How many hours does it take to Replace a Roof?

November 9, 2021

It all starts from a family, and that one place where we live with those we care the most about is called home. Now, a home doesn’t have to be some luxurious house filled with so many things that you have no practical use for, and it is not and could not be measured by whether you have a butler and housewives or not, as it can be any place, literally any place in the world, but only if it there are those you love. Yes, this may sound like a cheese thing to say, but that doesn’t mean that it is true.

Spend money on the things that really matter

Regardless of the type of housing you prefer, it seems like there is always some new device, piece of furniture, or appliance that you simply “must-have,” and of course, in the end, we all end up spending money on something that we really don’t need. On the other hand, there are times when taking some action is a must, and mostly, that’s when there is some issue about the pipes, ventilation or AC malfunction, roof damage, etc. The last can probably cause the most damage than anything else mentioned above if you do not act on time, which brings us to our topic of the day.

When to replace your roof?


Many often have trouble deciding when is the perfect time to replace their roof, as, in most situations, they think that it will cost too much and that it will take too much of their time. Of course, there is some truth to this, but there shouldn’t be any argument about it because the roof is such an essential part of the house that if there is any problem, the sooner you act, the less damage and less costly will it all be. As for the time, there is no definitive answer because it all depends on how much damage there is and what type of roof you have, but if you want a more precise answer, let’s get into specifics.


First of all, we need to mention that there is no one material that can be used for shingles, and since there are many of them, they are all different and requires a different amount of time for their installation. The main reason for that is the different methods that each of them requires, so you need to know which material you want to use to check how much time does it takes to be installed. One of the most popular materials is asphalt because it takes the least time for replacement, and if you choose this one, you can expect that everything will be done in one to three days. Wooden shingles and slate tiles require more time, and it is impossible to install them in less than six to eight days and when it comes to concrete tiles, the expected time for their replacement is about eight or nine days.

Roof size

Well, it is pretty obvious, but we will mention it because many people forget to think about this important factor when they decide to refresh their home with a new roof. The size of the house dictates the side of the roof, and the bigger the house is, the bigger roof needs to be. When it comes to the replacement, the bigger roof requires more time than the smaller ones, and we need to think about it in time. No matter how many workers we hire, it is impossible to change the big roof in the same amount of time as the small one, because the whole job is much more complex and harder, and it is necessary to be done properly, which always take a while.


Sometimes it can be pretty difficult for the contractors to access the roof, which prolongs the time that is necessary for finishing the job. It is crucial for contractors to have access because they need to tear off the old shingles, put all the waste in the truck, and get all the new material to the roof to make the installment. The closer they can get to the house, the much easier and much faster it is for them to finish their job. The reasons for that are various, and many of them are not our fault. Some of them can be the fence that is too close to the house, so the contractors cannot park their truck close enough, bushes, garden, or lawn that should be saved, or the lack of paved surface.


Weather can be crucial when we plan to change our roof, and it can be pretty challenging to choose the best day for it. No matter which season it is, there are many factors that can affect it, so checking the forecast is a must. Extremely hot temperatures can be a problem during the summer days because it is impossible to work in that conditions, and it can be pretty dangerous for the contractors. The rain can be a huge problem during the spring and fall because it is never a good idea to remove the roof while it is raining since contractors cannot put the new one fast enough, and it can easily cause leakage that can cause many problems. Winter is probably the worst time to do this job because of the snow and freezing temperatures, so it is best to avoid it. Sometimes the rain can surprise us, so if we start the replacement and it starts raining, we need to wait until it stops and the roof is completely dry, which prolongs the time necessary for it.


Hopefully, you will find reading this article helpful as we tried to describe situations and roof damages that can affect the time needed for roof replacement. Now, there is one other thing worth mentioning, and that’s finding the renowned and trustworthy roof replacing businesses. You don’t want just anyone to take care of one of the most important aspects of your house, which is why going with experienced professionals like is always the best choice you could make.

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