The Most Useful Kitchen Appliances

April 28, 2020

This article can be useful for two different groups of people. People that are starting to live alone would want to make some list of stuff they need for their new home. Despite that, it would be good for people that are working too much and we will explain why.

Anyway, we have noticed that people are not investing too much effort to make their kitchen effective. When you look closer, most people are more focused on their living room, bedroom, and bathroom. These are rooms where they spend most of their time. Because of that, they want to ensure comfort in these three rooms.

However, why we said that people that are working too much should read this article? Let’s imagine that you are a mom or dad of a child. You are spending around 8 hours a day at work. Also, you need around 1 hour to go and get back from work. Do we even need to say how tired you are? Despite that, do we need to say how sleepy you feel in the morning before going to work?

A kid needs food; you need food and different beverage to stay active. However, it is hard to find enough time to fully commit to cooking. Because of that, it would be good to have some kitchen appliances that will make kitchen work easier.

The list probably can be a lot longer. However, we will highlight the most important ones. Let’s find them out together.

French Press

Okay, we assume that coffee is something that we all need in the morning, right? A basic coffee maker can also be a good choice. However, French Press might be a better choice. It prepares coffee fast and you will have enough time to prepare breakfast for the entire family. There a guide on how to make coffee by using a French Press here. More precisely, you won’t be late for work.

However, this doesn’t mean that every type of coffee is good for the French press. This is a common mistake of the people. You can hear some of the saying that their coffee from the French press tastes strange. No, this appliance is not changing the taste; you picked the wrong coffee. Because of that, we recommend you visit MyFriendsCoffee and see which coffee is perfect for French Press. These types of coffee will make your mornings more wonderful.

Kitchen Shears

This is one more item that will reduce the time that you spend in the kitchen. The pair of kitchen shears is something you need to have. The good thing is that this item is multi-practical. You can use it for different tasks including trimming vegetables, cutting herbs, trimming parchment paper, etc.

Cast Iron Pans

Once again we are here to describe a multi-practical tool. However, this time, it is practical in a different way. You can cook almost everything in cast iron pans. Yet, we will use this opportunity to add some more items to the list. You can also get grill pans, muffin pans, dutch pans, etc. All these items are a great choice for every kitchen.

Yet, why we highlighted cast iron pans? The reason is – durability. Logically, you will have to treat it nicely and clean it well after you use it every time. Still, it is something that we would do anyway.

Milk Frother

If you’re like most people, you probably froth your milk on the stovetop or in a mug using a spoon. But what if you want to froth milk in the morning for coffee or tea? Or if you’re cooking pasta and want creamy sauce? A milk frother can make quick work of this chore.

There are electric models and manual ones. Electric models use batteries, while manual ones require a hand crank. They come with different types of blades, including flat and spiral blades, to create different textures and styles of foaming. Click here for some great models.

What to look for in a milk frother:

Some things to consider when buying a milk frother include how much foam it produces (smaller units produce more), how easy it is to use (manual Frothers are easier to operate than electric Frothers), whether it has multiple settings (to create different textures), and whether it comes with accessories (like a whisk).

Dutch Oven/French Oven

Well, a dutch oven is something that we should all have in our kitchens. But, before everything, do not get surprised if someone calls it a French oven. It is the same thing, but different people call it under a different name.

Anyway, the pots are made of heavy cast iron. Because of that, it gives the ability to heat up smoothly. These features make it great for cooking different types of food. However, there is one thing that makes it more different from other cast iron items. Their enameled surface is something that you won’t have the chance to find anywhere else.

You are probably wondering why this is so important feature. Well, you will spend less time cleaning it. Doesn’t this sound like something that will save your time a lot? Dishwashing is something that most of the people hate. Indeed, you can always get a dishwasher as well. Yet, not all people have the chance to afford that. Until you get one (we recommend you purchase it), using appliances that require short cleaning is something you need.

Air Fryer

Well, this is one small kitchen that can do you a huge favor. Unfortunately, many homeowners are not purchasing it for their kitchen. Anyway, this type of kitchen device uses heated air to cook things. The good thing is that you won’t have to get for an hour or two to prepare something. We know how this can be annoying for many people that came tired from work.

Anyway, there is one thing that we need to highlight about this item. It can produce a crispier finished product than other cooking methods. So, if you are willing to get something like that, we recommend you get this product asap.

Rice Cooker

This might be an even better choice for people that are taking care of their meals. This especially includes those that are actively going to the gym. Their meals are different from others and rice is one of the products they consume often.

Indeed, rice is one of the products that contain a lot of proteins. Yet, cooking rice can be quite a problem. If you are cooking it in a “classic” way, then the proteins that this product contains will disappear. Because of that, a rice cooker is a perfect choice. The rice won’t only keep its proteins, but it will also be tasty and adequately prepared.

Electric Grill

Okay, some people believe that an electric grill won’t ever replace the “casual” one. We won’t say this is not correct, however, it is a great alternative to the traditional ovens. Despite that, it is a great appliance for homes that have small kitchens. It doesn’t fulfill a lot of space at all.

Despite that, the good thing is that you won’t have to be a genius to understand how to use it. It is also truly easy for cleaning. Finally, it is good for grilling different types of food such as fish, meat, veggies, etc.

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