How to find a reliable China Sourcing Agents in 2024

January 26, 2022

One of the countries that certainly sells the most manufactured goods, not only on one continent but seen from the aspect of the whole world, is certainly China. Precisely because of this, it is often called the “world factory”.

Due to low production prices, China has secured its place as one of the most important manufacturers of industrial products. Because of this cost-effectiveness, many companies are choosing to make China a source of their products and raw materials. This process may sound simple, but it’s not like that at all. Companies around the world need someone who knows well the market you want to enter. And not only that, we need someone who knows the business practice, culture, customs, but also the domestic language in that country. Language barriers are often the biggest obstacle to good cooperation in this regard. Simply put, you need a third party to help you find the right suppliers.

These third parties are purchasing agents who know the market and the culture and business customs of China. To succeed in all of the above, you need a procurement agent who will be your reliable partner. Everyone hopes that the agent will help them find the best relationship between price and quality, as well as that they will present the right information when you need it most. After all, the ordered goods need to reach you through secure channels.

It is already clear to you that this is not an easy job, but fortunately, there are organizations such as JustChinaIt that will find the best agent for you. It was they who instructed us on how to find reliable China sourcing agents.

Inquire about experience

Useful information, contacts, and acquaintances certainly grow with the number of years of experience as a sales agent. You can learn the most about the years of work and general random experience from their work biography. As in any other business, set a limit here that a potential agent shouldn’t have under 7 to 10 years of work experience in a certain field.

Far from the length of the agent’s work is the only and decisive argument on the basis of which you will invite and hire an agent, but let that be a starting point in this selection.

Consider the terms of payment

The terms of payment can tell you a lot about the company you are planning to work with. After all, you are investing your money and taking a huge risk, of course, you will be looking for a stable company that has enough of its own capital to make the terms of payment fair. If the agency asks you for a 50% down payment, this is a sure indication that they do not have the capital to run this business without risk. The agency does not always have to procure goods for you, but if the agreement contains that as well, the terms of payment must be secure and correct. It is expected to pay in advance like 30% of the total price of the goods, and you pay the rest when you pick it up. Under fair conditions, trust and commitment are created, which are very important.

Could the agent give you quick answers about the market and products?


This is another criterion by which you can evaluate an agent. The Chinese market is quite different from the European or American one. Depending on the product, the packaging is different as well as the conditions of purchase. That’s why the agent is here to inform you about all the details related to the product you are looking for. He must be well acquainted with the brands of the product, its basic characteristics, price movements in wholesale and retail, and stuff like that.

Discuss quality standards and set criteria at the very beginning of possible cooperation. When it comes to product quality, your agent should know exactly what you expect and never go beyond those standards. It is not bad to motivate a good agent, so don’t forget China sourcing agent fees.

Inquire about references

Search in advance about the agency you want to do business with or the agent. This doesn’t sound very interesting, especially since there are a huge number of agents, but still, give it a try. Search online first. See if the agency or any other site has reviews of such agents and study them well. Reviews and other people’s experiences are there to teach us. When you’re done with the Internet, ask your acquaintances in the same industry. If they have no experience, talk to them to ask an acquaintance of theirs. There is no need to hesitate because it is your whole future job.

Check your agent’s area of ​​expertise


Procurement agencies hire a large number of people who are experts in various fields. If your business is just like that, it is best to contact the agency to recommend an agent for a specific job. For example, if you are looking for a China purchasing agent, you need a person who works closely with you and who can give you information about quality prices, delivery of a good, etc. Someone who is specialized in the automotive industry, for example, will certainly not know how to give you this information, or where to start the search.

Don’t forget to make a budget first

It also depends on your budget which agent you will hire, but also your business safe. If you have experience in similar jobs then you already know for sure that unplanned expenses occur when you think everything is going according to plan. So you need to have a place in your budget for both planned and unplanned expenses. It must always be flexible.

In this budget, determine the price up to which you can pay the agent because that will be one of the guidelines for which agent you will hire. It is important that you are really realistic in these calculations.

If you really intend to cooperate with Chinese manufacturers, it is clear to you that you need to find a reliable purchasing agent. If you want top-quality goods, at a reasonable price and within a reasonable time, then you really need to take some time for a detailed search for source agents from China. However, much of your business success depends on it.

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