Living Room Furniture Arrangements With A Fireplace And TV

April 20, 2020

If you have a fireplace then the best thing you could do is arrange the furniture and TV to suit it best.

Trust us when we say it, owning a fireplace is quite possibly the best thing your home could have. It offers endless opportunities in terms of arranging since it is a very versatile addition to your home.

But it needs to be done properly to do it justice. Simply making it the focal point isn’t enough, and you have to do some brainstorming to get the most out of it.

Luckily for you, we have the best living room furniture arrangements with your fireplace and TV that will make all the sense in the world. We will include a number of layouts to give you more options, and each and every one of those layouts is carefully designed and calculated to meet your needs.

Without dwelling too much, let’s start.

1. Small Layouts

Not everyone lives in a mansion so this one is probably the one that most of you can relate to.

Having a smaller living room is nothing to be ashamed of, quite the contrary it is the best way for the fireplace to function properly and the easiest to style.

The smaller space might give you less room to maneuver when arranging the furniture but gives you endless options.

Since this article is about a fireplace and TV, then it goes without saying that they should be the focal point. As you would expect, the TV goes on top of the fireplace, meaning both should be pressed towards one of your living room walls.

A smaller room works best with a sofa, a coffee table, and two chairs. Arranging these can be done in multiple ways. We think that the best way would be to place the sofa and two chairs as opposed to one another, with the coffee table in between them. The fireplace should come to the left of the chairs and to the right of the sofa. As an added bonus, you could get a rug to go underneath.

2. Layouts for Different Setting

It wouldn’t be out of this world is the fireplace and TV aren’t placed on top of one another.

In some households, they like to keep them separated for different reasons. The obvious one is that the heat emitting from the fireplace can harm your TV.

So, it would be quite disappointing if we didn’t explore arrangement options in these situations.

We’ve seen dozens of articles saying that an attractive layout would be the have the TV on one side of the room, while the fireplace on the opposite. We think that this layout totally negates the reasons for owning a fireplace, since who owns a fireplace without wanting to look at it?

If we place the TV on the opposite wall, we’re not going to look at the fireplace, are we?

So, to solve this headache of a problem, we suggest placing the fireplace on the adjacent wall to the left or right of your TV set.

On the subject of TV’s, what kind of television set are you using? Are you on cable, paying for a streaming service, or aerial? It’s important to ask these questions as quality television is important to go along with your magnificent fireplace throughout the year.

For that matter, we suggest you go aerial as the options of channels are simply too huge to miss out on. If you have any problem with installation, then make sure to give a visit.

3. Layouts For Opposite Settings

We are going to completely contradict ourselves on this one, but for good reasons.

A lot of households have their fireplace and television placed on opposite ends of their living rooms. While we might not agree with it, it is still something that we have to cover.

One thing that this layout requires is a little bit more space to pull off. This means that smaller living rooms might not be suited for it.

But this layout isn’t all bad and there are ways to make it work. Unfortunately, neither fireplace nor TV can be the focal point at the same time, so you have to pick and choose which will get the attention.

Luckily for you, you can arrange all of your furniture in the middle of both, with neither sofas no chairs facing towards either wall. This means that the attention can be placed on either, depending on the needs.

This allows for some pretty excellent layouts which you can get creative with.

4. Layouts for Both Next to Each Other

If picking which to give attention is a harder task, then why not have them share the attention but instead of on top of each other, they will be placed next to each other.

You can get really creative with this one as you can arrange the furniture in multiple ways. The main thing to note here is that both will serve as the focal point, and you have to work around it. The entire décor, every chair, sofa, coffee table, and every other accessory has to revolve around them.

The most basic layout involves placing a sofa on the opposite side of the TV with the sofa facing it. You could then have the rest of the décor placed on both sides of the sofa, with the coffee table coming in the middle of it all.

This way, you have a full view of the fireplace and TV, as well as, a view of all the people that share the living room with you.

Decorating your living room to accommodate your fireplace and TV isn’t a hard task. Sure it requires you to have either as the focal point, but this only makes the furniture arranging an even easier task.

You can get really creative with some very strange layouts that ultimately work in accordance with both. The choice for modern décor, timeless, and vintage doesn’t impact the style or choice of arrangement.

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