higher charges

The approach of win and lose is already there. That if you make higher leverage, you are likely to win more. Likewise, a higher bet also involves higher risks and you might lose it all. However, most of you might not know that with the increasing leverage price, the fees of your broker also increases.

For example, you applied higher leverage through a broker but you went into loss. Although the broker will only charge according to the working time, but you will need him after the loss. After the losing game, you have to wait for the reverse situation. Thus, the broker will become your long-term partner.

Market change regularly. You bought the shares of a company that was likely to go up the next day. However, something happened overnight and the shares went down. Now you have to wait for the reverse situation. A sudden drop in the share price might reverse in no time. Or it might take a lot of time. Now, you cannot get rid of your broker. And you have to pay him his fees.

Therefore, it is best to play safely. Especially when you are new and you do not have much to lose. Otherwise, make smaller investments and learn steadily.

2. Make smaller and diverse investments

It is not safe to invest only in one group. There are always risk factors present in stock trading. The share value of a group can change overnight. That is why, if you are a beginner, you should especially be careful in this aspect. Investing all of your amount in one company will be a great risk. You might win a big shot or lose it all.

Therefore, the best gameplay is to play it safe. You can make investments in various companies and reduce the investment amount. However, this will also reduce your chances of earning more. But if you keep it steadily, you will eventually earn more than if you have invested your all in one company.

For example, you have $5000 and you make an investment in 5 companies. Thus, you will get benefits from all these 5 companies, if nothing goes wrong. Although the profit size will be less but you can increase it by keeping the same speed. And even if one or two companies go into loss, you won’t lose all your amount. The profit from the other ones will maintain the balance. Eventually, your invested amount will be there.

3. Do not wait for the right time

Although analyses are of great help and often bring huge profits but this market is volatile. You cannot time things to earn profit. If you think that a certain company was successful a year ago and it recently faced a crisis, so buying its stocks at a cheaper rate will be beneficial, it is not true at all. There is also a possibility that the company won’t rise again. So you will be making a losing bet.

Likewise, there are other situations too. So if a company goes down, some people wait for a further drop in the stock price. Thus, they miss the right opportunity to invest. Therefore, you cannot always depend upon these things as the timing does not always work in the stock market. It mainly depends upon your luck and the efforts that you make.

4. Never depends upon the past performance

Another common behavior that we observe among stock traders is dependence upon past performances. If a company performed really well last year, it does not mean that the same pattern will repeat. Although you cannot completely eliminate the performance of the company but completely depending upon it is also not sane.

Instead of that, you should do trading through stock fundamentals. Along with the performance of the company, the economical condition of your country and market situation also has an important role. Therefore, you should compare the valuation of stocks with the competitors. Thus, you will have a better idea of making the right investment.

5. Do not do trading emotionally

Your gut feeling might be strong for all your life. But if you do stock trading through emotions, you won’t be able to make more money. In addition to the 6th sense, that might be right sometimes, there are people who get themselves attached to companies. They will make their investment in the company irrespective of its market performance.

If you want money, this is not the right decision. If the company is not performing well, you have to take out your investment at the right time to prevent further loss. Otherwise, you might even lose your invested amount.

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