5 Benefits of Corporate and Office Digital Signage for the Workplace

December 8, 2020

Marketing makes the world go round, and when we mention marketing, the first thing that comes up on our mind are signs, billboards and other common methods of advertisement that we see on a daily basis. Just take a walk around your city and you’ll immediately notice these things, and then the question comes up: “How much money people spend on these?” The answer is, a lot. But when it comes to efficiency, are static signs and billboards the most effective way to advertise things in 2024? Not really.

Today we’re talking about digital signage, the next step in marketing. If you have your own workplace and you’re looking to make it better, these will definitely help out a ton. Let’s take a look at all the benefits, as well as how the entire concept works.

1. A sign you’re following the latest trends in technology

If you are the owner or the manager of an IT company for example, you need to keep up with technology as a good sign of leadership and presence in that sphere. It’s not really “representative” for an IT company to be falling behind in terms of technology trends. You need to motivate your customers to invest in the latest gadgets, and you can do this by showing them how useful new technology can be. A great way to do this is by using digital signage yourself.

Now in terms of efficiency and convenience, there are tons of benefits if you end up making the upgrade. The first one is giving something to people to do while they’re waiting, or actually, drastically reducing their waiting time by presenting a useful information about the queue, product availability and a lot more.

2. You’re providing things to do for people while they’re waiting

Customers can help themselves without asking for support from your receptionists, thanks to digital signage technology. Let’s say you’re waiting in a bank. Instead of asking others or the receptionists who you are in line, you can directly view your number on an interactive digital sign. If the technology is set up properly it can work flawlessly, eliminating the need for one or more people working in the bank as a queue control.

Another example is people waiting in front of a corporate hall. They can browse or view your services while they’re waiting, learning more about your business, how you work, what your policy is and a lot more. In case you’re wondering how these digital signs work, you can take a look at a few examples on this page. Communication is really important in every business, and the best thing about digital signage technology is that using it properly directly impacts the communication between you and your customers, of course in a very positive manner.

3. More efficiency due to moving slides

The nightmare of every graphic designer is having to compromise the simplicity, convenience, and slickness of their design because there’s not enough space on the billboard or the sign. Well, that’s no longer the case because we have digital signage, the technology that’s going to save the day. You see, you can have an entire presentation on a digital sign separated in different parts, or should we say slides. One for the main design and product promotion, one for the information section, one for the pricing, and so on. This is not really possible on an old static sign, billboard or advertisement panel. You’d have to clutter the entire thing in order to display all that, and that’s never a good thing if you’re looking to attract customers.

4. Can be an interactive experience

The absolutely best thing about digital signage is that all this can be an interactive experience for the nearby customers, or those working, waiting or simply visiting your workplace. Depending on what type of technology you’re using, customers can connect to the sign via their smartphones, and they can interact with it personally. For many, this is an unrealistic experience and it usually leaves them with a story to tell, which is exactly what you want to achieve with your marketing methods.

There are numerous examples on the internet when it comes to interactive digital signs, but one that really impressed us is the “Look at me” sign meant to spread awareness for Women’s Aid. That one also won a few awards for a creative design.

5. Useful information for less “clustering” in your work area

No matter where you work if it’s a place where a lot of people are visiting to either purchase a product or a service, you can benefit a lot from digital signage. In most urban cities, they are already used as a way to inform the visitors and the overall population about certain things, places, locations and a lot more. In the future, we’ll most-likely have digital signs informing us about the traffic state on the roads a few kilometers in front of us etc…

In supermarkets, instead of people having to spend their time waiting in line just to ask if a certain product is available in the storage room or not, they can interact with a digital signature in order to get this information, furtherly eliminating any clustering that may happen.


As you can see, digital signage is the next step in the world of advertising, branding, marketing or simply organizing your work area. It has tons of benefits and it really is the “next big thing” people are not yet aware of. There’s nothing wrong with keeping your workplace “old-school” and using neon signs or simple banners, but if you really want to keep up with the futurism, this is how you should do it.

Investing in digital signage is a great idea even for smaller businesses, and if you want to place them outside of your workplace that’s an option as well due to the tempered glass models available for purchase. We hope our guide helped you understand the concept behind digital signage and we wish you the best of luck with your purchase in the future.

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