What Is the Cost of Raising a Pet Rabbit

January 27, 2022

People have been domesticating different animal species from the beginning of time, still, a vast majority of future pet owners have no idea about how costly rising an animal might get. Even though rising a cute little furry animal such as a rabbit might seem as affordable as possible, there are still some aspects to consider before rushing into a venture such as this.

Therefore, we suggest you read the list of things you should consider before going back from the pet store with your new best friend. In a nutshell, if you want to know what the cost of raising a pet rabbit is, this article should not leave you disappointed.

Picking Your Pet

We know that you know, but we should highlight the fact that rabbits do not grow on trees, or at least we have not yet crossed our paths with such a species. Jokes aside, but in order to keep a pet, you must first get your hands on it, which might cost you some paper.

If the love of your pet to bee is what you are after, then you should know that you do not have to spend a fortune for their company. Namely, you can rescue a rabbit from a shelter, as you would do with a dog or a cat, and pay as much as 5$ for their release.

On the other hand, if you intend on welcoming a rabbit with pedigree, you should run deeper into your pocket. An average price tag for pet store rabbits ranges from 20 to 40 green-ones, depending on which breed you pick. Surely, champion rabbits can cost you a little fortune, but you will have to contact their owners and ask for the price. One way or another, specific specimens can cost you even more than $100, depending on their lineage.

You can even get one for free if you are lucky since with a little effort you might ask around your neighborhood if someone is willing to gift you with a new rabbit friend.

A Place to Be

A pet rabbit has its wants and needs, so you should pay additional attention to them if you want your furry friend to be happy. Upon adoption, you must take care of your rabbit’s place of residence.

The choice is not complicated, but it will influence the following development of events. Namely, you should determine whether you want to keep your rabbit inside your house, or outdoors. There are both cages and hutches for internal and external use, so base your decision on which suits you best.

The price tag of an outdoor hutch varies on its size, so you should first figure out how big of a place should your new pet have. Do bear in mind that rabbits are sociable animals so they might ask for some company later on. In a nutshell, you can spend from $50 to $200+, depending on what you want. The difference between a cheap rabbit hutch and an affordable rabbit hutch can be huge, so we advise you to visit AIVITUVIN for additional info. Also, expect to pay less if you decide to craft your pet’s home on your steam.

On the other hand, if indoor keeping is what interests you, prepare yourself to spend from $50 to as much as $350 on your new pet’s place to be. The price depends on numerous factors such as material quality, size, specific features, and others, so plan your shopping step by step.

Number 1 and Number 2

Rabbits might be considered domesticated animals, but rest assured they will do what they must when they must. Your part of the job implies you provide them with a safe spot to do their thing. Thus, prepare yourself to spend as much as $10 on a litter box for your pet. Also, do be aware that a tenner is the most you will have to spend on this particular convenience since the price depends on the model and the retailer.

Feeding Accessories

It would be painful both for the owner and their rabbit not to have adequate food containers at their disposal. First of all, you will have to find an adequate hay feeder, which could cost you from $50 to $100, depending on the size and model. Additional bowls for food and water are mandatory, but they will cost you lesser than the hay container. Thus, depending on the material and the number of bowls you assess that you need, expect to spend around 10 bucks or more.

Nail Tools

If your rabbit does not spend a vast majority of its time playing outside, the chances you will have to clip its nails regularly will be high. It is important to attend to your pet’s nails not solely for their wellbeing, but also for yourself since your playtime might turn into a massacre if you do not take care of fast-growing paw tools in time.

Food and Hygiene

We should highlight the fact that buying in bulk can and will save you up a significant amount of cash. Thus, we advise you to buy any type of food, or litter at large in order to score a discount. The spending costs for the aforementioned can vary depending on which products you opt for. As for the hay, it goes from 5$ to $20 per bale, while litter ranges from 5 to 50 bucks.


As we have mentioned earlier, rabbits are known as social animals, so they enjoy spending time with them alike. If you do not intend on hosting another pet, you should at least provide them with a specific toy to work as a replacement.

When the toy price is in question, we should emphasize that it depends on how much you are willing to spend. Thus, it would be ungrateful to feed you with a precise digit. We would like to point out that even though toys are important, they cannot replace another rabbit friend, so bear that in mind before you spend a little fortune on an inanimate plaything.

Hopefully, the aforementioned price tags will not change your mind about having a rabbit. No matter high costs for keeping a rabbit pet might appear, we assure you that it will be worth the trouble since there are hardly cuter animals than these little furry critters. After all, love has no price.

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