What You Should Know Before Hiring A Front End Developer

October 20, 2020

Hello everyone! The issue of staff shortage has always been, is and will be relevant for any developing company. Employers these days use every opportunity to find the right employees. That is why the search for a freelance developer is now at the peak of popularity and almost everyone has done this at least once. Before looking for a professional in the field of front-end development, the customer will have to learn a lot about the profession itself, who these people are, how freelancing works and how to hire your staff correctly. What does freelancing actually mean for a specialist, what are the advantages and disadvantages of this type of cooperation, and are there any pitfalls?

First of all, you must know what are the people you are looking for. Now programmers divided into different segments, depending on what they do and what tools they use to solve the assigned tasks. Frontend developers are one of the highly demanded specialists. “Frontend” usually means things that you directly see on a site in a browser. This shows how the content is presented, including all the small user interface elements like menus, dropdown menus, pretty animations and models. Front-end developers often focus on understanding HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as these languages ​​run in the browser. They do not necessarily focus on making things “pretty” (which is often left to designers), but rather on making the information efficient and user-friendly with the web page as comfortable as possible.

Today they are executing more and more code directly in the browser. Since these professionals work in a team with other specialists, they need to understand the basics of UI / UX design, responsive and responsive layout, cross-browser and cross-platform, and sometimes understand mobile development. A modern specialist in this field should be versatile and understand many things – be a designer, layout designer and even a programmer all rolled into one. In addition to basic skills, such specialists should have some personal qualities: Skills of working with large volumes of information; Analytic mind; Structural thinking; Attention to details; High level of development of technical abilities; Developed imagination.

How to search and choose the right candidate?

It is good to hire freelancers on specially designed platforms. The best choice is based on the rating: the higher it is, the better. However, the price of work for a long-time working specialist with a reputation is appropriate, and they do not chase after work. So, the following answer is quite possible: “Dear friend, thank you for the offer, but write to me in the summer. It is not known who it is: an experienced programmer who recently worked on the stock exchange, or a friend who bought a book on HTML yesterday and thinks that he will figure out the rest along the way. Therefore, these should be checked on small and non-business-critical orders.

How to form the price of work?

If the freelancer is already experienced, the lower price frame cannot be less than one and a half for a full-time programmer from the same region. Why? Because the workload is uneven, there is no sick leave and no vacation. If he also gets less than a quiet job for a stranger dude, it’s better to go to the office. True, the freelancer, most likely, will not agree to the minimum bar. After all, he works in the global market and can take orders everywhere, not only in your godforsaken village. This is especially true for consultants, in which the market can be one or two and countless. As the saying goes: if you don’t like it, walk around the market, look for cheaper 🙂 Hence the mistake is trying to determine the price of a freelancer’s work based on how much they pay in your city or country. The payment can be either higher or lower, but it is not tied to your location. There is still an upper price frame: it is determined by your profit from the work received. That is, if the cost exceeds xxx, it is easier for you to abandon the order altogether – this xxx will be the top bar for you. From this follows the advice: when bargaining about the price, be guided by considerations of profit for you specifically and nothing else. Sometimes they try to push me like this: “I heard that in your country freelancers work for xxx an hour.” To this I answer: “Dear friend, we are talking with you about our cooperation. My price is like this. If interested, let’s talk further. Maybe I live at the Pole, in my free time I drink alcohol and go around polar bears. Is that an argument to pay me less? I don’t ask you how much you have at my job. And hence the advice: do not count other people’s money.

How to issue an assignment?

The correct choice of the candidate begins with the correct design of the assignment. Always write briefly in the headline what exactly you need. Not sentences of the format “looking for a developer” or “I need a programmer”, but an informative title, one glance at which is enough to understand the essence of the whole task. In the description of the assignment, try to fit into several lines, highlighting the most important points of your project. The freelancer responding to the project should understand whether it meets your requirements by simply reading the task.

In order not to build too positive expectations, be prepared for the fact that you will not find the right person right away and will waste some time and money searching. As well as with the selection of a candidate offline. If you decide to search through acquaintances or in telegram channels, then start cooperation with something small. To look at the person, how he negotiates, how he works and informs you about the process, whether he communicates politely. How he reacts to comments and criticism. If you need a person for a long time, then write directly and write that you are looking for a more or less permanent job and want to try to work, see if it will be comfortable to work together. Write as it is in your case, do not deceive. Trust begins with truth.


In this you have read about such simple but important things you need to know when looking for a responsible and professional developer. Freelance work has its own characteristics, considering which you can successfully work with a person from anywhere in the world. Manage a project while traveling, communicate via phone with a contractor or a whole team. You can find the ideal employee who suits you in terms of experience and skills, cost of services, work schedule, temperament, etc. Having tried it once, you will almost certainly want to continue! Thanks for reading. Good luck in hiring your ideal front end developer:

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