The Benefits Of Buying Instagram Followers

February 17, 2021

Increasing the engagement of a brand and the way we interact with our audience is dramatically different in the 21st century. Technological advancements and the continued evolution of popular culture has influenced this fast-paced competitiveness in both the corporate and business sectors as they adapt to their surroundings and customer demands in today’s modern age.

Growth Of Social Media In Business

The development of social media has been astounding and is not something the corporate sector could ignore or dismiss for long. It has quite simply gotten too big to be cast aside and generates too much money for brands not to include it in their marketing and promotional strategies.

Social media of curse has many formats and each one has unique traits and functionality but a common thread between them all is the opportunity to be yourself, express individuality and share your thoughts, feelings, experiences and desires to a wider audience. This is a data goldmine for businesses. They no longer have to search and dig for people’s attention because of the browsing and swiping phenomenon this generation experiences on their smart technology. Gone are the days where discovering what people wanted or needed was a chore and took real graft to unearth because nowadays everyone is so forthcoming about their personal requirements and interests online it is easy for companies to utilise the information on social media.

Where Does Instagram Fit Into This?

Many apps and sites have emerged as a way of growing up in front of the world. Instagram started as a photo-sharing app but has evolved into so much more and is now a fundamental part of both business marketing and people’s everyday lives. The power of the platform helps to interact and understand our targeted audience and expand as a brand. To be a significant player on social media, especially a major business-boosting base such as Instagram, it is important to have a large number of followers to maximise potential. Using can assist greatly in raising your profile.

This cannot happen overnight and can take months, even years to build a solid follower base with significant support. The long, tedious process can be off-putting for some and is particularly frustrating for the less patient folk who want instant success and progression. This is why there has been a recent upsurge in buying followers on Instagram.

To Buy Or Not To Buy Followers?

Online services that sell Instagram followers have rapidly spread in recent years because for businesses, having a lot of Instagram followers is an efficient way to increase brand awareness and generate sales through mass exposure. Buying fake or real followers through third-party apps or sites is unethical to some whilst others put morality to one side and see it as a pure business transaction. There is no doubt that this is a debatable topic with many lucrative benefits but also some heavy consequences if it goes wrong. To make people more aware of all the pros and cons of the services of aid followers we have summarised and listed the highs and lows of the process below;

The Plus Points

Account Growth Spurts

  • Any Instagram account having relatively more followers is expected to have more organic growth. Consumers will often spot an account, notice a higher following, and choose to follow it solely on that basis. So the probability of more users connecting with you increases dramatically the more followers you gain.

Visibility Via Engagement

  • The brands that pop up on your newsfeed do not happen by accident. Instagram uses an algorithm to configure this through amongst other elements, the number of followers and engagement are amongst them. This means more engagement data sent to the algorithm, boosts your visibility the more followers you have so a large base increases likes and comments on your posts.

Endorsed Collaborations

  • Being an Influencer on social media can be hugely rewarding from a career, life and financial point of view. Accounts with high followers will attract paid collaborations on Instagram with big brands. The brand uses the influencers resources and popularity to push their services and products to a huge network of potential consumers.

Enhanced Influence

  • Having a blue tick next to your profile attracts a lot of consumers and it’s amazing the impact of becoming a verified business on Instagram can have. This is achieved through lies, engagements and followers, once again proving that numbers are key to success and credibility in the digital world as people judge brand authenticity on how many users follow you.

Instant Progress

  • There aren’t many things you can do that will give you the equivalent of a year’s success in a month, a month’s growth in just a week and even a week’s progress in a single day but that is the power of buying Instagram followers. The knock-on effect of this will be massive as higher numbers mean more connectivity which ultimately increases awareness of your business. The more you trend, the more people will flock to your website increasing hits and sales respectively.


  • Using traditional marketing methods can be expensive and will more often than not produce the same results. If it’s possible to avoid this it should be done. Buying followers is much cheaper, value for money and extremely cost-effective because you can budget your spending on the bulk offers companies offer to buy followers.

Get ‘Insta’ Famous

  • Instagram advertisement success can be judged on many different things. Don’t always rule everything by what it says on the bottom line. An appearance on the ‘Insta’ home page can do wonders for your business. Having your posts published here will see your followers soar through the skies and provide your page with real authenticity and established value recognised by the authority themselves.

Final Thoughts

When buying Instagram followers the power is in your hands. You can choose against it or make the most of it as long as you are at peace with the decision and ultimately it is right for your business. The strong engagement and a huge focus on building your brand benefit greatly from the extra followers. However, as always you should keep the cons at the forefront of your thinking if you have any doubts about the long-term success and if you can achieve it. Buying followers will be worthwhile for some but not all and you must decide which side your business falls on.

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