How To Lose Weight Without Counting Calories?

February 21, 2020

Many people who want to lose weight usually opt for a diet that involves counting calories – thinking that this is the only right way. However, that is not true. Today, we bring you a few more than good reasons why calories should by no means be counted. So how to lose weight then?

Calorie Obsession

Have you ever kept a diet during which you carefully monitored and counted your calorie intake? How hard was it for you? Did you make it? Experts say that after diets like this, weight loss is expressly regained because calorie counting is simply not effective and is considered one of the worst strategies when it comes to weight loss. Here are just some of the little things that will make you stop counting calories today.

1. Labels Can Fool You

Before you start calorie counting, you should know that as many as 20 percent of products on the market do not have the correct label information – which means that the chips you eat can have up to 100 calories more than what is written.

2. The Nutrition Of Foods Decreases With The Seasons

Nutritional analyses of foods can be useful, but they vary with the season and the place where they are grown. This means that all the data we have is too generic because detailed analyzes are not done. For example, tomatoes grown in Italy may have a completely different calorie value than tomatoes in our country, and this is not given enough attention.

3. The Body Does Not Absorb All The Calories

Recent research has shown that the human body absorbs at least 20 percent of the calories that we bring into the body. The exact reason has not been revealed, but it is believed to have something to do with cellular structures and how the body digests food. On the other hand, the body does not absorb calories from natural foods and industrially processed foods equally. You assume that the latter absorbs much more success.

4. By Counting Calories, We Often Discard Healthy Foods

This is especially true for fats, which, in addition to sugar, are usually eliminated immediately, which is wrong. Fat-rich foods are calorie-based, but they also bring us some benefits: small amounts do indeed have a good effect on skin health and appearance. Do not give up the natural fats found in olive oil, cheeses, and nuts – just eat them in moderation.

5. Calorie Counting Is Too Complicated

Finally, in addition to not producing good results, it simply takes up too much time and energy.

Instead of counting calories, try following some simple tips that will certainly help you eat healthier and lose weight even without a workout.

Losing Weight Without Counting Calories

It’s not some news, but we’ll tell you anyway: calorie counting is not the best way to lose weight effectively. So how should we lose weight if we don’t want to think obsessively about everything we ate? Below are some ways to lose weight without ever counting calories.

1. Cook Meals Yourself

Yes, we know that it takes time, but if you cook alone (instead of eating outside) – other than saving money, you are eating healthier. Almost all dishes in restaurants are spiced with unhealthy ingredients, starting with sugar – and besides, meals come in larger portions. When you cook on your own, you at least know exactly what you are eating. Even more you could add fresh vegetables and greens from your own garden. So, cooking will bring you the joy and peace. Browse allneedoff to read additional tips about growing micro green indoors.

2. Products That Help You Remove Excess Fat Without Exercise

Get rid of your belly and cellulite deposits, tighten your stomach and arm muscles, tighten your buttocks, narrow and shape your waist, all without strenuous exercise, diets and weight loss pills! Some people choose a waist trainer such as the one on this website to make them look better, and although it doesn’t help you lose weight, you can gain confidence.  Small vibration-based devices will tighten your abs. They function by sending impulses that securely, effectively and comfortably tighten and relax the muscles without causing tension and pain.  On the other hand, there are also products like fat freezing systems which, by using special technology, remove fat deposits from the heavily accessible body parts. For more information, click here.

Proper use of these products can reduce the fat on your chest. These products are great for men who fight excess fat on their breasts. They help you define your chest muscles very easily and quickly, and with minimal effort and maximum impact. There is no need to tune in different frequencies like with some other products of similar purpose. You can get the best results in the shortest amount of time.

3. Eat More Protein

Proteins have a very strong effect on your appetite, increase your sense of satiety, reduce hunger and help you burn fewer calories. It has been scientifically proven that people who have a strong protein breakfast eat significantly less during the day and consume 400 to 500 calories less than those with a full carbohydrate breakfast. Foods rich in protein: chicken, fish, Greek yogurt, lentils, almonds, etc.

4. Stop “Drinking” Calories

Have you ever thought about how many calories (and sugar) your drink contains? We’ll just tell you that you need to stop drinking carbonated beverages, sugary coffee, and alcohol.

5. Use Smaller Plates

This little visual trick can help more than you think. Eating smaller plates will trick your brain into thinking you eat more. It sounds silly, but in practice, it works.

6. Drink Water Throughout All Day

Water is the best thing for your health and also the simplest. In addition to noting the difference in skin and energy levels, hydration promotes metabolism and satiety.

7. Be patient

Just as you have not gained unwanted pounds in a few days, you cannot lose them. If losing weight is your goal, you need to be patient and give time to your body. Give yourself a break and don’t give up if you don’t look like J.Lo in a week.

8. Do Not Demonize Food

Never think of food as an enemy or place it in the categories “good”, “bad” and “forbidden”. Eat what you eat but in medium amounts.

9. Don’t Reward Yourself With Food

Instead of rewarding yourself with pizza after a hard workout, go for a manicure or buy a new book.

10. Have Enough Sleep

Like most people, you certainly feel unhappy when you are sleepy. But did you know that sleep loss can affect your weight loss? Sleep deprivation is associated with increased hunger and food cravings.


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