What Nobody Tells You About Moving House?

August 7, 2020

If you have ever moved in your life, then you know how hard and time consuming it is. However, if this is your first time, you are almost certainly unaware of everything that awaits you as you move from one home to another. Imagine it as moving your whole life from one place to another, because in practice it is just that. That is why it is not only physically difficult and demanding, but also very stressful on so many levels. You will often feel like you are losing control of the whole process, but don’t panic. So many people move successfully every day, so will you. You just have to have nerves of steel. In order for you to be better prepared and to make all this easier for you, we will tell you things that no one else has told you about moving.

The amount of stress will be huge

Probably no one will honestly tell you how much stress you will experience during the move. Like everything we have already finished, a man tends to forget reality and then, let’s say, a friend of yours will tell you that it is not so stressful and complicated, just because he forgot how it was for him. This will probably be one of the most stressful events in your life, especially if you are moving a big house and if you have children, because then everything becomes even more complicated. The feeling of discomfort will probably start as soon as you decide to take this step and will last until you finally move into a new home. What creates additional tension is that so many things depend on others, not on you, and there is nothing you can do about it. So when choosing relocation assistance, be it friends and family or professionals, be careful who you choose. Don’t let them hinder you more than help you.

It’s never early enough to start packing

Packing your whole life will take you a lot of time and you have to be very careful while doing it. It is by no means a job that you will finish in a day, and probably not in a week. So start packing as early as you can. Make a packing schedule. You can start weeks before the day of the moving to save yourself the extra stress and obligation as that day approaches. Pack things you rarely use first. Everything you use several times a year. Let’s say sports equipment, ski equipment, swimsuits and the like. Also, since most people move in the spring or summer, you can pack all your winter clothes right away. You won’t need it anyway, so it’s best to wait already packed. Last you will pack the things you will need until the last day in that house, such as dishes and the like. And don’t forget the fridge. Although you will need it, defrost it two to three days before moving, so that it has time to dry completely until transport.

Make arrangements with professionals at least a month in advance

Most likely, you will need the help of professionals, because you do not have enough people or vehicles to do everything yourself. That is why it is best to contact them at least a month in advance, as they are often booked months in advance. So that you don’t end up having to hire some unverified companies, as soon as you know the date, make an appointment right away with one of the respectable companies, like EasyPeasyRemovals. Only in that way you will be sure that the schedule will be followed, that they will not damage your belongings and that everything will be done as you previously agreed.

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Keep children and pets away

The scope of work is huge and you certainly don’t need children and pets so you have to take care of their safety and other things all the time. So, if at all possible, leave them with someone. Ask friends or family to look after them for at least one day while you move. And it would be best to do it for two or three days, until you fully equip your new home. In that way, you will spare yourself and them of additional agony.

Label everything properly

No one will remind you to do this very important task. Label all boxes and everything else. This is important for several reasons. First, label what is fragile. Then both you and the moving company that helps you know what to pay special attention to. Such items should be transported separately from others. And then label everything else. While this may seem like an unnecessary waste of time at the moment, it will be of great help to you later. You know exactly where everything is, if you need it urgently. Also, you will unpack much faster. So label everything and make a list. It will save you a lot of headaches.

Throw away everything unnecessary

People tend to keep a lot of unnecessary things. And when they move, then they can become extra emotional and save very useless things that they will never use, and now they will only be added to the growing number of things that need to be moved. So be realistic and throw away everything you don’t need. Think about the last time you used a certain thing. If you can’t remember it yourself, then it’s time to throw it away. Also, you don’t even have to throw everything away, but be humane and donate to charity. That way you will help someone and you will declutter.


If you are well organized, then this arduous process will not be as difficult as it could be. All you need to do is organize yourself well and start doing everything on time. Also consider disassembling the furniture so that it takes up less space in the vehicle. Or see if a moving company can do it for you. And lastly, keep composure.

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