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How to Make Your Business Stand Out on TikTok in 6 Easy Steps

April 20, 2022

Business marketing has us all searching for a way to get to our designated audience with as little effort and as little investment as possible. The old ways of marketing and making your name known are way behind us and we are all now utilizing the power of apps like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and more.

It is all about more exposure, more trends, more followers and more likes. Since we mentioned likes we have to tell you about TikFuel Likes that can help everyone get their business started on the right foot.

As you can see, we are focusing on TikTok as a platform for promoting your business and making it go viral, and here are our 6 easy steps to do just that:

1. Tell a story

The key to a good story is to have it all in a limited amount of time. When it comes to business you need to present a problem and then the journey to the solution. Give clear concise steps about the journey from problem to solution and why you are the best for that.

2. Value

The next important thing is to provide some value. The TikTok trends are fun but they last a short time. This is why you need some value and why you need more people on this platform, on your page. They are looking to be entertained, inspired or informed. To provide them just that ask yourself by the end of your video what did they, as viewers, get!? This is where you aim to provide value first and then promote your business/brand.

3. Viral audio

One extremely important thing is to always use trending sounds/music if you want to be discovered, especially on TikTok. The For You Page is where the newest potential followers are and if you are not viral, using viral sounds and music there is far less chance that you will get on the For You Page, meaning fewer engagements and new followers.

4. Hooks

Having someone stay until the end of your video means you need a good hook. This will not only hook them at the beginning but it will make them stay till the end and ask for more. How? You need good hooks at the beginning and one every 5-10 seconds throughout the video. It will increase average watch time and this means people will increase their time on the app which also means you get more rewards from TikTok in a form of added exposure.

5. Stick with your niche

What you will see all day long on this app is that the most famous TikTokers are making just one type of content and they are killing with it. Most of them recycle some of the content and get a unique personal spin that results in it becoming extremely viral. It is far less work and it is effective which is the best win-win situation.

6. Standalone content

Here you want to make sure that your videos can be watched on their own. This means that you need to avoid longer videos or sequences like part 1, part 2 and so on. This is fine for a platform like YouTube but on TikTok, it is far less easy to miss on content and that also includes people that you follow. Make sure your videos are standalone and that will not “hurt” much if you miss one, because people will miss them.

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