5 Ways to Know if Your Vape Juice has Gone Bad – 2024 Guide

November 13, 2021

Many of us have heard about vape juice, but there are some people who do not know what it is made of and whether it will expire or not. Because of that, a few people that use vape juice can not tell if the vape juice has gone bad. Realizing the seriousness of this issue, we have carefully curated this guide. Below we will give brief information about vape juice and some ways to determine if the solution has deteriorated.

Introduction To Vape Juice

In general, vape juice or E-juice is the liquid utilized in vaporizers to produce vapor. It is available in a wide range of flavors with different nicotine levels. Some of them do not even have any nicotine as well. Typical ingredients used in preparing E-juice are propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerin (VG), food-grade flavors, water, and nicotine (optional).

In order to spread the flavor, Propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) is necessary with nicotine throughout the juice. In short, the vape juice or E-juice primarily consists of 90% PG or VG. The remaining 10% at the bottom of the bottle is food-grade colorings or mixed with nicotine.

Propylene Glycol (PG) is a slim and clear fluid that assists the solution to mix well together. The Vegetable Glycerol (VG) is a thick and a little sweet liquid that develops the vapor. The nicotine is an active element that fulfills your cravings, and lastly, the flavors will give a distinct taste to the solution. If you want to know more about different types of vape juice flavors and would like to check the sample bottle, make sure to open Here, you can also get other details such as the type of nicotine used, nicotine level, and many more.

Top 5 Ways To Tell If The Vape Juice Is Degraded

It is not safe to use vape, which has gone bad, and sometimes the consequences can become deadly. Because of that, you must examine if the vape is in a decent condition to be consumed or not. Hence, we will explain some ways which will help you determine whether the E-juice has deteriorated.

Check The Expiry Date

The first and foremost thing to do is to check the expiry date of the E-juice. If it shows that the juice is expired, it is better not to use it again. Even before its expiry, the flavor might become stale because of lesser decay. It may indicate the overall quality of the bottom VG, and the flavors have contaminated a little or become separated.

Keep in mind that vape juices have different shelf lives because of the levels of VG and PG. On average, they can remain good for around two years if kept at room temperature. A new E-juice bottle can actually last for about a minimum of 3 months in a favorable indoor environment. In proper indoor surroundings, they can be in a safe condition for around a year or more.

Though some people use stale liquid, it can be slightly severe and less enjoyable than a new juice. Besides that, flavorings give a different taste to the vape juice, and what’s the point of vaping if you utilize the juice whose flavor can not be tasted? Sometimes the bottles may not have any expiry date, which happens due to the absence of BMA and FDA accreditation. In that case, you can use the following ways to check if it has gone bad or not.

Look At The Color

Nicotine oxidation is an entirely natural procedure of vape juice that nobody can stop. It happens when the particles of the nicotine get in touch with the oxygen in the surrounding air. If you start utilizing a specific flavor, you can observe a slight color change. If the solution’s color changed only a bit, you do not have to be concerned. However, if there is a sudden and intense change in the color of the liquid, do not use it. It is because high oxidation may happen in the liquid.

Change In Thickness

When the E-liquid gets old, it tends to enhance its thickness. In comparison, VG is slightly thicker than PG. However, you have to know that vape is not mixed thickly. Though there are some thick vape liquids, they contain viscous oil. But, they do not seem to have much thickness. If the solution is more thicker than when you first purchased it, it is best not to use it. It is because liquid viscosity is a massive component of vape fluid quality.

Check Its Smell And Taste

If the vape solution has gone bad, you can know it by its taste and smell as well. In general, when the E-liquids are degraded, they will release a bad odor, which is one easiest way to determine the condition of the solution. It is because new bottles of vape usually have a refreshing and flavorful smell, so if it stinks, it means that the solution should no longer be used.

As for the taste, the rotten E-liquids will not have a pleasant taste. If you suspect whether the vape solution is bad, it is better to taste only a little. Make sure to never use excessive amounts of liquid for checking the taste.


Another way to determine whether the vape solution has gone bad is to check the storage conditions. For instance, if the bottle has been stored in a warm place or near the areas where indirect sunlight gets, the vape liquid may go bad quickly. Hence, if you acquire a new bottle of E-liquid, then it is best to store it in a dark and cool place that will not receive sunlight either directly or indirectly.

Bottom Line

At last, after much experience and recalling the learned information, we have included all the possible ways you can use to determine if the vape liquid has gone bad. Make sure to try these things if you want to know if an old E-liquid solution can be used again.

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