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Headset for Gamers: 8 Key Tips in 2024

May 27, 2023

Playing video games is one of the most popular kinds of entertainment and relaxation for people of all backgrounds. From computers and cell phones to Xbox, PlayStation and other game consoles, with this variety of games one can play, they are now almost inseparable from our lives. Headphones are instrumental when it comes to gaming experience and immersion. But how to choose the right gaming headset for you?

1. Material quality


If you often play games and would rather invest in a flagship gaming headset than keep spending money on cheap but easily broken headsets, you must pay attention to the headset material. In this case, avoid plastic – it is best to find a set of metal and leather. If you tend to play games in various sitting/lying positions, you need headphones made of really good materials to easily withstand all kinds of wear and tear.

2. Weight

Generally, headset weight falls in the range of 0.5-1lb. The weight of the headset should not exceed 0.75lb (staying, preferably, below 0.65lb). If the weight of the selected headset exceeds that limit, you should consider another headband size and different design.

3. Size

Generally speaking, the average face width of Westerners (14.5cm) is smaller than that of Easterners (16.9cm), so the width of the headband of headphones used by Westerners will be smaller than that of Easterners, while the width of the headband of headphones for girls is also smaller than that of men. Therefore, in the purchase of headphones, the internal diameter of the headband is best to fall in the 13 – 15 cm or so, plus the elasticity and stretching of the headband, to feel comfortable when wearing.

4. Passive isolation and active cancellation of noise

Whether or not a gaming headset makes full use of both active and passive noise cancellation is critical to enhancing the overall gaming experience. Active noise cancellation technology prevents any ambient noise from affecting the player’s concentration by creating equal counter-noise, while passive noise isolation protects the game sound by physically blocking outside noise from mixing into it. If you want to focus on the game without being disturbed, yet the budget isn’t too big, then at least make sure you have decent passive noise insulation. Still it is recommended to find a gaming headset with good passive noise insulation and effective active noise cancellation at the same time.

5. Sound


Hearing clear sound is very important when playing real-time strategy and gunplay games that require high skill. Thus, a gaming headset worth buying must have basic surround sound or spatial audio to allow players to determine where the sound is coming from exactly, and increase their chances of winning.

6. Adequate microphone

For gaming headsets, a high-quality microphone and excellent sound coverage is the only way to achieve an excellent experience. Popular MMOs like WoW, The Lord Of The Rings Online or The Elder Scrolls Online are games that demand a microphone to communicate instantly with teammates. Players simply have to constantly communicate while facing enemies to have fun and also improve personal performance.

If you need a microphone, you can use the headset that serves you well when you want to listen to music. But if you want appropriate radio capabilities, look specifically for a gaming headset. Also, it should come with a microphone long enough so that it could be positioned closer to your mouth.

7. Wires


For gamers, deciding whether to buy a wired or wireless Bluetooth gaming headset can be a very difficult task, as many aspects have to be considered. Still, there always is the right model for you somewhere. The following are the advantages and disadvantages of wired and wireless headsets, and it is recommended that you take your own habits and conditions into consideration as well:

Wired headphones:


  • You can buy good quality ones relatively cheaply.
  • Does not involve Bluetooth connection, thus no delay issues.
  • No need to worry about forgetting to charge.


  • Your movement is limited by the length of the cable.
  • Headphone cables tend to get tangled.
  • Cable also may get damaged internally.

Wireless headphones:


  • No need to worry about the wire or connector damage.
  • They are usually quite durable.
  • Can be moved around without worrying about tugging on the cord.
  • Easy to carry.


  • More expensive than wired of similar quality.
  • Must have a built-in battery, thus getting heavier than wired ones.
  • There may be problems with Bluetooth connection stability and latency.

Whether it is a headset for listening to music or a gaming headset, the comfort level shall be determined by the weight, headband size and design of the headset.

8. Design


Gaming headset is the most common type of headset. It can be over-ear and on-ear. The former can cover the whole ear completely. It is good for long gaming sessions, as it is less likely to cause pain. The latter is less likely to cause the feeling of plugged ears, but also on-ear headset won’t cut off sounds of the surrounding area that well.


The items to consider when seeking for a suitable gaming headset are not quite the same as picking a pair of headphones for listening to music. The focus will be on perfect game sound and voice on calls, as well as the comfort of wearing them during long gaming sessions. If you start with these points, you can easily find an affordable and perfectly fitting gaming headset.

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