6 Easy Ways to Fix iPhone Black Screen Problem – 2024 Guide

October 15, 2020

iPhone is not a new name in the world of smartphones. With its robust IOS, high performance, and advanced technology, it is among the most popular and widely used brands of smartphones around the world. No matter how advanced the technology is, even the iPhone screen goes black, sometimes giving their owners a mini heart attack as they desperately try to revive their prized possession.

This issue is quite common, and if you ask iPhone users, you will find out that every user has once come across this problem where their smartphone gets stuck, the screen goes black and no matter how hard you try, reviving the phone seems impossible. But here’s the good news, it is not impossible. There are simple yet effective ways through which you can solve this problem. In fact, for a quick fix, you can simply go to drfone.wondershare. iPhone black screen may give the owners a run for their lives, but believe me when I say you can quickly solve this issue on your own.

But before moving towards the ways to fix the problem, let’s find out the reason behind its occurrence. The most common causes include battery issue, software issue, hardware issue or breakage/malfunctioning due to drop. Whatever the reason is, here are a few ways to fix the problem.


1. Charging your device

Once your iPhone screen goes black, the first thing you should do is charging the phone. Take some time to relax, sit back and let your phone charge for a minimum of 20-30 minutes. It is the most common way that gives life to your phone. However, if the problem is still there, you can move to try other methods. Furthermore, you can also force restart your phone during charging by pressing and holding the home button along with the sleep/wake button.

2. Cleaning the charging port

The charging port on your phone may not be charging your device efficiently due to several reasons. For one, the dust might be interrupting the charging process. Also, water contact may damage the charging port hindering in charging. So, if your iPhone screen goes black, you can clean the port using a non-conductive tool. By removing the dust particle, the port will work efficiently in charging the device.

3. Rebooting your device

Another simple way to fix iPhone black screen problem is by simply restarting the device. For this, you have to press the home button and the sleep/wake button simultaneously. Hold the controls for a good 10 seconds. For newer versions, the process may vary a bit. For instance, for iPhone 7, press the Volume Down and Power button together. For iPhone 8, press the Power button along with Volume Up and down button. And for iPhone X, you have to press and hold the Side, Volume Down and Up buttons. Once the logo appears, the phone will restart. However, note that this rebooting process can result in data loss.

4. Restoring factory settings using iTunes

Suppose iPhone reboot loop doesn’t work then you will have to restore factory settings. In this process, your data, i.e. applications, contacts, texts and calendar will be lost as the phone will shift towards the original settings.

To initiate this process, first, you have to download the latest iTunes version. Sign in on the iTunes and connect your phone to the laptop or desktop using data cable. Once it detects your phone, a restore option will appear in front of you. After confirmation, your phone will be restored. However, you can restore the back-up file to get your lost data back.

5. Check for System Update

Another reason the iPhone screen goes black is when the system is not updated. So, you can simply update the system by connecting your phone to iTunes via laptop or desktop. Now press and hold the home button. Once the logo appears, continue to hold the button.  An update option will appear on the screen. Select update and wait for the results. However, keep in mind that if system updates aren’t the underlying problem, you’re the screen will turn black after sometimes. In this case, you might have to try something else.

6. Try Dr.Fone – IOS System Repair


If all the methods, as mentioned above, fail to fix the iOS system, don’t get worried. There is one more way that is by far the only way that won’t disappoint you. Thanks to Dr. Fone’s system repair software, you can get rid of the problem in the blink of an eye. Firstly, this method not only solves iPhone black screen problems but also fixes the iPhone reboot loop, iPhone error 4013 and iPhone stuck on apple logo. And the good part is there is no data loss. So you won’t have to worry about recovering your lost data. You can download the software and get started. Help yourself and your friends and get rid of the iPhone black screen forever.

Whether you are in the middle of an important call or watching your favourite movie, iPhone black screen is a highly irritating issue. For some, the issue is resolved by simple ways like charging or force restart, but for others, the reason behind it can be serious. So, whatever the problem is, there is always a solution. So, the next time your iPhone screen goes black, don’t panic. Take some time to sort out the issue by trying different ways one by one. And also, don’t forget to keep the back-up of your data. So if you face data loss, you can always recover your important stuff.

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