Is Trash Talking Possible at Online Poker?

December 4, 2020

Trash-talkers have always been part of the gambling scene. Malicious insults and sarcastic comments are much more than just venting frustration – it’s well-thought-out tactic to get into the head of a certain player, or all of them. Even though every gambler knows that this is a nasty strategy to get them tilting they still sometimes fall for it. It’s hard to blame them since there are some really trash-talk artists sitting at the table waiting for their opponents to start fuming. Let’s see how effective is it and how to guard yourself against provocations.

Live Vs. Online Casinos


The first question that comes to mind is whether or not trash talking is allowed during the game. The answer would be – it depends on if you’re playing online or in a traditional casino.

When playing in a casino where you can see others face-to-face it’s very rare that someone is talking at all, let alone bad-mouthing anyone. This is where the term “poker face” comes from – everyone is focused on the game, showing no emotions and keeping their mouths shut. Especially if you’re playing at the high stakes table, there is usually absolute silence. There are two possible reasons for this. First, it’s disrespectful to talk trash about other people at all, particularly in their face and you stand a good chance of being removed from the casino completely. Second, many big mouths are not that brave in real life but rather keep to themselves and just play quietly.

Online casinos are a totally different story. Being that the players can’t see each other it usually gives a boost to trash talkers to release the fury. Some tend to lose control turning bad-mouthing to shake up the self-esteem of other players to just pointless insults. Don’t get carried away. Even though you’re playing online, there are still live people on the other side who might have an unwanted reaction. You cannot even see if your smacking has any effect on them or not. Check out Uusimmatkasinot to get into some of the best online casinos and see first-hand how trash-talkers do it.


There is a fine line between being a trash-talker in poker and just plain rude. If you’re going to do it, make sure to do it with class. Getting the opponents to question their move is the reaction you should be looking for, not to get into a fight with someone, regardless of being online. Some people are really interrupting the game by being annoying all the time – Sponge Bob level. Don’t be that one person nobody wants to play with. Be funny, classy, and do it for a certain goal in mind.

Does the trash talk work?

The most truthful answer would be – sometimes. Here’s the dynamic of the smack talk. If you’re playing online you are bound to come across trash talker sooner or later which is why many players started shutting off chat while playing. The only goal is to disrupt the play of others so that they get intimidated or make some sudden, and usually foolish moves, in order to lose money. That’s it – it’s all about the money. In inexperienced players, this can create a lack of confidence to where they would make decisions in a rush that make no sense. In a peaceful environment, everyone can concentrate and wage their next move, but when someone brings chaos in the game, the less experienced ones are the first to empty their bank accounts.

However, sometimes the plan backfires. Trash-talkers have a propensity to fly off the handle easily and expedite their own downfall just as quickly. Bad-mouthing someone takes planning and focus. At the same time, they need to focus on their cards too and figure out their next move. All the while they type up a storm of insults while monitoring the backlash. This is a complicated and exhausting task, so sometimes it happens that trash-talkers actually lose sight of their play and make the dumbest move of all. The next thing you see is that the player left the table. Good riddance.

When is trash-talking acceptable?


It’s a good strategy if done within some boundaries. In some instances, talking smack can be even fun and interesting to others and the player will be accepted as the harmless clown or as a great strategist. For example, talking trash after a bad beat is quite normal, particularly if you just lost a large sum of money. Others will totally understand how you feel and no one will say a word. Everyone does it, some are typing it in the chat box, while others leave the table and smack talk around the house. It’s impossible to stay calm when an opportunity to win some big cash slips through your fingers.

Gloating, spiced up with some smack talk is totally normal when an underdog wins against the best player. It’s also expected from an outsider who was on the verge to lose everything and suddenly he beat the guy with the most chip count. No one can resist the urge to say a thing or two; certainly not the player with the winning hand. Others will support him or her, or just be quiet. In either case, nobody will be upset with a few celebrating expletives.

If a trash-talker gets the vibe that one player is not the sharpest tool in the shed, or maybe he’s just terrified of losing due to his inexperience, he will go into the frenzy. If the shaky player just lost a hand, the trash talker will seize the opportunity to kick him while he’s down without mercy or remorse. This is exactly the type of player smack talkers are looking for – with low self-esteem, scared, confused, and worried that others can see right through him. If the smack talk is done with style, without insults but rather some ironic comments, no one will meddle letting the more experienced one tilt the newbie. Totally acceptable in online casinos, but not so much in the traditional ones.


At last, if you bully a bully into losing money, you’ll probably get applause from others. Bullies are shielding low self-confidence with a huge ego. This almost always works, but you can turn the tables and make it work for your sake. When you win against the bully, he or she will hunt you down raising the stakes all the time, and, expectedly losing. Taking that high stack of chips from the bully boy will make you the most favorite person in the room so fire away.

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