15 Ways McDonald’s Included Local Delicacies in their Menu

March 5, 2020

Being the second-largest fast-food chain in the globe in terms of the number of locations, McDonald’s is pretty much everywhere. And since fast-food chains have to appeal to the local palate to entice their market, it’s not uncommon for McDonald’s to offer regional and country-based menu items.

Such menu items may not exactly be something new or completely unique for the regions they’re offered to but for the rest of the world, they very much are. Pricing-website PriceListo shows McDonald’s menus for over 35 countries. So if you’re interested in what the McDonald’s in other countries offer, we’ve rounded up 15 local delicacies that they adapted to their menu.

1. The McLobster

Another menu item that can feel a bit out of place at McDonald’s is the McLobster. It was only really made available in regions where lobsters are abundant so it’s a rather rare menu item.

2. The Bacon Roll

Available in the UK, the Bacon Roll is a very simple dish. It’s just a bread roll with some slices of bacon in it. Some sauces are added and that’s it. It might not be as grand as the others but it gets the job done and fills tummies so it works.

3. The Chicken McDo with McSpaghetti

Combo meals are widely offered by fast-food chains for convenience and value. They’re often created from the popular pairings made by customers. In the Philippines, however, eating spaghetti with fried chicken is a common thing to do so McDonald’s decided to put it together as a meal. McSpaghetti is also unique to the country.

4. The McMollettes

Available as a breakfast menu item in Mexico, the McMollettes is the local version of the McMuffin. It features an English muffin with cheese, refried beans, and salsa on top.

5. The Poutine

With poutine being one of the most popular Canadian delicacies, it’s impossible for McDonald’s to not include it in their Canadian menu. With how popular poutines are in the said country it’s going to be more surprising if the fast-food giant didn’t add a version of it to their offerings.

6. Empanada de Queso

Since Empanadas are also very popular snacks in Latin countries, McDonald’s just had to offer it as well. Their cheesy empanadas became available in Chile and offered a sumptuous snack that features a fried dough with cheese that melts in your mouth.

7. Sweety con Nutella

There’s no doubt about how much of a hit Nutella is in many parts of the globe so you can just imagine how big it is in the country where it was made. So as a celebration of this delectable spread, McDonald’s in Italy added a sandwich that only features this very item. It’s a major hit and is available all day long in stores.

8. The BigSpicy Paneer Wrap

Incorporating the popular paneer or cheese curd to the Indian Menu is the BigSpicy Paneer Wrap. This sandwich is packed with flavor as also contains quite a lot of herbs and spices.

9. The Curry Sauce Chicken Nugget Dip

Unique to Singapore, the Curry Sauce Chicken Nugget Dip is a very popular item in the state nation that McDonald’s had to make an announcement that they’ll only give one packet for every order as its supply is rather limited. It has a secret recipe and is deemed to be one of the best tips offered by the chain.

10. The McCurry Pan

Made for the Indian market, the McCurry Pan is a baked dish that features curried veggies on a bread crust. It’s one of the very first vegetarian offerings of McDonald’s but you can also order it with chicken.

11. The McNoodles

Many would think that the McNoodles is a part of some Asian country’s McDonald’s menu since noodles are very popular in the said continent but that’s not really the case. It’s actually a part of McDonald’s Austria’s Asian menu and it features Thai-inspired flavors.

12. The McCurryWurst


Whoever said that McDonald’s doesn’t take risks will be proven wrong by the McCurryWurst. While this dish is rather simple as it only really added some curry flavoring to bratwurst, it’s still a leap of faith as the item is offered in Germany. Bratwurst may be a local delicacy but curry isn’t.

13. The Pineapple and Coconut Loaf

A sweet but filling treat available in Austria, the Pineapple and Coconut Loaf is just one of the many different options available if you want a nice snack or a heavy dessert to help you complete your meal. It’s often served with butter.

14. The Cadbury Egg Creme McFlurry

As its name suggests, this McFlurry variety features the Cadbury Egg Creme which is a popular sweet in the UK. It’s also available in Canada and Australia.

15. The Spinach and Parmesan Nuggets

The Spinach and Parmesan Nuggets of McDonald’s Italy may not seem like the most Italian treat there is but it’s actually quite tasty. It’s very rich in flavor and the crunch of the breading adds more fun in its consumption, so we might actually be missing out for not having this menu item in the US.

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