Best Things to Do in Miami (Florida) in 2024

August 14, 2020

People around the world have different mentalities, cultures, and interests. However, there is one thing that we all like. It is hard to find a person that won’t use the holiday to travel to different destinations. Unfortunately, lack of money and time don’t allow us to travel whenever we want. Because of that, it is crucial to pick the right destination where we will have some memorable moments.

Miami is one of the most popular destinations for tourists. Believe it or not, only in 2018, 23 million tourists visited that amazing destination. However, as we said, people are careful when choosing the destination for traveling. Because of that, we would like to give you some guidelines. There are many things you can do and see in Miami, Florida.

Before Everything, Prepare Yourself for Everything

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Planning a memorable trip is not as easy as you might think. There are many things you need to take care of before coming to this place. For instance, you need to find the best possible hotel where you will stay. Despite that, you also need to calculate which type of transportation will be the best for you. If you need to take a plane ticket, then you need to discover how to find the best offer. In the end, you should also check the best things to do in Miami. Fortunately, the answer to that question you can find in this article.

On the other hand, you should also prepare yourself for bad situations. We truly hope that nothing like that is going to happen. Our goal is not to be negative; we only want to give you all the necessary information. For instance, if you go by car, you might participate in a car accident. Streets in Miami are full of people and different vehicles. Because of that, car accidents happen all the time. If something like that happens, the best thing would be to find a good car accident attorney.

The majority of people don’t know how to react in those moments. Luckily, analyzed that subject a bit more. There you can find all the important pieces of information that will guide you through the entire process.

Anyway, after we explained everything, it is the right moment to get to the point. Let’s find out together the best things to do in Miami, Florida.

Visiting Miami Beach

Spending a couple of days on a sandy beach with the sun shining is something we all want. Fortunately, Miami Beach will make your wishes turn into reality. That area is the legendary part of the entire region.

Yet, you should know that, technically, Miami Beach is outside of the town. It is located on the island near the town. Despite that, we need to say that entertainment on the beaches is not the only thing you can find. Our recommendation is to visit the Art Deco district as well. There you will manage to see some of the most beautiful buildings in the world.

Research the Jungle Island

The second place on the list goes to the most popular attraction in the town. The older generations probably know it under the name Parrot Jungle. However, the locals change the name of the jungle. It is located on Watson Island and you won’t need to travel a lot to reach it. It is close to Downtown Miami and South Beach. The place is perfect for the adventurous type of people.

Explore Bayside Marketplace

Purchasing different items in Miami is one of the goals that all tourists have. The item they buy serves as some sort of memory that they will keep for a long period. Fortunately, you will manage to find a huge number of shops at the Bayside Market. Despite that, after a long day, you will get the opportunity to relax in many restaurants and cafes that offer different foods and beverages.

Entertainment is another thing that you will find along Miami’s waterfront. Many locals will invest a lot of effort to bring more fun to your trip. Because of that, they often organize daily live music and create a lively atmosphere.

Go To Zoo Miami

Animal lovers will also get the chance to find their peace. Zoo Miami is truly an entertaining place that will give you the sensation of exploring a real safari. There are two characteristics that we need to highlight. You will enjoy endangered wildlife up close with a cage-free environment and open-air exhibits. Interacting with animals can be extremely interesting for younger generations and kids. Because of that, if you plan to travel with your family, we recommend you visit this place. You can also enjoy different activities such as camel riding.

Visit the Miami Science Museum

Entertainment and science can sometimes go together. A good proof of that is the Miami Science Museum that is one more “must-visit” place. You will manage to find a big number of hands-on displays and interactive exhibits. The museum covers different scientific fields such as chemistry, biology, and physics.

Believe it or not, the museum welcomes visitors for more than 70 years. You can imagine how many people went there for that period. However, it seems that more and more people are coming each year.

Go to the Everglades National Park

Indeed, you will need to have a short drive from Miami to come to this place. However, be sure that the small trip will pay off in the end. You will manage to see 1.5 million acres of a swamp that lands crocodiles, snakes, and alligators. We know that some people are afraid of these three species. Yet, going to Everglades National Park will be the most interesting way to defeat your fears.

For the end – Visit Freedom Tower

Going to Miami and not visiting the Freedom Tower would be a big mistake. Believe it or not, the tower was built in 1925. It is a tribute to Cuban immigrations and it is one of the oldest skyscrapers in the US. Despite that, the building was also a Miami Daily News heard office for a long period.

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