Cricket Betting Strategy and Advice for Beginner Bettors

April 19, 2022

Cricket fans always wait for their favorite leagues to get an opportunity to bet on them and generate profits. If you are a beginner and do not know how to start your cricket betting journey, don’t worry. We have shared below some tips and strategies that can help the beginners place cricket bets efficiently. Let us have a look at these points one by one:

  • Dogon strategy:

The first and the most important strategy that we have for the beginners in this rundown is dogon strategy. It is purely mathematical. This strategy is based upon increasing the number of bets in order to recover the previous losses. The amount of the bet rises after every misfortune in this system. The bettors continue to use this technique until all the losses are recovered.

  • Evaluating different odds:

Each sports wagering site offers different odds that bettors can use for their reference. These odds assist with deciding the dark horses and the well known choices of fans. They likewise provide punters with a thought of the amount they can win for each bet they make. By evaluating various odds, players will have a thought regarding the value offers of each wagering site. This allows them an opportunity to pick which site will turn out best for them.

  • Flat betting:

Another famous cricket betting strategy that beginner bettors can follow is flat betting. It is also based on mathematics. The term flat bets implies that you have to place every bet with an equal amount or percentage. You cannot use more or less money to place each bet. However, while using this strategy, you have to also pay attention to the bankroll that you will need to place every wager.

  • Always do research and analysis before placing bets:

Do you know that no successful bettor invests their money in betting without doing their homework? If you also want to be successful like them, you have to follow in their footsteps. Therefore, always do your research before wagering. The major things that you need to analyze includes the players performances, team performance, pitch, and weather conditions. Click here to check the best cricket predictions that will increase your odds of winning more bets.

  • The ladder system:

The Ladder System is another clear, numerical cricket wagering methodology, where the entire sum you win on a bet is marked on the following bet. It is appropriate for pro bettors and amateurs. In a perfect world, consistently pick results with generally lower odds – that is, ones with a high chance of working out.

  • The Kelly Criterion:

This cricket wagering technique is another mathematical technique and is extremely effective in increasing your profits. The Kelly Criterion will make you contemplate how much cash you ought to wager and on which wagers might this strategy at any point be applied.

You can’t utilize the Kelly Criterion on sorts of cricket wagers which have no worth or value indicated by the bookmaker. This actually intends that assuming the back-odds are equivalent or more prominent than these odds, you can’t use them in making your Kelly Criterion system.

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