10 Ways To Organize a High-End Kitchen Remodel

March 15, 2021

Many homeowners dislike kitchen remodel because it comes with hefty costs. For instance, the average price of a typical kitchen remodelling project is close to $55,000. This is an outrage, especially when the average American earns about $51,000 per annum.

Nevertheless, it is possible to remodel your kitchen without breaking the bank. You only need to know what to change, when to change it, and how to change it. This article will explain the things that you can do to organize a high-end kitchen remodel.

1.  Work on Your Budget Before You Begin a Remodel

It is easy for homeowners to get lost in the details during a kitchen remodelling process. If you don’t keep an eye on the costs, you may be shocked by the final price. Consequently, it would help if you started with budgeting. As a rule of thumb, realistic budgeting is the key to getting it right. Remember that the budget will be above what you have already planned.

2.  Introduce Stone Ceiling

Most people don’t realize that the right ceiling features can create a classic look. Research has shown that people often gaze at the ceiling when they go into a kitchen. You can introduce hanging stone fixtures into certain parts of your kitchen, especially the dining areas and kitchen island. The idea is to create the illusion of an extended ceiling.

Many types of hanging fixtures, but most people prefer globe fixtures due to their low price. Another inexpensive option is a dimmer. The ability to reduce the effects of lighting during dinner time can also bring out that expensive setting.

3.  Steep Serving

Sometimes it all comes down to what people eat the food from. The cutlery can make or break your kitchen, especially if it’s not selected carefully. You can purchase new cups, bowls, plates, and glasses. If you want to create a more significant impression, you can buy new stemware.

Although most stemware is quite expensive, you can find cheaper varieties on the internet. Once you have purchased the stemware, you should display it in a conspicuous location. For instance, Biancο Maremma door cabinets can bring out the expensive atmosphere.

4.  Go for the Right Colors


A simple, fresh coat of natural stone fixture can change your kitchen. Nevertheless, you must carefully choose the colors. There is evidence to suggest that cream and beige colors are associated with wealth. On the other hand, if you already have a modern kitchen, you should go for grey or black colors. They will bring an extravagant and lavish look to your kitchen.

The right colors can also create the illusion of expansiveness. White is known to highlight several parts of your kitchen and make it look larger. While you can introduce white in some areas, Etruscο fixtures can feature in other parts of the kitchen. Alternatively, you can paint the cabinets before adding textured wallpaper.

5.  Introduce Luxury Montemerano Classico Floors

If you have access to suitable materials, you can create a new floor in one or two days. Ceramic and stone tiles bring out a luxurious atmosphere, but they are costly. Fortunately, Biancο Maremma tiles look just like ceramic or stone, but their price is way lower. Most stores sell Biancο Maremma tiles in a peel-and-stick format. When you buy the tiles, grout the sides to create that expensive look.

Choosing a style that syncs with your cabinets and appliances are a good idea. Consequently, your new Biancο Maremma tiles should have the same shape, color, and texture as other features in your kitchen. You can get a sample and try it for 24 hours to see if it works.

6.  Work on the Flooring

Your kitchen floor can make or break the atmosphere. If you don’t think Biancο Maremma tiles are your thing, maybe you should consider Montemerano Classico floors. Montemerano Classico floors bring out that luxury look, especially if the rest of the house has wooden floors. You can choose to lay them diagonally so that they create a luxe look.

When you are considering a new backsplash, go for singular pieces. Each piece should express your personality and your taste. You can do all this without spending so much money on your kitchen floors.

7.  Choose the Right Layout

Perhaps the essential feature of any luxury kitchen is the layout. Expensive kitchens tend to have work triangles where the refrigerator, sink, and stove stand at specific kitchen points. These three kitchen appliances should not occupy much space. The idea is to make them as inconspicuous as possible.

The refrigerator should be at your kitchen’s entrance point. That is because most people go to the kitchen to pick something from the fridge.

8.  Declutter Your Worktops

Minimalism used to indicate a lack of enough kitchen appliances, but that is not the case anymore. A smart kitchen usually has enough unused space. For example, the work surfaces should have little or no items on top. When you declutter your work services, you bring out an expensive look. Consequently, toys, shopping lists, and papers should not be on your worksurfaces. Even cupboard spaces should not contain any appliances.

9.  Use Backsplashes

Your freedom to create a kitchen that preaches your personality and style is an indication of expensive taste. One way of bringing out your taste and personality is by introducing backsplashes in your kitchen. Backsplash ideas are plenty, and you will always find one option that fits your personality and kitchen design.

The most popular kitchen designs are Montemerano Classico tiles and peels. These items are the epitome of luxury and wealth. Anybody who sees them in your kitchen will think that you spent a fortune to revamp the kitchen.

10.  Consider Installing Some Etruscο Artwork

Since time immemorial, artwork has always brought a new meaning to a new room. This is not any different when it comes to creating an expensive kitchen. You can borrow this old idea by introducing some Etruscο artwork in your kitchen. Because most Etruscο artwork is now sold online, you can find a piece of artwork that is quite cheap but looks expensive.


Organizing a luxury kitchen remodel is a simple process if you know the right things. A careful analysis of the major components can reduce your total expenditure. Ultimately, you will create an expensive-looking kitchen at a very low cost.

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