5 Low-Budget Projects to Boost Your Home’s Value – 2024 Guide

September 25, 2020

Boosting your house’s value can be quite a process. The results don’t come out of the blue, and you probably know it – a thing like this might require some pretty costly projects and major changes. The moment when we start thinking about searching for a new house and selling the old one is also the moment when we begin to consider all the ways we could get as much cash as possible for the property we’re selling. It’s clear as day that offering an object with a cracked facade, faulty roof and other minor flaws requires a higher level of renovation that might require several thousand dollars.

However, if your place of residence is in good condition, but you still think that it lacks a few sparks that’ll convince future buyers that it’s worth more, then low-budget tips and tricks are the solutions you’ve been waiting for.

Wanna hear five handy tips on how to get some more thousands this way? Say no more and follow our instructions.

Groom your backyard

The garden and the yard you’re maintaining are your mirrors – when you decide to take care of them, the rest of your household will always look lovely as well. This is the first place that buyers will see if one day they come with the intention to give a glance at your house and decide whether it’s a suitable new home for them. While it may seem that grooming activities in this area require special funding, this may not be the case at all. It’s enough to do everything in your power so that the lawn is always neat and mown, the trees pruned, and the other parts of the yard without too many unnecessary objects – and always clean, of course.

For an even more amazing ambience, you can find seeds for magnificent types of flowers or some good-looking bushes and make some space for it in your garden. Mandevillas, pentas, lovely daisies… they all need care, but rest assured that they’ll ‘pay you back’ by adorning your environment and living space at a quite affordable price. Let it be your oasis and your peaceful place – it’ll have the same effect on potential buyers someday.

Spruce up your bathroom

A bathroom is a place where a surprising number of DIY projects and activities can be done. Sometimes it isn’t even necessary to sweat fairly in order to add a special glow to it – it’s enough to ensure that it has what everyone’s looking for when it comes to this type of area. Of course, this doesn’t mean a complete renovation. (This is an article about options that don’t require you to rob a bank!)

What you can do can be based on minor, but significant changes, such as refining the floor tiles, additionally fixing the cabinets to avoid damage and their dysfunction, and of course, thorough cleaning. Adding new and functional things like new towels and towel bars, new cabinet handle colors, better quality faucets or showers according to the latest trends will be enough to make everything shine like a new pin.

Give some fresh breeze to your walls

Believe us when we say it – no one will be happy to see the walls that your three-year-old child scratched, scribbled with felt-tip pens or cracked wallpaper. Any irregularity on them is highly noticeable immediately after entering the room, just like their color, maintenance and matching with the furniture. In case you decide to save some money, you can paint the rooms yourself – the only thing you’ll have to pay for is the material.

The color of the furniture, the shade you choose and the structure of the wall must be taken into account here. Some people simply don’t have a sense of matching these details, but that’s why there are services like KPD Construction that deal with this type of counseling and are always available for more ideas related to redecoration or refurbishment.

Revive the furniture with neat shades

Of course, by this we don’t mean painting every part of your household with ten different colors. Moderation, as well as a sense of aesthetics, is a key factor here. The process might include certain pieces of furniture that may be scratched, faded, or simply dull in color. The same applies to this as to painting the walls – you can do everything yourself if you have the paint in the desired shade and a brush.

The kitchen can get ‘dolled up’ thanks to a new color of the cabinets that’ll match perfectly with other parts, and the shelves on the light wall can be ‘dressed’ in intense or cheerful color. You need a few meters of fabric and you can redesign your favorite armchair into a new, exciting color that’ll go perfectly with the carpet, sofa or wall color. Paint a wooden table, make a cute DIY lampshade in the color of the furniture… and enjoy the refreshment that all of these will bring.

Replenish the space with ceiling fans

What do you say – can you imagine your bedroom on a hot summer night with a beauty like this hanging from the ceiling? They usually seem expensive and luxurious in movies, but the truth is that you can find quite solid ceiling fans for as little as $50. In case the budget allows you to set aside more cash for this pleasure, it’s always a plus, but maybe in some situations it’s even better to buy several and install them in multiple rooms. It’d look absolutely amazing in the kitchen above the island, in your kids’ room or even in your study – despite the low price, the area will look richer and more elegant with this accessory.

Plus, not only does it look nice, but its function also adds significance to it. In case you don’t have air conditioning in the apartment, there’s simply no better option as such a device evenly cools the room in a natural way.

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