Sports Betting 2024 – Top 10 Tips

February 24, 2020

Who in the world doesn’t love sports betting? If you’re reading this then chances are you need some help with your bets.

Well, don’t we all? Sports betting can be rather tricky, to say the least. With so many options to place a bet on teams spanning across dozens of sports, it can be rather hard to find the winning combination.

However, that’s why we’re here as experts to give you a few tips on how to make winning accumulators. Don’t go anywhere as we’ll be telling you the top 10 tips on how to sports bet in 2024.

1. Set an Objective

There is a saying that says only a very small percentage of sports bettors are actually making profits. It’s not hard to predict a few games. What’s hard is actually making huge profits.

Sports betting allows you to combine dozens of bets for your accumulator. However, the more teams you have on your Acca, the fewer chances you have of winning. But, the more games you play means the greater the rewards.

What you should do is set an objective of what you want. Do you want to win big? Or do you want to gradually make profits? The latter is easier to achieve, but it takes more time doing.

2. Learn The Basics

We mentioned that winning isn’t hard, but it can be very tricky. That doesn’t mean you should continue to be ignorant of the fact that you don’t understand the sport you’re betting on.

A lot of people simply follow the odds just to add games to their Acca. Don’t be ignorant and actually learn something about the sport before placing your hard-earned money.

3. Set a Budget

Excessive gambling can lead to a lot of problems in life. That’s why you’ll always see the “Gamble responsibly” sign everything you enter such an establishment.

And this is a very real problem that shouldn’t be ignored. Yeah, we all like to place a bet on the weekends just so we have something to do. However, you should always put aside a budget and never go overboard.

4. Be Selective

We also talked at how many options are presented to you whenever you want to bet of sports. From football to soccer, to the NBA, to baseball, hockey, and even eSports, the options are truly many.

This could be described as a downside to the hobby. How on earth would you make your mind of which sport to put your bet on if you have so many options?

This is why you need to stop for a second and determine which sport mostly appeal to you. Start following a particular sport and start following your favorite teams to get a better look at what you’re up against. There is nothing wrong with being selective.

5. Do It Online

The best thing about sports betting in 2024 is the fact that you can do it online.

The online world makes everything comfortable and convenient for us. That is exactly what you get in return for placing a bet online. While some people do prefer a nice walk to the bookies, others prefer to stay at home.

There are many pros and cons to each one, and each person is different when it comes to it. If you’re looking for an online sports betting website that also offers games of chance, then make sure to visit here.

6. Understand the Odds and Value

Odds are essentially the probability given to a team or a player to come on top in regards to a specific category or betting.

Value, on the other hand, in terms of sports betting, refers to the probability of an outcome and the odds given for that outcome.

For example, if a specific team odds that don’t really match the probability of that outcome, then you need to use that in your favor.

The only downside to understanding the value is that it takes an extreme knowledge of the particular sport and teams.

7. Learn a Few Strategies

While nothing guarantees you a successful outcome, it’s still important to know that you can follow a few strategies to increase the chance of a positive outcome.

When it comes to sports betting, there are tons of strategies that are quite simple and quite effective. While we won’t get into any specifics, we will mention that learning strategies give you the best possible chance of winning.

8. Odds & Lines

While this isn’t really a tip that neither helps you understand sports betting nor gives you an upper hand to win, it’s important to know the difference between odds & lines.

Different bookmakers offer different odds & lines. By taking a look around the competition, you will get a fairly good understanding of who offers you the best odds.

It might mean visiting a few websites and wasting an hour of your time, but the odds and lines can certainly add up and make a pretty hefty return.

9. Keep a Detailed Record

We cannot stress how important this one is. Namely, keeping a detailed record of all of your wagers and bets can put you in a good spot.

First off, by keeping a record you actually know how much money you’ve spent, and how much of that “investment” has paid off. We mentioned at the beginning of the article that bettors rarely make huge profits.

Also, we mentioned the importance of having a budget, and this helps you monitor and regulate your spending.

Also, by keeping a detailed record of each team and player you’ve placed a wager on, you actually have a pretty detailed look at how they’ve performed whenever you’ve played them.

10. Don’t Be Biased

The biggest tip we could give you is to eliminate all bias before making a bet. Everyone who’s into sports betting has a favorite team or player that loves to see wining.

This is where the bias really kicks in. Regardless of how much you like to see your team win, it’s important to be unbiased and determine the chances of success. If your team is up against a better team, then the chances for your team to lose are significantly bigger, despite you wanting to win.

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