How to Increase the Number of Followers on Instagram

March 15, 2021

Currently, Instagram is the social network par excellence. In turn, you should not be surprised if when you enter you see users with hundreds of small stories accumulating in their profile. We are the country that publishes the most photography, boomerang, rewind, video and direct stories around the world. 150% more than the global average.

Due to its style and approach it is a social network mainly for young people. According to the latest study on social networks by The Social Media Family: 69% of users are between the ages of 18 and 34.

However, there is a significant group below even the age of majority. Be that as it may, Instagram was created with the aim of telling stories, currently in image and video format. This feature is very interesting for companies and brands. Communicating, advertising and increasing sales on Instagram is very simple.

Why be present on Instagram

One of the main objectives of companies and people who promote their personal brand through this network is to get followers on Instagram. Beyond the tutorials and post of tricks that promise to achieve it in a very short time, in this article I analyze how to increase the number of followers on Instagram following a series of aspects to take into account, some basic strategies to get new followers and using different mobile applications to boost the growth of your account.

What should you keep in mind to get followers on Instagram?

We are faced with a situation in which the number of followers on social networks seems the most important in the world. It is true that it is a way to stand out from the rest of the brands in our same category, but if that large volume of users does not have any type of interaction with us, it will not make any sense. It is important that when getting followers on Instagram we take care that they are segmented and are consistent with our target audience in relation to their tastes, age and location. In fact, run away from profiles with thousands of followers and whose photos do not reach 500 likes.

Techniques to get followers on Instagram

Some of these techniques will seem very logical, but they are the most effective to get quality followers on Instagram. When we are faced with the Instagram company profile, as in any other social network, it is necessary to plan a strategy based on the objectives previously set. It is not a matter of publishing to publish content, but it is necessary that they align with the tone and style of the company and that they have a meaning.

Instagram has many possibilities, but it has to be supported by a logical strategy. For this, it will be necessary to review the Social Media Plan and know all the actions that are going to be carried out.

Use Followers Gallery

This is an Instagram auto liker app that can give you an unlimited number of free Instagram followers and likes. What you need to do with this app is to just follow and like the Instagram accounts of other Followers Gallery users. Easy! No computing experience is required. You only need to follow and like other users’ Instagram accounts as much as possible and in return you will be given a number of coins. These coins can be exchanged for Instagram followers and likes. The more coins, the more followers and likes.

Followers Gallery is an Instagram auto liker without login. This means you don’t need to be logged into your Instagram account to run this application. That way, there is no chance for anyone to break into your account, unless you intentionally give your password to someone else, of course! Interested?

Mark a publication calendar

Instagram is a very direct and immediate network with users. By “direct and immediate” I mean above all live videos and stories. There will be publications that cannot be planned, but if you have a predetermined calendar it will be much easier to schedule and make these publications live, whether they are the usual ones or in stories.

Use your other communication channels

Boost your posts and your Instagram profile through your blog and/or your email. Don’t forget to include a widget that shows your account on the blog. In turn, you can create an article in which you show the publications that you have been uploading to your account.  If you have created an account recently, but you have a good database as a company, you can send mass emails to all your contacts announcing your new profile to get as many followers on Instagram as possible.

Post relevant content about your brand

As you already know, Instagram is the audiovisual social network par excellence. It is important to have beautiful and harmonious photographs that generate emotions for users. Without them, you are very lost. Flee from the photographs of image banks. In addition, it is a perfect communication channel to show the products and the way of working in your company or brand in a natural way. If you do not have the possibility of taking your own photographs you can make a series of creatives. An interesting technique is to use photos from other Instagram accounts. I explain. If your company is related to the tourism sector, for example, a travel agency, you can contact influencers and travel bloggers asking them to use their photographs.

It is important that you always mention them in the description and/or that you tag them in the image. This action, in addition to serving to fill the lack of content, can generate a lot of movement and interactions, which translates to getting followers on Instagram. You can use a hashtag and promote users to share their photos with you.

Post at the best time

If you have created a company Instagram account, the logical thing is that you have it configured for such, so you can see what are the most receptive hours for your followers in the statistics section. However, the logical thing is to follow the normal habits of people.

By doing the steps above consistently, you will definitely be able to grow your followers and likes in less time. Have a nice try!

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