How to Keep Your Relationship Strong and Healthy

April 28, 2020

Many people like to lie themselves that being single is a great thing. Indeed, we do not want to say that you need to be in a relationship always. If you had a bad experience after a long relationship, you truly need some sort of break. Yet, saying that being single is perfect is a big lie.

We are human beings which means that we are always in need of some positive emotions. More precisely, people that do not feel love are desperate and sad. That is probably one of the reasons why single people are repeating the same phrase. They do not want to accept that they are not satisfied in life.

Yet, every couple in the world sometimes has problems. These problems can be smaller or bigger, but they do exist. It would also be a lie that everything is going to be great in every moment when you are in a relationship. This maybe sounds tough, but it is something that we all need to accept.

Every relationship has ups and downs. If things sometimes look bad, that doesn’t mean the love between partners disappears. Still, the good thing is that all those things are solvable. There are a couple of ways how to keep your relationship strong and healthy.

Before we start with explanations, there is one thing that we need to say. All the suggestions that we give, you need to apply actively. This counts for both partners. If you are not ready to respect them, things in your relationship won’t change.

Now, let’s find them out together.

Always Be Tolerant, But…

Let’s imagine that you started to live with your partner. You are still not married, but you decided on this move because you want to be independent. Indeed, you probably have many common characteristics. However, finding a completely the same person as you is not possible. If you are looking for someone like that, your search won’t stop until the end of the world.

For example, you might have different habits or different ways of thinking about certain things. Well, all these things are normal and you need to talk about those differences.

However, you can’t require that your partner respects all your habits, opinions, etc. Some sort of balance has to exist. More precisely, many times you will have to show tolerance. This is the only way to avoid quarrels.

Yet, there is one thing that you need to do. It is also important that you be honest. Tell to your partner which things bother you. Explain to him or her why you do or don’t like certain things. Your partner should know very well these pieces of info. If you are hiding them, this means that you are not honest with yourself and your partner. This could lead to some major problems.

Don’t Argue Over Money

Younger couples do not have this sort of problem. Most of them are financed by their parents and things seem easier. Yet, couples that are independent and live alone can sometimes argue about this. Logically, this is one of the main reasons why people in marriage also have problems.

Anyway, keep in mind that money is nothing more than a piece of paper. Indeed, it allows you to do a lot of things. Still, people can be happy without them as well. You might both be nervous because you can’t travel a lot, buy certain things, etc. However, you should both find ways to enjoy without money. Besides, being together is enough to be happy. You can watch a movie at home, prepare dinner together, etc. All these things bring smiles to the faces of both of you.

Improve Mutual Trust

You and your partner need to believe each other. Logically, this is something that is improving over time. Yet, there are many ways how you can improve mutual trust to another level.

First of all, share all the secrets that you have with your partner. In this way, your partner will do the same because she/he knows that he/she can trust you. For instance, is there something that you hiding from everyone forever? Well, say that to your partner. Do not require that your partner does the same. Maybe he still feels unconfident. Yet, sooner or later, you will get the “same response”.

There is also one thing that we need to say to disappointed people. If you had a bad experience previously, that doesn’t mean you should hide your emotions. Logically, over time you will realize if that person is the real one. However, when you realize that, show how much you love her. There is nothing to hide. Loving someone is equally as wonderful as being loved. However, you won’t be loved if you do not show those emotions that you hiding deep inside of your heart. If you both show love, you will start trusting each other more.

Finally, there is one taboo thing that will improve the health of your relationship. Have you ever tried some “strange” things in sex? Are you willing to add something new to sex life? Well, some things are “strange” to society. However, many couples are doing them, but they are not talking about it. Experimenting in sex is a great way to improve mutual trust. You are getting one more secret that only two of you know. For instance, you can use bondage toys and make your sex more interesting. If you don’t have one, you can get them online by visiting a shop like This is probably a better way because many people feel uncomfortable to go and get these items in-person.

Set Goals Together

As we said, many things you can do together. You can cook, watch movies, go for a walk, etc. Yet, these activities are all usual and we suggest you go to another level. Our advice is to set some long-term goals together. They can be associated with any field of life. For instance, you two would want to graduate in the next two years together. Because of that, you will study together all the lessons that you have.

Despite that, you can also make some business goals. You can work together in the same workplace and save money to start your own business. After that, you can run it together and try to achieve some goals that you two established.

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