5 Ways to Boost Your Confidence around Women

April 15, 2020

We all tend to be happy in life, don’t we? However, what brings happiness and joy to our life the most? Is it money that we make thanks to the knowledge and skills that we have? Indeed, the money will make our life easier and it will allow us to do things that make us happy. Yet, all these material things become boring sooner or later. However, a “thing” that never becomes boring is love.

Go down the street and check the young couples that are walking around. You will see that they are all smiling. Most of them are smiling without any special reason. The only reason why they do that is happiness.

Yet, finding a love partner can sometimes be quite tough. Many difficulties can prevent us from doing that. It might happen that we were previously disappointed in love because of the bad experience that we had in a relationship. This kind of scenario definitely can reduce our confidence. Despite that, some people had a problem with a lack of confidence around women from an early age. They were rejected many times and they start to feel useless because of that.

Well, the good news for both types of people is that solution does exist. However, you need to practice it actively. Sooner or later, the results will come.

Let’s find them out together.

Don’t Put Yourself under Pressure

This is the first step that you need to go through. The pressure that unconfident people feel is huge. They are afraid not to be rejected once again. Even if they boost their flirting skills, the lack of confidence can ruin everything. That’s why you need to stop doing that.

What if a lady tells you “no”? It is not the end of the world. Most of the men are rejected many times until they found their soul mate. However, a lot of them are also hiding. We know that stories that you hear from other men make you feel even more afraid to start a conversation with a woman. Still, in most cases, the stories they tell are fairy tales.

If the lady rejects you, don’t worry; another one won’t. You will meet her sooner or later. Still, you can’t stop looking. Those are the rules that you have to respect.

Boost Your Body

Going to the gym or exercising at home is good for several reasons. Logically, the first one is to boost your health. However, the second one is the boost of confidence. First of all, you will look more attractive to women if you are fit. Still, even that won’t guarantee you success. If your confidence is on the low level, they will reject you as well.

Anyway, when women start noticing you, you will start to feel more valuable. We know that you somehow feel “useless” because not many women notice you. This especially counts if there are friends around you that have more success around women. Still, this will stop if you improve your physical appearance. Don’t just count on the muscles that you have. We strongly recommend that you “dress for success”. Try to look nice at every moment. Places like cafes, clubs, pubs, and restaurants are a perfect place to find a girlfriend.

Improve Your Communication Skills

Communication skills are a way to show that you are confident. However, practicing communication is not as easy as you might think. For example, you can sit home and imagine that you are talking with a woman that you like. Still, the confidence that you had at home will probably disappear when you meet a woman you like in person. That makes this method wrong.

Instead, there is something else you should do. We suggest you talk with 1 stranger each day. It does not need to be an attractive lady; it can be everyone. This method will help you boost your communication skills. Yet, that’s not it. It will also put in your subconscious that talking with other people is not something dangerous.

Despite that, you also need practice moves that you will make while talking. Body language (non-verbal communication) is extremely important. Imagine that you are moving your hands like crazy or avoiding eye-contact all the time while talking with a lady. She will notice that you are not confident enough and that might be something she would not like. Your chest and shoulders need to be puffed out all the time. Despite that, you need to hold your head up high as well. In this way, you will feel powerful and women will like the way you talk more.

Improve Your Flirting Skills

Well, this is the next thing that you need to do after improving your communication skills. It doesn’t matter how much you talk and how you talk. Women like when men are interesting while talking. This is a scenario that you can see quite often. Men puff out their chest and shoulder, hold their head up, and when they come to the lady in a club, they say something not so good. Even if you are the most handsome person in the world, a woman will reject you if your flirting is bad.

There are many ways to boost your flirting skills. First of all, you can start reading books associated with this subject. There you can see some ways to become more interesting while flirting. Despite that, you can also use dating sites to practice flirting every single day. If you do that actively and apply all the previous pieces of advice, the things are going to change.

Try Being in Women’s Company

Well, this would be a great thing to do. You don’t even need to try to impress those ladies around you. It is necessary to talk with them. If you actively have a conversation with women, it won’t a problem to start talking with one that you even don’t know.

The things can be even better if you use one helpful method. We recommend you ask for an escort service or check out escort profiles on escort agencies’ websites. In this way, you will have the chance to be in a women’s company. Besides that, all those women will be strangers to you. It would be a good way to see if the previous exercises influenced your confidence. Because of that, we recommend you visit and pick the ladies that you like the most. You can choose between different ages, look, education, etc.

So, are you ready to find a girlfriend?

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